Persona 5 Kasumi Confidant (Faith) Guide

Kasumi Yoshizawa is a new addition to Persona 5 Royal and most of her story occurs in the third semester....

Kasumi Yoshizawa is a new addition to Persona 5 Royal and most of her story occurs in the third semester. Kasumi is a brilliant gymnast, and she belongs to Faith Arcana. Persona 5 Kasumi’s alter ego is Violet who uses Rapier and antique guns to battle Shadows, and is being assisted by her Persona, Cendrillon.

Kasumi Yoshizawa is a false identity assumed by Sumrie Yoshizawa who took her dead’s sister name as her own. Being a female party member, you can have a romantic relationship with Kasumi after unlocking her 9th confidant rank.

Kasumi’s story plays a bit differently from other confidants as reaching her 6th rank requires a lot of work and can only be done by meeting specific conditions. Unlocking her new rank also grants you +5 HP.

How to unlock Kasumi’s confidant in Persona 5 Royal

Kasumi appears in the opening sequence of Persona 5 Royal and her confidant link becomes available from 30th May (5/30). She is an integral part of the story so her confidant rank 1 opens automatically.

The rest of her confidant ranks are a bit tricky. Kasumi will call you on specific dates to hang out with and if you decline her offer, you may hamper the confidant’s rank progress.

Where to find Kasumi and her availability

Kasumi can be found at Shujin academy after lunch or in afternoon. She also hangs out at Kichioji on Wednesdays in June, September and October.


You can also visit Kasumi there in July, August and December on Thursdays and Sundays (she occasionally hangs out in these months so you will have to try your luck).

Where to hangout with Kasumi

Persona 5 Royal also gives you the opportunity to hang out with Kasumi in the following places

Inokashira Park (29th January 1/29)

All options are +3.

Skytree (30th January 1/30)

All options are +3.

My Room (Romance only)

All options are +3.

Destinyland (Romance only)

All options are +3.

All of Kasumi ranks need to be finished in one month. It is a lot of effort and time management.

What abilities to unlock at each rank

2TumblingAvoid being surronded by enemies.
4Chaines HookAllows you to attack and initiate combat from a distance. Chance of causing Fear, Confuse or Dizzy to enemies.
6Follow Up   Fitness TalkIf Joker’s critical attack fails, chance for a follow up.   Can renogiate with shadows upon failure the first time.
7Harisen RecoveryCan remove status ailments from all party members.
8EndureChance to survive a fatal attack with 1HP left.
9ProtectProtect Joker from a fatal attack.
MaxSecond AwakeningCendrillon awakens to mythical Vanadis.
RoyalThird AwakeningVanadis transforms into Ella.

Best dialogue choices for each Persona 5 Royal Faith confidant rank

Always have a persona from Faith Arcana equipped before talking to Kasumi in P5R to earn bonus points during your interactions. Bonus points are restricted to +3 for each conversation in Persona 5 Royal.

Faith-based Personas are difficult to acquire and the first one usually unlocks around level 21. The main prompts and dates for Kasumi in P5R are listed below since the character doesn’t exist in base Persona 5.

Rank 1 (Unlocks on 30th May 5/30)

No answer in this rank matters. So, select whatever you want.

Rank 2 (Unlocks on 8th June 6/8)

For “It’s all about the harmony between the internal and external oblique muscles. I can’t get enough of it”

Reply with either.

  • We are just getting started. (+2)
  • I am so done with this. (+2)

For “I am actually not doing so great at the moment, so I’m not sure I could manage anything too strenuous.”

  • Next time, then. (+2)

For “I was so relieved, I suddenly got really hungry and then my stomach wouldn’t stop growling in my meeting.”

  • Impressive (+)

Bonus. +5HP

Rank 3 (Unlocks on 29th June 6/29)

For “And I figured something out. It’s this.”

  • Making bento? (+3)

For “I made this specifically with your body type in mind, and knowing how much you exercise. Do you want it?”

Reply with either.

  • I am touched. (+2)
  • It looks delicious. (+2)

For “Let’s dig in”

  • Is that all for you? (+3)

For “Senpai? You, okay? Your eyes are glazing over.”

  • It is definitely unique. (+2)

For “I am so embarrassed. I thought it was so great when I presented it to you, and now.”

Reply with either.

  • You could try again sometime? (+3)
  • It happens. (+3)
  • Just keep at it. (+3)

Bonus. +5HP

Rank 4 (Unlocks on 7th July 7/6)

For “I have been wanting to come here for a while, but I never had the chance to drop by.”

  • You are looking to buy? (+2)

For “Wow, those really work for you. You look so cool. What do you think?”

  • A pretty modern look. (+3)

For “But your input’s been really helpful so far! Would you mind poking around with me for a bit longer?”

Reply with either.

  • Of course. (+2)
  • Let’s keep going. (+2)

For “I don’t know how to describe it. It just seems perfect for my dad somehow.”

  • Good choice. (+2)

For “The more I thought about it, the emptier I felt. Like I wasn’t even me anymore.”

  • Everyone deals with that. (+2)

For “And having your support makes me even more determined to make that happen.”

  • We’ll work at it again. (+2)

For “And it suits him even better than I imagined. He was so happy with them.”

Reply with either.

  • I am glad to hear that. (+2)
  • You should be more confident. (+2)

Bonus. +5HP

Rank 5 (Unlocks on 28th July 7/28)

For “Probably didn’t expect to be meeting me at the batting center, huh?”

  • It’s a surprise, yeah. (+2)

For “What do you think? That could work, right?”

  • Go ahead. I’ll watch. (+3)

For “I did it, Senpai. I hit the ball.”

Reply with either.

  • Congratulations. (+3)
  • I saw. (+3)

For “I’d forgotten how it felt to work that hard on someone else’s behalf.”

  • That’s important. (+3)

For “It’s nice to dip into sports aside from gymnastics. Was there anything else you wanted to try, Senpai?”

Reply with either.

  • Swimming. (+3)
  • Gymnastics. (+3)

There is a catch on reaching up to this point. You need to unlock the true ending’s path exclusive to Persona 5 Royal, for Kasumi’s confidant rank to continue. You must complete Kasumi’s rank 5 (first half) before 22nd December. Any progress of rank 5 will be locked on 22nd December and will unlock later in the January.

If you don’t, you will miss out on Faith Arcana’s perks and won’t be able to romance Kasumi. This is also where she will assume her true name, Sumire, and get rid of Kasumi’s personality.

Rank 5.5 (Unlocks on 9th January 1/9)

No answer matters. Reply with whatever you want.

Rank 6 (Unlocks on 13th January 1/13)

For “But this is the real me, I guess.”

  • You have to face it. (+3)

Bonus. +5HP

Rank 7 (Unlocks on 14th January 1/14)

For “Siiigh…”

  • You okay. (+3)

For “I’ll always be someone less than Kasumi. I’m just worthless after all.”

  • This isn’t true. (+3)

For “Senpai, will you go out with me again?”

Reply with either.

  • Of course. (+3)
  • I could watch you forever. (+3)
  • Another love confession? (+3)

For “It didn’t seem like you were struggling at all, though. You might be just as tough as Kasumi. Amazing.”

  • I love a good challenge. (+3)

Bonus. +5HP

Rank 8 (Unlocks on 16th January 1/16)

For “I see. Well, I guess it’s important to have a balanced diet?”

  • Walk up to Sumire. (+3)

For “I don’t even know if I’m worth showing off, let alone how to do it.”

Reply with either.

  • Try to stay positive. (+3)
  • I am here for you. (+3)
  • It will work out. (+3)

For “Um, what do you think?”

Reply with either.

  • It looks great. (+3)
  • You look really cute. (+3)
  • I am in love. (+3)

For “Even if you didn’t like it. I don’t think that’d change how I feel about it.”

Reply with either.

  • That’s how it should be. (+3)
  • Sounds like progress. (+3)

For “B-By the way, where do you like to get your clothes from, Senpai?”

Reply with either.

  • The resale shop. (+3)
  • Online. (+3)

Rank 9 (Unlocks on 18th January 1/18)

For “Sorry for dropping in on you like this. I hope it’s not too much trouble.”

Reply with either.

  • It’s no problem. (+3)
  • We will call it holiday hours. (+3)

For “And if you wouldn’t mind, I’d like you to be there when I do. Is that okay?”

Reply with either.

  • Definitely. (+3)
  • Of course. (+3)

For “I talked about wanting you to see me, and how that helped me stop worrying?”

  • Of course, I do. (+3)

For “Even as worthless as I am, I hope I still helped Kasumi somehow.”

Reply with either.

  • I know you did. (+3)
  • You are not worthless. (+3)
  • This is a new beginning. (+3)

For “Th-There’s something I need to tell you, Senpai.”

  • Go ahead. (+3)

For “Um, but. The last thing I want to do is make you uncomfortable, so.”

Options for this unlock romantic path.

  • Let’s stay friends, okay? (Continue Friendship)
  • I love you too. (Start romantic path)

For “Just watch me and I promise I’ll keep improving.”

Reply with either.

  • Show me your best. (+3)
  • I can’t wait to see it. (+3)
  • You can always rely on me. (+3)

For “I really think I’ve matured. And I’m really glad for your part in that, Senpai.”

Reply with either.

  • I am glad to hear that. (+3)
  • I’ll always have your back. (+3)

For “Oh. what am I saying.?” (Romantic route)

  • Calm down. (+3)

For “I-I—um—you—” (Romantic route)

Reply with either.

  • So? Any different? (+3)
  • You are so red right now. (+3)
  • You are so cute. (+3)

For “It feels as if I’m constantly riding a rollercoaster. I don’t know what to do.” (Romantic route)

  • Get used to it. (+3)

Rank 10

For “I genuinely can’t thank you enough.” (Friendship route)

Reply with either.

  • You did all the work. (+3)
  • You are not done yet. (+3)
  • It’s been my pleasure. (+3)

For “It’ll be you and me and Kasumi. All three of us taking on the world as a team.” (Friendship route)

  • Bring it on. (+3)

For “…as well as discovering what’s most important to me while performing.” (Romantic route)

Reply with either.

  • What do you mean? (+3)
  • Is it someone you love? (+3)

For “That’s why I want to turn this world back to how it used to be. I want to keep my promise with her.” (Romantic route)

Reply with either.

  • I am counting on you. (+3)
  • Don’t get ahead of yourself. (+3)
  • We are our world’s champions. (+3)

Best gifts for Kasumi in Persona 5 Royal

NameLocationCost (Yen)
Mini CactusShinjuki, Flower Shop1600
Bath of RosesShinjuki, Flower Shop3200
Crimson LipstickUnderground Mall6000
Luxury Aroma SetUnderground Mall3800
Face BeautifierAkihabara9800

This is a complete guide to max out Faith Arcana Confidant in P5R. Unlike Emperor or other Arcana, this one is exclusive to Persona 5 Royal and can’t be accessed in the vanilla version of Persona 5.

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