How To Upgrade Dodge Roll To Misty Step In Remnant 2

There is a way to change your regular dodge roll to a smoky dash called Misty Step in Remnant 2 and we can help you unlock it...

Dodge Rolls are the primary defensive tactic to avoid incoming damage from bosses and regular enemies in Remnant 2. But if you are bored of rolling in the muddy ground, the game allows you to experience an enhanced version of it known as the Misty Step. This Misty Step dodge roll in Remnant 2 not only looks cool but also provides better invulnerability and saves stamina by ignoring your equipped weight.

However, upgrading your dodge roll to Misty Step in Remnant 2 is no easy feat. Not only does it require some specific items to perform, getting those items can be quite time consuming.

How to upgrade dodge roll to Misty Step in Remnant 2

As mentioned earlier, switching dodge roll to Misty Step requires some unique items. One of those is called the Ring of Omens. The ring also needs to be paired with certain amulets before your dodging gets changed to a wispy smoke dash ability.

Before setting the hunt for the Ring and the Amulets, first, you must meet the unlocking condition for both of the items. Their procurement is subjected to the active Blood Moon during their hunt. You can easily guess having the active Blood Moon by the presence of red tint all around.

If you seem to be lucky then you may have it active in your first go. But if that’s not the case then it may become time-consuming. To get it active, you have to revisit the spawning place and Ward 13 back and forth a couple of times until you have it active.

Where to find Ring of Omens in Remnant 2

Well, to start the journey for upgrading the Dodge Roll, first you have to find the Ring of Omens. To do so you need to visit the Cathedral of Omens located in the Yaesha biome. As mentioned earlier, make sure the Blood Moon is active before marching ahead from here. Once you have it active, proceed to the central chambers of the Cathedral of Omens.


Here you need to complete a puzzle that will unlock a door nearby. One important thing to mention here is you can also unlock two more unique items here in the chambers along with the Ring of Omens. Just after climbing the staircase, you will find a lever heading out from the ground near the entrance. You need to pull it one time. This will cause the hanging structure in the center of the chamber to rotate. 

Next, move to your right side, and just some steps ahead you find another lever. You need to pull it four times and it will complete the puzzle and unlocks the door behind you.

Enter the room and it will lead you into a big room. At the far end of the room, you will find a red door on the ground. Approach it and it will get open giving you access to the lower deck. Jump right in it and you will find the Ring of Omens resting on your right side. Additionally, you can also get some Blood Moon Essence as well.

Remnant 2 ring of omens

Now the next step is to pair up the Ring of Omens in Remnant 2 with special amulets to activate Misty Step.

How to get the Amulets for Misty Step

There are a total of 6 special amulets available in Remnant 2 which allow you to use Misty Step. These amulets are described in a book placed in one of the Cathedral Rooms. You need to combine any one of them with the ring to convert the Dodge Roll into Misty Step.

We have listed down a brief procedure related to the procurement of each of the six amulets. This will smoothen your way to getting the one of your choice. All of them have the same value and you can have the Misty Step move with anyone.

Remnant 2 Misty Step

Death’s Embrace

The Deaths Embrace amulet is one of the easiest to obtain. While entering the Yaesha Biome at the Forbidden Grove, you will run into the Bedel of the Vaunnt. This consumable vendor sells multiple trinkets and Death’s Embrace is one of them You can buy it from him for 1000 scrap.

Talisman of the Sun

To find out the Talisman of the Sun amulet, you need to explore the open areas of Yaesha. You can find a set of floating islands on the map in the Forgotten Field sub-area. Just follow the path to reach a chest at the end rewarding you with the Talisman of the Sun amulet.

Full Moon Circlet

The Full Moon Circlet amulet can only be found in the Imperial Gardens area of the Yaesha world. Similar to the Ring of Omens, it also requires the active Blood Moon for its procurement.

Once the moon is active, proceed into the Imperial Gardens. Find a red door on the ground in front of a statue. It will lead you into an underground chamber where you can find the Full Moon Circlet amulet on a pedestal.

Ravager’s Mark

Well, getting the Ravager’s Mark amulet is pretty straightforward. Near the end of the Yaesha biome, you will have a choice either to fight the Ravager or to kill the Doe. Adapting the latter will reward you with the Ravager’s Mark amulet.

Necklace of Flowing Life

The Necklace of Flowing Life can only be obtained through one of the two dungeons available in Remnant 2. These dungeons include The Chimney and The Lament. In both of them, you will come across a square room having a chest and a pass-through wall.

Use the wall to step into an entirely new hidden area. Explore the area and you will find the Necklace of Flowing Life.

Red Doe Sigil

The Red Doe Sigil is also found in the Yaesha world. Head over to the Red Throne area and followed by approaching the Eternal Empress located in the throne room. While having the conversation with the Empress pick up the friendly dialogues from the available options. After ending the discussion, move through the area until of reach The Widow’s Court.

Explore the area and you will find out a pass-through illusion wall. Pass through it and start exploring the hidden area until you find an Ornate Lockbox along with its key. Once you get them, return to the Red Throne and handover the Ornate Lockbox to Empress. Here you will be rewarded with the Red Doe Sigil.

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