How To Get Corrupted Lumenite Crystals In Remnant 2

Corrupted Lumenite Crystals are an essential resource to upgrade Mutators in Remnant 2 and we can help you farm this item..

While you might have plenty of Lumenite Crystals in Remnant 2 by the time you have cleared the first few worlds of the game, there is an even rarer version of this crafting material, Corrupted Lumenite Crystals. While Lumenite Crystals are needed for pretty much every upgrade in the game and to unlock new Archetypes, Corrupted Lumenite Crystals in Remnant 2 are needed to upgrade the Mutators you can equip your weapons.

So if you want to survive against late-game bosses or try higher difficulties, crafting and upgrading Mutators is essential. And to do that, you need to be able to know how to farm Corrupted Lumenite Crystals in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 Corrupted Lumenite Crystals farming

Corrupted Lumenite Crystals in Remnant 2 can be farmed by defeating different mini-bosses that can be easily distinguished from others because of their health or reddish glow.

Remnant 2 Corrupted Lumenite Crystals farm

When playing at normal difficulty, defeating any of these bosses can drop up to 7 Corrupted Lumenite Crystals. However, this number can be significantly increased by playing at a higher difficulty. Therefore, if you are an expert, then don’t waste your time rerolling Adventure Mode at normal difficulty. Instead whenever you need these Crystals opt for high difficulty, and ace the bosses.

Choosing the Explorer archetype, and then playing at higher difficulty may help you get even more Corrupted Lumenite Crystals than other archetypes.

Do keep in mind that while these mini-bosses aren’t as tough as world bosses, higher-difficulty ones can still present quite a challenge, especially with multiple boss modifiers on them.


The best bosses to farm for Corrupted Lumenite Crystals in Remnant 2 are mentioned below. In our experience, Losomn is the best place to encounter Corrupted versions of mini-bosses/elites.

Executioner Mini-boss

The Executioner is the easiest mini-boss to defeat to get some Corrupted Lumenite Crystals. You can find this boss within the Council Chambers in Fae Palace on Losomn. Reach this room, break the painting, drop down the hole, and navigate through the tunnel which will then lead you to the flooded stockroom where the Executioner mini-boss awaits.

Ripsaw Mini-boss

Defeating the Ripsaw boss in Remnant 2 is perhaps the fastest way you can earn a lot of Corrupted Lumenite Crystals. You can find this boss, in the Asylum yard in front of Morrow Parish in the Losomn world.

However, you may not get Morrow Parish as a starting point at first, therefore rerolling Adventure Mode is required here. You can do so by interacting with World Crystal at Ward 13. As you interact with it, you will see a menu, here choose the World Settings option and then click on Reroll.

After this, you need to set your difficulty level and region. When finding Ripsaw choose Losomn region, load the screen, and keep doing it and eventually you will get Morrow Parish as the starting point. Once, you finally get Morrow Perish as a starting point, make your way to Asylum.

On your way, you will face many enemies, however, most of them don’t drop anything useful, therefore Ignore them apart from those which bother you. After encountering a few of these, you will finally reach Asylum, where you will encounter the Ripsaw.

On defeating it, collect your reward and then reroll the Adventure mode to fight this boss again and again and farm more Corrupted Lumenite Crystals.