How To Get The Effigy Pendant In Remnant 2

Effigy Pendant is hidden in a secret area somewhere in Losomn, a world that was ruined after the Dran and Fae merged in Remnant 2.

The Effigy Pendant is an amulet belonging to Tola, the Dreamer, who is hailed by her people for being both a warrior and a healer in Remnant 2. Her locket is a humble-looking silver pendant that appears to be a humanoid image raising its arms in joy or agony.

Effigy Pendant is hidden in a secret area somewhere in Losomn, a world that was left with destruction after the Dran and Fae merged. You will only find chaos and confusion with burning buildings and burdened soles here.

The secret Amulet is well hidden for which you will have to jump through some loops. Here’s how you can find Effigy Pendant in Remnant 2.

The Effigy Pendant location in Remnant 2

The Effigy Pendant is found in a hidden area blocked by wooden planks in the areas of Cotton’s Kiln or Butcher’s Quarters of Losomn in Remnant 2.

You need to make your way to the very back of these dungeons. What you should be looking for here is an H-shaped area on your map.

There should be a hole in the wall here that is partly covered by some wooden planks. To further confirm you have the right location, there should also be a red barrel on the outside as shown in the image below.

Where is the Effigy Pendant location in Remnant 2.

Destroy the barrel and make your way through the passageway. Use the ladder to head up to the roof where you will find a fire altar surrounded by cremated bodies.

There will be birds surrounding the premises that can kill you so make sure to clear out the area before proceeding forward.

Climb up the ledge to the roof and jump to the rooftop across to access the secret area. Drop down and make your way to the end of the pathway where you will find a run-down wooden shed on the left containing a wooden box, highlighted in red.

Inspect the box in your inventory and upon interaction it will give you the Effigy Pendant Amulet in Remnant 2. You will also find the Cleansing Stone Amulet up ahead, highlighted in purple, so grab that as well on your way out.

Remnant 2 Effigy Pendant builds

Effigy Pendant is a damage-boosting Amulet in Remnant 2. It reduces damage received by 10% and increases all damage by 15% but the effect is only activated while Grey Health is present. Additionally, it allows 1 additional hit before the Grey Health expires.

It is an excellent option for survival-focused builds as Grey Health is an integral part of most of them. Engineer Archetype, Alchemist Archetype, and especially Medic Archetype make full use of Effigy Pendant Amulet.

Pair it with equipment that favors low health like the Rusted Heirloom Ring for damage boost or the Reprocessed Heart Relic for Mod Power and you are looking at a maximum Damage Resistant Immortal Build.

Effigy Pendant is a niche Amulet that only favors builds that can either tank or make use of the incoming damage in Remnant 2 but it is an exceptional addition to those it can work with.

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