How To Get Twisting Wounds Mutator In Remnant 2

Twisting Wounds Mutator in Remnant 2 has one of the best damage abilities and can be a best addition to your builds.

Consider the Twisting Wounds mutator if you are working towards a super robust build for your archetype in Remnant 2. It is one of the best weapon mutators, making short work of any boss fight. Moreover, any weapon you like can successfully run this Weapon mod setup, so it is worth getting in Remnant 2.

Twisting Wounds Mutator location in Remnant 2

To procure the Twisting Wounds Mutator, you must travel from Losomn. You must travel until you finally reach Cotton’s Kiln or the Butcher’s Quarters in Remnant 2. However, it also depends on your luck in these places, as the game varies from player to player. If you cannot find the Twisting Wounds at Cotton’s Kiln, we must head next to the Butcher’s Quarters.

Defeat Gorge boss

To get Twisting Wounds Mutator in Remnant 2, you need to defeat Gorge Boss. After reaching that place, you must look for the small sewer area.

Once you see the opening below, you can drop down into the sewer. You can find it while going underneath that original little bridge. After that, you can drop down again towards the open tunnel on your right.

Shortly after moving through it, you will see some wood planks connected to the structure. So here, you will have to do a little bit of parkour to jump and land on these in Remnant 2.

You need to be careful when doing so in multiplayer mode. This is because you can risk knocking each other off it, so time your jumps correctly. This way, you will reach the other end, go inside, and then move left towards the open tunnel.


In doing so, you will go further down into the sewers, so go left and take the first right. It will take you to a dead end, and you will find a lever there. Make your way towards it and pull the lever in Remnant 2.

You will then find a boss named Gorge who will engage you in a boss fight. He will charge wildly at you, so aim for its head and dodge its rush attacks. After you kill this enemy boss, Gorge will drop the Twisting Wounds Mutator.

Twisting Wounds Mutator effects

So now that you have got your hands on Remnant 2 Twisting Wounds Mutator, let’s go over its effects and why it is an excellent option for enhancing your build. Upgrade the Twisting Wounds mutator to +10 to shine. However, that will require you to collect Corrupted Lumenite Crystals and Scrap.

This specific weapon mutator will give you a plus 20 percent damage to bleeding enemies, which is great but hard to do unless you have it at +10. So after this upgrade, any ranged weak spot or critical hit will instantly inflict bleed damage on your enemies, which can be resourceful during that boss fights.

This means that all you need to do is target your enemy’s weak spot with Remnant 2 Twisting Wounds Mutator and then benefit from the bleed effects that proc for 10 sec. Doing this will allow you to deal a significant amount of damage for 10 sec.

The best thing about it is that any subsequent weak spot or critical hits will reset this 10-sec timer as well. This will allow you excellent uptime, especially in those tough boss fights.

Twisting Wounds Mutator builds in Remnant 2

The best course of action when equipping the Twisting Wounds mutator is to center it around a Bleed Build. This can be done by adding it with specific gear that will capitalize that bleed effect and increase its damage tenfold when inflicted on enemies in Remnant 2.

Looking at your options, you can pair the Twisting Blade Mutator with the Abrasive Whetstone amulet (1), which can be purchased from Cass in Ward 13 in Remnant 2. So using these, you can multiply the Crit chance on bleeding enemies and a whopping 30 percent critical damage on those enemies.

Moreover, if you also add in the Probability Cord ring (2), that will grant you another 30 percent crit damage as well. Moving onwards, having Zania’s Malice (3) in your build will grant an additional 30 percent weak spot damage for hitting consecutive weak spot hits.

All these gear items, coupled with your Twisting Wounds weapon mod, will start to rack up the damage making you a force to be reckoned with.

This insane amount of damage will be from your basic build, whereas if you are running a Hug’s setup with the Hunter archetype, you can also get a bonus of 50 percent damage from that build.

You must have the archetype skill Hunter’s Shroud, which will take your damage to an insane 260 in Remnant 2. It can also be further bolstered with the additional two-ring slots and certain concoctions, relics, and weapon buffs in the game.

So having equipped the Twisting Weapon Mutator on your build, you can even rip through high-level bosses like the Root Nexus and the Corrupter in Remnant 2.

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