Remnant 2 Widow’s Court Dungeon Guide

Once hailed as a powerful location for the Pan civilization, the Widow's Court now lies in ruins in the world of Yaesha in Remnant 2.

The Widow’s Court is a dungeon location to find and complete in Remnant 2. Once under the rule of the Pan civilization, you are going to find nothing but ruins here that are now under the control of evil forces.

Despite the harrowing details, the Widow’s Court is a beautiful location with floating mountains, red foliage, and overall unique environments to explore.

The Widow’s Court has fewer activities to do compared to other dungeons. There is only one major puzzle that might leave you confused.

Remember that the procedural generation of the game and the multiple paths leading from a single choice are rampant for the Widow’s Court as well.

Remnant 2 Widow’s Court 2 Location

The Widow’s Court is located in the world of Yaesha but only spawns if you start from the Red Throne checkpoint in Remnant 2. This is important to know because if you start from the Forbidden Grove, you will not be able to access the Widow’s Court dungeon.

Both locations feature their own storylines. The Forbidden Grove leads to the Corrupted Ravager while the Red Throne leads you to the Corruptor world boss.

Gaining access to the Widow’s Court also depends on your progression. You need to get to the area with a large exclamation point and then find the large rectangular door. Clear the dungeon, and you will enter the next overworld. Keep going, and you will enter the Widow’s Court.

The Widow’s Court walkthrough in Remnant 2

The Widow’s Court is part of The Corruption of Thaen storyline in Remnant 2. This is a huge dungeon with floating mountains and mystical terrain.

You’ll encounter deadly enemies possessing teleportation abilities so it’ll be important to watch your back. Lethal enemies like the Root Flyer, Root Slasher, and the Empowered Slayer will be lurking around to hunt you down. So always be prepared for combat.

The dungeon houses important items and secrets you can find by searching around. These objects include the Tarnished Key, Ornate Key, Ornate box, and other important items. Finding some of these items can be tricky, but fret not; our guide will help you through every step and ease your struggles.

How to get the Ornate Key to open the lockbox

The first puzzle we will discuss is how you can open the Ornate Box. We need to find the Ornate Key in Remnant 2 to open this box. For us, this key spawned for us in the central area of the dungeon. The spawn of the key is random so if you can’t find it in the central area, make sure that you have explored the dungeon properly. The Ornate key isn’t that hard to find; however, finding the Ornate Box can be troublesome.

You’ll come across a dead Pan warrior lying on the floor. You can collect the Key, which will be placed right next to him.

Moreover, the dead warrior will also be holding a note telling the player to search for the Ornate box. You will also be advised not to open the box.

Now that we have our Ornate Key, it’s time we find the Ornate Box in Remnant 2. This is where things get tricky now, so be attentive. While the Key’s location can vary, the box will always be at the some spot so you don’t have to worry about procedural generation when it comes to finding the box.

To begin the quest for the Ornate box, head forward after you’ve collected your Key from the dead warrior. Make your way to the ruined buildings beside the pool of water.

As you approach this building, you’ll encounter stairs leading down into an area with a small waterfall. You must jump across the waterfall to the other side and head forward through the corridor that will lead you to a chest. You can open it up to obtain loot.

After opening the chest, you must turn around to face a wall on the left. This is a fake wall, and you can jump through it to reach the other side.

After jumping through the wall, proceed forward until you find a lift. Heading up on the lift will lead you to a room with the Ornate Lockbox placed on the table.

The Ornate Lockbox can be used in different ways to get separate items. You can get the following items by using the Ornate Box contrariwise:

Burden of the Rebel ring

The Burden of the Rebel is a ring in Remnant 2. Rings have multiple advantages when equipped by your player. You must take the Thaen Seed inside the Ornate lockbox to the Eternal Empress in the Red Throne to get this Ring. Once the Empress receives the seed, she’ll reward you with the Burden of the Rebel.

This Ring has both pros and cons. The advantage of the Burden of the Rebel ring is that it reduces skill cooldowns by 15%. The downer is that it diminishes the use speed of Relics by 25%.

Secret Ripened Heart relic

The Ripened Heart Relic is another important piece to be obtained using the Thaen Seed.

Head back to Ward 13 and locate the garden opposite Regi and Mudtooth. The Thaen Seed must be planted here and must be taken care of.

After a few days, the Thaen Seed will grow into a tree with fruits hanging from its branches. Those fruits will eventally transform into the Celestial Thaen Fruits.

You must eat three Celestial Thaen Fruits from the tree. This will make a pink drop appear to hang from the tree. This pink drop is indicative of the secret Ripened Heart Relic.

The Ripened Heart has powerful healing capabilities, granting 35 health over 0.5 seconds. On top of that, extra 70 health is further gained over the next 5 seconds. This can be a true lifesaver in deadly situations.

The Red Doe Sigil amulet

With the help of the Ornate Lockbox, you can lay your hands on the Red Doe Sigil amulet.

To get this amulet, you must take the Ornate Lockbox back to the Eternal Empress on the Red Throne without opening it.

Once you give the Ornate box to the Empress, she’ll provide you with an important amulet called the Red Doe Sigil.

How to get the Rotten Thaen Fruit for the Ghost Shell Mutator

The Widow’s Court in Remnant 2 contains a secret passage that leads to the Ghost Shell mutator.

To open the secret passage, you must equip the Red Doe Sigil amulet and find the statue of Ravager and Doe.

A whole new floor will open, leading you to a secret quest item called the Rotten Thaen Fruit. Once you get this item, inspect it and find an interaction to receive the Ghost Shell Mutator.

The Ghost Shell is a brilliant ranged Mutator. Once equipped, this mutator increases Weakspot Critical Chane by 15%.

On top of that, once you make three consecutive Weakspot hits, the fourth Weakspot hit will have 20% greater damage. These stats can give you a great edge in battle.

How to get the Tarnished Key for the Matriarch’s Insignia

The other item we should be looking for is the Tarnished Key in Remnant 2. Once you’ve obtained the ornate box, return to the lift and jump back through the fake wall.

Now, walk through the corridor where you’ll have to choose one of two paths. Follow the right path, which will lead you to a waterfall falling from above you.

To the left, you’ll see an item glowing on the rocks of the waterfall, right next to some skeletal remains. This is the Tarnished Key, and you must go ahead and pick it up quickly.

Once you pick up the Tarnished Key in Remnant 2, head over to the Widow’s Court’s second floor, which will lead you to a locked door. You can unlock this door with the Tarnished Key.

After entering through the door, head up the stairs to the right and follow the path until you reach an end. From here, jump down to the right, and you’ll see a purple glowing item, the Matriarch’s Insignia.

The Matriarch’s insignia in Remnant 2 provides battle perks, giving you +35% Melee damage. Moreover, successful Melee attacks are bound to restore +10 Stamina with this amulet.

As you walk around the Widow’s Court searching for your items, you’ll encounter different enemies possessing teleportation abilities. That is why you must always watch your back while wandering through the dungeon.

Once you have collected all your items, you can head back toward the exit point of the Widow’s Court Dungeon. This will lead to a boss fight with the Corruptor.

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