How To Get Remnant 2 Abrasive Whetstone?

Remnant 2 provides many gears, rings, and amulets like Abrasive Whetstone, which support the builds you are going for.

In Remnant 2, creating the perfect build depends on acquiring the right equipment. Amulets like the Abrasive Whetstone offer crucial stat boosts that enhance specific playstyles. This amulet caters to aggressive fighters, bolstering critical damage against bleeding enemies. With a 15% increase in critical chance and damage, the Abrasive Whetstone unleashes a devastating fury upon foes afflicted by bleed.

We will see how you can get the Abrasive Whetstone and what enhancements it offers to players that make it overpowered.

Remnant 2 Abrasive Whetstone Location

To get Abrasive Whetstone, head to Ward 13 and talk to Cass. She will sell you the amulet for 1,000 scraps. However, her inventory changes every 30 minutes, so if you don’t find it in her inventory, you need to keep coming back to her.

You can reroll Cass’s inventory by joining other people’s games in Remnant 2. Go to join the game, switch from campaign mode to adventure mode, and keep switching between the two modes until Ward 13 appears on your screen. Once Ward 13 appears, join the game and run to Cass’s shop.

By doing this, you get to Cass’s shop from other people’s world, hoping to find a different inventory. You can repeat this process of rerolling until you find the amulet.

Abrasive Whetstone Uses

If you’re going for an aggressive playstyle, the Abrasive Whetstone is perfect for increasing critical hit chance and damage. However, remember that it will work against bleeding enemies, which is why it is a must-have amulet for the Bleed build.

If you have the Merciless secret weapon in Remnant 2 and this amulet with you, a lot of damage can be dealt to enemies as critical attacks. You can quickly deal with many bosses who are weak against bleed attacks.

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