How To Farm Blood Moon Essence In Remnant 2

Blood Moon Essence is a unique material in Remnant 2 that is available only on Yaesha and we can help you farm it to purchase new items...

In Remnant 2, there are various materials that help you upgrade your armor, weapons, or other items. One such crafting material is Blood Moon Essence which is needed for a huge number of upgrades. However, it is a rare item and is only found in some places during a specific event called the Blood Moon.

The Blood Moon is an event that occurs in the Yaeshas’ world. During this event, the whole color palette will change and becomes a bit of reddish color. This is because of the red moon that appears in the sky that can be seen by the players but it is quite difficult.

How to start Blood Moon event in Remnant 2

The world of Remnant 2 is based on luck and most of the things are randomized. If you are in Yaesha and you don’t get Blood Moon then you don’t need to worry. There are a few methods you need to try to re-roll the whole thing and activate the Blood Moon.

  • Use the Worldstone, travel to another world and then come back to Yaesha. This will reroll the whole world and you might get lucky enough to get the Blood Moon
  • The other way is to interact with the Worldstone, reroll your Adventure and the Blood Moon event hopefully occurs.
  • The third way is to travel to the Far Wood, go to another zone and return back.

The Blood Moon is a random event and can be spawned anywhere in the Yaesha. We found The Forbidden Grove and Faithless Thicket as the best places to trigger the Blood Moon in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 Blood Moon Essence farming

The Blood Moon Essence is a crafting item that is rarely found and have become a problem for the players to obtain it. Farming the blood moon is way to go in order to get this item.

When Blood Moon is Activated in Yaesha, a purple-colored creatures leaving the same-colored trail behind it that flies in the sky named Root Wisps. Shooting these creatures will give you the blood moon essence.

Once you have killed all of the Root Wisps, go through the door and return back, they will respawn once again. For example, if you are in The Forbidden Grove and kill all of the Root Wisps there, you just have to pass through the door and return back to the Forbidden Grove and it will reset all of the mobs there and once again you can kill them for the Blood Moon Essence.

How to use Blood Moon Essence

The Blood Moon Essence is used to buy armor and other items in the Yaesha. There you have to find the Blood Moon Altar in Remnant 2 and from there you can buy different items using the blood moon essence. You only need 66x Blood Moon Essence in order to buy all of the items from the Altar.

The following Items can be bought using the Blood Moon Essence in Remnant 2. Also, you will also need some other additional items.

Knotted CageChest Armor10x Blood Moon Essence 800x Scrap
Knotted GlovesGloves3x Blood Moon Essence 250x Scrap
Knotted GreavesLeg Armor7x Blood Moon Essence600x Scrap
Knotted HelmHelmet5x Blood Moon Essence 300x Scrap
Blade of GulMelee Weapon10x Blood Moon Essence 1250x Scrap
Faded GrimoireArchtype Engram15x Blood Moon Essence 1500x Scrap 5x Lumenite Crystals
Soul AnchorAmulet10x Blood Moon Essence 1000x Scrap 3x Lumenite Crystals
Sanguine VaporConcoction1x Blood Moon Essence 500x Scrap
Soul GuardRing5x Blood Moon Essence 750x Scrap 2x Lumenite Crystals

To get all of these items you have to farm for only 66x of total Blood Moon Essence along with 6950x Scrap and only 10x Lumenite Crystal in Remnant 2.

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