How To Customize Outposts In Starfield

Outposts require the best spots to be placed during their customization in Starfield

You build outposts in Starfield and customize them for several purposes, such as making a personal house and mining resources. You can do so in many ways according to your needs and liking. These bases are entirely modular, with each module having different functionalities.

You will have multiple options and can generate resources from outposts in Starfield. This guide will show you how you can do that.

Customizing Outposts in Starfield Explained

The first thing while customizing an outpost in Starfield is to select an appropriate spot for placing a beacon. After that, you can move on to creating and modifying different modules that are available in options. Some notable structures that you can make using the Build Mode are as follows:

  • Outpost Airlock: This is your main entry area or room with doors that lead to different Hab Units.
  • Extractors: Potentially, these tools drill out resources from within the ground.
  • Hab Units: In the case of producing a base, you can make square, round, or hexagonal-shaped habs that can be further customized as you desire.
  • Hydroponics Hab: This is your garden to farm crops, food, herbs, etc.
  • Science Hab: This is your research station for discovering new technologies and techniques.
  • Military Hab: A place where you may keep your weapons and train.

After creating different structures and modules using the Build Mode, you can switch to the Modify Mode. This mode is used to move or delete modules, restoring all resources you lost while building.

How to Delete Outposts

The process is pretty simple if you want to move to another planet and wind up the base setup from your current place. While looking at your Outpost beacon, you will see two choices: Build or Rename. Under this Rename option, you can also see the Remove Outpost option.

Press R on PC (Or X on Xbox) and hold down the button to rename the outpost. Confirm by pressing the appropriate button when you are finally asked whether you want to delete the outpost.


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