How To Get Zania’s Malice In Remnant 2

The Zania's Malice in Remnant 2 had a horn protruding out of the ring, and a dull amber glow gave this ring a demonic appearance.

Zania’s Malice is a ring filled with corrupted power. The Zania’s Malice in Remnant 2 had a horn protruding out of the ring, and a dull amber glow gave this ring a demonic appearance. The ring is constructed to scrape the wearer’s skin as a painful reminder of its presence.

Any vendor cannot craft Zania’s Malice. To obtain this ring have to travel to Ashen Wasteland, located on Root Earth. This guide will discuss the location to find this ring, its unique properties/effects, and the best builds you can use it in.

Zania’s Malice ring location in Remnant 2

Reach the second checkpoint in the Ashen Wasteland (Region in Root Earth). This checkpoint is before the rail yard, where you fight a horde of root creatures.

From this checkpoint, take the divergent path. This path will take you to a room that is on a lower level. In that room, there is a path that leads further down. Don’t take that patch. It’s hard to notice due to the dull lighting, but a hole in the wall across the room exists.

You can reach this hole easily by walking along the border. After entering the hole by crouching and walking, you will notice the purple glow of the ring lying on the ground.

Zania’s Malice effects

This ring can boost the damage from hitting enemies’ weak spots by 10%. This effect is activated by hitting a weak area of an enemy. You can also stack this damage boost effect three times; this means that you can potentially deal 30% more damage to enemy weak spots using this ring in Remnant 2.


In most boss fights, you will hit the boss repeatedly on its weak spot. Using Zania’s Malice can give you a decent boost in damage. You can stack its effect while using an automatic weapon. 

Zania’s Malice builds in Remnant 2

This ring is best used with the Hunter Painbringer Build. The hunter serves as this build’s main archetype, as we can use its passive skill to further enhance our DPS and critical hit chance. Use the following gear to get this build:

  • Long Gun; Nightfall (+10) with Dreadlock weapon mod and Momentum (+10) ranged weapon mutator.
  • Handgun; Enigma (+10) with Chaos Driver Weapon Mod and Harmonizer (+10) ranged weapon mutator.
  • Melee WeaponAtom Splitter (+10) with Fission Strike weapon mod and Weaponlord (+10) melee weapon mutator.
  • Amulet; Ankh of Power (increases all damage dealt by 15%, consuming the amulet increases attack by 30%)
  • Rings; Zania’s Malice (+10% more weak spot damage for 10s after landing a hit on weak spots, the effect can stack three times), Faerin’s Sigil (+10% mod power on landing critical or weak spot hits), Probability Cord (+30% critical damage chance), Spirit Stone (+10% Mod Power Generation).
  • Relic; Ruin Heart ( +500 Mod power and +5 HP regeneration over 10s)
  • TraitsVigor (level 10), Expertise (level 10), Spirit (level 10), Barkskin (level 6), Siphoner (level 10), Endurance (level 9), Glutton (level 10) and Handling (level 5). The last trait is optional.

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