Remnant 2 Boss Modifiers Explained

Boss modifiers in Remnant 2 keep the experience fresh and put you against different enemies every time if you know how to fight them...

Being a looter shooter, Remnant 2 puts players against bosses that are quite powerful and also rewards you abundantly after victory. Throw in the RNG system of the game, and you end up potentially encountering different variations of the same boss with each reroll of your Adventure. So, how are you supposed to figure out how to defeat these bosses? Well, that is where the Boss modifiers in Remnant 2 come in.

The boss modifiers are the effects a boss can have during a fight, making it much stronger. These modifiers increase their stats and grant them a few abilities, like when you heal, they heal or can teleport near you. If you like to play hardcore, these modifiers make the gameplay difficult, intense, or fun.

Boss Modifiers can introduce extra dimensions in the game, leading to unexpected and adventurous challenges. The main world bosses you encounter to finish each World of Remnant 2 are static. However, some other bosses you encounter in dungeons can have various buffs and effects on them. These changing effects are known as boss modifiers.

All Boss Modifiers in Remnant 2

Boss ModifierEffect
DisplacerThe boss can teleport you around, which can sometimes be annoying. You can shoot the boss to cancel this effect.
DrainThe boss can leech your health. If this modifier is activated, the boss can take your health and regenerate itself. Be careful if this modifier is activated, and don’t give chances to the boss to take away your health
Elemental ResistanceThe boss with this modifier can gain resistance to elemental effects in Remnant 2. Avoid using weapons with elemental effects on it.
EmpathyWhen you use a relic, the boss heals by 25-50%. When this modifier is activated, you should use alternative methods to heal yourself, like dogs, medic class, consumables, etc.
EnchanterWhile this modifier is active, the boss gains the ability to cause rot explosions during a fight, which can cause heavy damage to the player. When this modifier is activated – be careful and pay full attention.
HeartyThis modifier increases the health and defense of the given boss. It also increases the boss’s durability, requiring players to deal more damage to it. Overall, this Modifier tests a player’s patience and skills.
RegeneratorThe health of the boss regenerates when this modifier is activated. A player must consistently damage the boss if this modifier is activated. Otherwise, the fight will just keep going.
Skull CrackerIncreases melee damage and stagger effect when this is activated. The boss will do more damage when a player is staggered, i.e., stunned.
SpitefulThe less the health, the more the damage is. This modifier will haunt you if the boss has a second stage, as the increased damage can one-shot you. You have to be alert at all times when this is activated.
UnstoppableThe boss will become immune to the stagger effect. The stagger is an essential mechanic and an effective way to counter damage to the opponent. When this modifier is activated, find alternate methods to avoid the boss.
ViciousThe boss has increased damage. Its attacks will hit you harder and will give you more damage. I prefer dodging and blocking the boss more and trying to hit the boss while doing this.
ShockingThe Boss will cast lightning near you when this modifier is activated.
TeleporterThe boss can teleport around, making the whole fight unpredictable and difficult for the player.
VortexPull the player near the boss when you encounter a boss with this modifier.
Thick SkinThe boss will take less damage from the player, and hitting the weak spots will not help you much. Fighting a boss with this modifier will just take the fight to another level, as it will take much more time to defeat it.
Root GrabThe boss with this modifier will summon roots that entrap the player if they step on it.
Rat SwarmSummons Rats into the battlefield, increasing the number of enemies you have to deal with.
MinionsSummons the normal enemies of that specific world when this modifier is activated.
WallerWith this modifier, you can get trapped within walls randomly. This will limit your view
BurstingThis works similar to the Roots effect. With the Bursting boss modifier in Remnant 2, there will explosions on the battlefield that will trigger if you linger in one place for longer periods of time.
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