Best Bleed Build In Remnant 2

Sharpen your knives because we are ready to make some people bleed with our Best Bleed Build in Remnant 2.

Dealing with damage without even having to lift a finger is a pipe dream for many. Is it really though? Not anymore because we have put together the best bleed build in Remnant 2. If you play your cards right, you are going to be dealing 285+ damage, Every! Single! Second!

If you are lost then to help jog your memory, Bleed is a status effect in Remnant 2 and much like bleeding in real life, enemies bleed too when struck with a certain weapon. It will inflict the status effect and that way, the enemy will take damage over a period of time.

If that doesn’t intrigue you then follow along because, by the end, you are going to be running left and right collecting every single item to complete your bleed build in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 Merciless Bleed Build

The whole idea of this build revolves around the Bleed status effect. Finding the right combination of things from Archetypes to Rings to Relic is not the most prestigious job in the world but don’t worry we have got you covered.

We are going to be stacking bleed damage on enemies and depriving them of even a single drop of blood by the time they end the fight. For this purpose, we need an archetype that serves the purpose and what better the trusty Gunslinger?

High DPS, agility, ammo reserves, and so much more hide behind the name so let’s find out what are the things you need for this Bleed Build in Remnant 2.


Best Archetype Combo

For this build, we are going with the following combination of Archetypes:

For this Bleed Build in Remnant 2, we have got ourselves the combination of Gunslinger and the Engineer Archetype. Although the choice of archetype doesn’t have a huge impact on the build because our main target is bleeding the enemies dry.

Bleed damage alone is not going to win you battles that is why we have opted for archetypes that are heavy on DPS and can cause some serious damage.

The Gunslinger with Loaded as the prime perk is going to give you an instant reload on all of your weapons every time you activate it. During a couple of seconds when the mod is active, you will gain infinite ammo and your actual reserve will not be affected.

You should use Bulletstorm as your active skill due to a few reasons. Not only will it make your weapon automatic, but if it isn’t already, boosts your rate of fire, and reload speeds.

For your secondary archetype, we have chosen Engineer, one of the most popular choices for the secondary archetype slot.

The main reason was the heavy guns/turrets which you can deploy to help you during the battle. Other than that, you can go for a number of combinations. Whatever suits your fancy.


This section of the bleed build is one of the most crucial because this is where all the magic happens. The selection of weapons, along with the mods, is going to cause so much bleed damage that it is bonkers. Let’s have a look at it.

Long Gun

Merciless – Bloodline (Mod) and Twisting Wounds (Mutator)

This gun is the foundation of your bleed build in Remnant 2. Even without any mod or mutator, it shoots bullets that deal bleed damage over a short span of time.

1500 damage over 20 seconds to be precise. This might seem a little on the lower side but once you slap the Bloodline Mod along with the Twisting Wounds mutator, things become interesting.

The Bloodline mod gives you a single powerful penetrating shot that progressively deals more damage as it passes through enemies.

For the first enemy, it will give you an additional 50% damage, a 100% boost for the second enemy, and so on. The mod requires soo little mod power that you can pretty much use it over and over again quickly.

This mod combined with the Twisting Wounds Mutator makes every shot even more deadly. With the first shot, the enemy is going to start bleeding and because of this mutator, the next shot deals an additional 20% damage.

If you manage to upgrade the weapon to level 10, you will also be able to deal an additional 1200 bleed over the span of 20 seconds. That is a lot of bleed damage.

Hand Gun

Rupture Canon – Blood Draw (Mod)

It is a small but powerful shotgun pistol with a mod specifically picked for this Bleed Build in Remnant 2. The Rupture Canon by itself is great. The DPS is decent but it is the mod that really spice things up.

Once you activate the mod, metal chains will shoot out of the gun and pierce through the enemy’s body. The range of the attack is around 15 meters and it can simultaneously target 5 enemies within the range.

This attack is going to inflict the bleed status effect. Affected enemies are going to lose 1650 health over a period of 30 seconds. This is going to add another stack of bleed but this is going to target multiple enemies. So it really helpful while dealing with mobs of enemies.

Melee Weapon

Assassin’s Dagger – Bloodthirst (Mod)

If there is something that a bleeding enemy hates, it is the Assassin’s Dagger. It is a small, easy to wield, melee weapon that does so much damage it’s absurd.

First of all, if you attack an already bleeding enemy, it deals 25% more damage. If you do the same attack from behind, it does an additional 25% damage on top of the already boosted 25%.

Then if you do a charge attack, you can also make an enemy bleed with the dagger alone. Now what you need to do is shoot the enemy with your primary gun, Merciless, run up to the enemy, and do a charge attack using the Dagger. This strategy alone is going to give you 4-5 stacks of bleed on a single enemy.

After that, you can go back to shooting the enemy with either your primary weapon or your secondary. The choice is all yours.


Since your primary archetype is Gunslinger, Ammo Reserve is the go-to Trait for it. By investing points in it, you are going to get extra ammo for both your primary and secondary weapon. This can be a lifesaver in crucial moments.

Other than that, Vigor and Endurance are usually the standard upgraded, no matter the type of build you are running.


The choice of relic does not have a huge effect on the working and efficiency of the build. There are tons of good relics in Remnant 2 and you can pick the one that works best for you.

We would recommend something that gives you an instant gush of health such as Dragon Heart or Crystal Heart.

Both of them will give you a health surge, instantly or over time. Either way, this is going to help you a lot, since your encounters might include some close-combat fights. So it is best to have a backup.



Ravager’s Mark: With this amulet, you are going to deal 20% more damage to an enemy, if they are bleeding. If their health is lower than half, the damage boost goes up to 30%.


We are going to be polishing our build with the following rings:

  • Blood Jewel: Charged attack from any melee weapon will deal Bleed damage. Combined with the Assassin’s Dagger, it is going to stack up even more.
  • Timekeeper’s Jewel: Any of the inflicted status effects on the enemies is going to last even longer. Meaning that it will deal more damage. The more stacked the effect is, the longer it will linger around.
  • Blood-Tinged Ring: If you are in close proximity to an enemy who is bleeding, you will gain health every second.
  • Zania’s Malice: Hitting the weak spot will now deal more damage. This effect can be stacked thrice.


This Bleed Build in Remnant 2 is quite flexible and has a lot of potential for enhancements. The armor choice has been left entirely up to you.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that since you don’t have a lot of health-regen or lifesteal capabilities, you need to constantly be on the move. Your armor should protect you from attacks as well as shouldn’t weigh you down.

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