How To Counter Empathy In Remnant 2

Empathy is a boss modifier and a rather annoying one at that in Remnant 2. Here is how you can counter a boss that has it.

As you go through your campaign in Remnant 2, you’ll face different powerful bosses across the Worlds. Bosses are special enemies in the game that possess unique qualities and abilities. Remnant 2 randomly assigns different suffixes and modifiers to the bosses, altering their stats and behaviors.

Empathy in Remnant 2 is one of the modifiers randomly allotted to the bosses. This can grant healing qualities to the superiors, making them more difficult to defeat. Therefore, we must craft a way to counter Empathy Bosses and lower their advantage. This guide explains it all, so let’s get started.

Empathy modifier explained in Remnant 2?

Empathy is a boss modifier and a rather annoying one at that in Remnant 2. Every time you use a relic to heal yourself, Empathy is going to allow the boss to automatically heal as well by 25 to 50 percent.

That is a lot of healing for a boss! This is why Empathy is considered to be one of the most powerful boss modifiers and probably the worst modifier for you to face in Remnant 2.

How to counter Empathy in Remnant 2

You have to find other ways to heal yourself. That is how you counter a boss with an Empathy modifier in Remnant 2. This, however, is easier said than done.

There are several ways to heal in Remnant 2 but they depend on your character. What archetype and build you are running? What items you have equipped? What weapon mods do you have?


Below are some of the ways you can counter Empathy in Remnant 2.

Dog healing can be advantageous against Empathy as your furry companion can heal the Handler and allies within a 3.5m radius, providing 0.25% of Max Health per second.

Medic Class healing qualities are the best option for a player to counter Empathy. This class provides healing properties to you and your allies with additional perks you can use to your advantage.

Consumables are a great way to increase your player’s health. Some of the best consumables include Blood Root and bandages. These items can be bought from Dr. Norah in Ward 13.

The Healing Shot Weapon Mod can be of use to counter Empathy in Remnant 2. This mod helps launch grenades that explode on contact, providing 30% healing of Max health. This can help you and your allies maintain health without using relics.

Mudtooth Tonic is a brilliant consumable that increases max health by 25 for up to 60 minutes. This can give you a great edge over Empathy.

Damage Reduction Items, including rings, relics, and other items, can be super advantageous against Empathy. Some of these items are the Amber Moonstone, the Effigy Pendant, the Restriction Cord, the Hardened Coil, the Rusted Heirloom, and the Reprocessed Heart.

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