Persona 5 Best Accessories To Equip For Each Character

In Persona 5 Royal, Accessories are vital when it comes to combats. You’ll need them to boost your HP level or render physical benefits from them. Some of these accessories can be bought from different locations, while you can receive many others as a reward.

Equipping each character with the best possible Persona 5 accessory is important to gain maximum advantage. Follow this guide to learn more about the best Accessories in P5R and where to find them for your characters.

Regen Patch (Ryuji)

Physical attacks are Ryuji’s strongest suit. Therefore one should think of equipping him with an accessory that significantly aids his physical stats in Persona 5. One such recommendation is Regen Patch.

  • Location:  Takemi Medical Clinic – Yongen-Jaya
  • Price: ¥90,000       

The Regen Patch can be handy during physical combats when the opponents inflict much damage on you. Having Regen Patch equipped with Ryuji benefits them greatly because it helps boost his HP level by almost 6% at each turn.

However, this accessory can only be unlocked when you level up Tae Takemi to Rank 5 after taking her as your Confidant. Once done, visit the location provided to buy Regen Patch for your character in Persona 5.

SP Adhesive (Morgana)

Morgana is a renowned ‘healer’ in Persona 5 Royal. His ability to restore the SP level and his spells make him a helpful character during combats, especially during the early game. To reap the best advantages from Morgana, we recommend that you equip him with SP Adhesive.

  • Location:  Takemi Medical Clinic – Yongen-Jaya
  • Price: ¥100,000

SP Adhesive can be obtained early in the gameplay but is expensive. This accessory, however, allows players to boost 7% in their SP levels at each turn in Persona 5. You’ll have to take Tae Takemi as Morgana’s Confidant to get this accessory and raise his Rank to 5. Then visit Takemi Medical Clinic to pay up the price.

Ring of Envy (Ann)

Ann is a powerful character in Persona 5 Royal due to her damage-healing capabilities. Her spells are excellent, and her Magic attacks can destroy opponents. The Ring of Envy suits her best.

When you equip your character with “The Ring of Envy,” this accessory grants them the Gambler’s Foresight. This skill applies your character with the Concentrate, which eventually multiplies the damage done by your Magic attacks more than twice. To unlock this accessory, you must update the “Envy Crystal” by Jose in Persona 5 Royal.

Regen Patch or Bravery Sash (Yusuke)

Yusuke possesses similar abilities as Ryuji. Strong Physical attacks are his best suit; therefore, we recommend equipping him with Regen Patch:

  • Location:  Takemi Medical Clinic – Yongen-Jaya
  • Price: ¥90,000   

The Regen Patch can be handy during physical combats when the opponents inflict much damage on you. Having Regen Patch equipped with Yusuke greatly benefits him because it helps boost his HP level by almost 6% at each turn; this will favor him during the physical combats.

Another accessory that you should try in Persona 5 is the Bravery Sash. When you equip your character with a Bravery Sash, it imbues a feeling of bravery in them. This accessory can be unlocked once you obtain 2,500,000 Points in Challenge Battle: Foggy Day.

Star Bracelet (Makoto)

Makoto possesses a very balanced proportion of abilities. She can heal, buff, use spells, and inflict physical attacks. However, if we talk about her strong suit, that can be considered as her ‘Nuke Attacks”; therefore, to benefit from this ability, you should try grabbing a Star Bracelet.

  • Location: 37 Degrees Celsius-Shibuya, Underground Mall           
  • Price: ¥20,000

Equipping Makoto with a Star Bracelet raises the power of her Nuke attacks by 25%, giving you an upper hand over the opponents.

Super Lucky Robe (Futaba)

In Persona 5 Royal, Futaba is an interesting character. She’s brilliant when it comes to combats. Therefore, it is recommended to equip her with Super Lucky Robe.

The Super Lucky Robe is a combat armor that boosts a character’s luck by +10. Note that the female characters in gameplay can only equip this armor. To unlock this accessory for Futaba in Persona 5 royal, you must perform the Electric Chair Execution task.

Psy Necklace (Haru)

Haru is quite an underdog among the players. Many players do not choose her as a party member. However, we believe she possesses some fantastic skills, such as her Psy and Gun attacks, based on which she must be considered. We highly suggest banking on Haru’s Psy attacks and equipping her with a Psy Necklace.

  • Location: Stoneon-Kichijoji        
  • Price: ¥40,000

When you equip Haru with the Psy Necklace, it gives her the Psy Amp skill, which provides a boost to your Psy attacks by up to 50%.

Regent R (Kasumi)

Another powerful member that you should think of adding to your team is Kasumi. Her Sword Dance attacks are pretty lethal. Therefore you should think of equipping her with the Regent R.

Equipping Kasumi with the Regent R raises the Strength stat of her Sword Dance attacks by 5. However, to unlock this accessory, you should perform the Persona 5 Electric Chair Execution task on Persona: Regent.

Ring of Envy (Akechi)

Akechi is a brilliant character when it comes to his skills. He processes a range of skills, including magic charms and even gun skills. At one point in the game, he even processes the most potent skill of Persona 5 Royal, the Debilitate. However, we believe it’s best to reap the power of the Concentrate for Akechi by equipping him with the Ring of Envy.

SP Adhesive or Regent R (Ren)

Ren, the game’s main character, is the strongest team player. He is widely known by his code name, “Joker.” Ren possesses diverse abilities, with Physical strength being the most bankable.

Therefore you should think of equipping Ren with Regent R to receive a boost of 5 stats to his Strength. It’s also advisable to equip him with SP Adhesive to boost his SP level when needed.

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