Remnant 2 Corruptor Boss Guide 

The Corruptor is a giant monstrosity in Remnant 2 that will use a stone golem to attack you. You need to take them out both to win this fight.

The Corruptor is one of those late-game bosses that you will be encountering at the end of the Yaesha world in Remnant 2. This hulking monstrosity will control a large golem sentinel that wields large swords. You will be facing both the golem and the Corrupter itself in this particular boss fight.

The Corruptor will use his golem to attack you mainly while it hangs back. You need to bring stun the golem and then attack the Corruptor.

Here is how you can defeat this complicated boss in the game.

Where to find Corruptor in Remnant 2 

You will be engaging the Corrupter at The Great Bole which is located in the Yaesha world in Remnant 2. Here you will need to get to the floating arena where you will finally engage this enemy in a boss fight.  

You will have ample space to move around while fighting the Corruptor and his sentinel. However, there will also be a chance you can drop off the side if you aren’t careful. So be aware of your position.

How to defeat Corruptor in Remnant 2 

There will be a short cutscene when you arrive in which the Corruptor will activate the golem sentinel. You need to analyze the attack pattern of the Corruptor first to create an effective strategy.


The Corruptor will use its red power beam to charge the sentinel first to engage you. During this time you can effectively target the Corruptor with your weapons and bring its life to about 60 percent in Remnant 2.

However, the boss will also be using a giant beam to attack you. You will hear it powering up for that attack so that will be the cue for you to get out of the way.

After being activated, you will find that the sentinel is an agile adversary. He’ll do a high jump and a lunging attack which is best evaded. 

The sentinel can also remove its arm joints to attack you with its floating arms. Here, you can simply shoot the arms that come flying at you and fire at them to stop the attack.

Lastly, it’ll get close to you and swing its arms at you. Simply dodge them and then target its head. The sentinel’s weak spot is its head. Attack it and deplete the bar above it to stun it. That will give you a window of opportunity to now focus on the Corruptor in Remnant 2.

The Corruptor’s weak spot is its middle which you can see as the glowing area. Target this area with your guns and it will damage the Corruptor. Bit by bit you will be able to weaken it and finally, you will be able to take down the Corruptor and win this boss fight in Remnant 2. 

Keep following this attacking strategy and you will be able to take down the Corruptor with relative ease in Remnant 2. 

Rewards for defeating Corruptor 

For taking out the Corruptor in Remnant 2 you’ll get: 

  1. Strange Object 
  2. Hollow Heart (x1) 
  3. Lumenite Crystal (x6) 
  4. Scrap (x825) 
  5. Tome of Knowledge (+1 Trait Point) 

Moreover, if you kill the Corruptor while the sentinel guardian is down, you will end up receiving the following rewards in Remnant 2: 

  1. Twisted Lazurite 
  2. Simulacrum (x1) 
  3. Lumenite Crystal (x8) 
  4. Scrap (x974) 
  5. Tome of Knowledge 

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