How To Get The Red Doe Sigil In Remnant 2

The Red Doe Sigil is a missable item on the world of Yaesha in Remnant 2. You have to find and deliver the Ornate Lockbox without opening it.

There are a lot of healing items in Remnant 2 but the most potent of them are Relics like the Quilted Heart because they provide a major heal. However, sometimes their healing may not be sufficient enough to get you through the fight.

In that case, the Red Doe Sigil is what you need to have. This is a Relic that greatly increases the amount of healing you get from a Relic, boosting your chances of survival.

However, since the game doesn’t even tell you that this Amulet exists, let us help you out in finding the Red Doe Sigil in Remnant 2.

How to get the Red Doe Sigil in Remnant 2

Acquiring the Red Doe Sigil is actually not really an easy task. It is a missable item because one wrong move can leave you rerolling the campaign again.

Find the Ornate Lockbox

To get the Red Doe Sigil in Remnant 2, you first have to find the Ornate Lockbox, which is located in The Widow’s Court, located in Yaesha.

As you start from the Widow’s Court, you must first head just a bit north and then make a right from the waterfall. Keep heading east across the ruins until you see an entrance to a small structure.


Right next to this small structure is a corpse with the Ornate Key in its hand. You can pick up this key, but remember to not use it on the Ornate Lockbox. If you do, you get the Thaen Seed instead and completely miss out on acquiring the Red Doe Sigil.

The Thaen Seed can be used to plant the Thaen Tree which grants you the Ripened Heart Relic – but that’s a whole other story.

Inside this structure is a set of stairs that you can use to reach the underground. From here, take the path on the left leading downwards and jump across the gap that appears.

In the area across the gap, you must make your way straight north until you reach a dead end. However, this isn’t really a dead end, because a small portion of the western wall is actually in illusion.

The portion of the wall that is fake is right ahead of the hanging lantern. You can literally walk right past this wall and enter a new area.

This new area is a set of halls that lead one way linearly. At the end of the hallway is an elevator that takes you to the upper floor – your next destination.

As you reach the upper floor, you can see a table glowing at the far end of the room. This glow is from the Ornate Lockbox, and all you have to do now is to head over to the table and pick it up.

Remember, if you have an Ornate Key, do not use it to open the Ornate Lockbox because it needs to be delivered to the Empress unopened – which is your next and final step.

Deliver the Ornate Lockbox to the Empress

Once you have acquired the Ornate Lockbox, there is only one step left to acquire the Red Doe Sigil. You must make your way to the Red Throne and hand over the Ornate Lockbox to the Empress.

Upon handing the Lockbox over to the Empress, she thanks you by rewarding you with the Red Doe Sigil. Moreover, she now also considers you an ally of the Pan.

How to use the Red Doe Sigil

The Red Doe Sigil is an amulet that basically increases the effectiveness of the healing granted by your Relics. Although this is primarily to a small extent, the increase is significantly boosted when you use a Relic Heal while below half HP.

This makes it a handy item to keep with you if you’re using any Relics that are meant to heal you like the Salvaged Heart or the Quilted Heart.

You can’t really use it with the Ripened Heart Relic though because you can either get one or the other as mentioned previously.

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