Payday 3 Gold & Sharke Loud Guide

This bank robbery requires you to steal the vault money and an entire server.

The classic bank robbery setting returns with Gold and Sharke where you must go in Loud for some much-needed payback in Payday 3.

Not only will you be robbing the bank, but you will be robbing the bank owned by an old enemy who stole from you and then sent a hitman to complete the job. This personal agenda makes the job all the more interesting offering excellent combat, great twists, and drama that will keep you on your toes.

Gold and Sharke in Stealth is significantly more difficult than its counterpart but being easier does not mean it is a breeze walk. You will still need to gear up and make proper preparations or you will regret taking things too easy.

How to complete Gold and Sharke in Loud for Payday 3

Before starting the heist, make sure that you have equipped a proper Loud build in Payday 3, or else you will be dead before you can make it to the second floor.

You can run a damage-focused build, have fun with the sentry turret build, or even the classic shotgun build if you want.

The combat involves both close and long ranges so taking an SMG or assault rifle with you instead of going pure shotgun will prove more fruitful.


Our top weapon picks are CAR-4 for its accessibility, decent damage, and high fire rate, Reinfeld 880 for shotgun lovers, SA-A144 marksman rifle for snipers, and lastly FIK PC9 for SMG enjoyers.

Though all skills in Payday 3 offer great utility, for Loud enjoyers, we recommend a few skills to invest in early to boost your damage and survivability on the battlefield. Ammo Specialist, Ammo Funnel, Replenish, Face to Face, Combat Reload, and Menacing are a few good ones to start with.

We do recommend getting your hands on the Red Keycard first in the Gold and Sharke Loud heist. You, however, do have the freedom to do what you want. Since you cannot take your mask off once the alarm triggers, it is best to take advantage of Casing Mode while it lasts.

Unlock the gates to Floor 2

Most of the cash and the server you are looking for are locked away in a vault on the top floor of the Gold and Sharke bank which is inaccessible without the Red Keycard.

The thing is once the alarm is triggered, all the gates will be automatically locked even the stairs leading to the upper floor. You can unlock this door either by finding the right person to open the gate for you or by drilling through the lock instead.

Using Biometrics (method 1)

To unlock the Floor 2 gate during Gold and Sharke in Loud in Payday 3, you will need to find someone whose biometrics can unlock the door.

It can be any one of the three people, the Loan Officer, the Bank Assistant, or the Branch Assistant whose biometrics will unlock the door and they can be found in their respective offices.

The Branch Manager’s Office is through the hallway right of the entrance, the Loan Officer’s Office is in the right corner of the main lobby and the Bank Assistant’s Office is opposite of Human Resources Office.

To access Bank Assistant’s Office grab the QR code on the office tables on your right in the main lobby. Then open the Floor 1 door on your left and it will be the door at the right end.

Just grab the person as a human shield and throw them towards the scanner mounted on the wall next to the Floor 2 gate and it will unlock itself after the scan is complete.

Using a Drill (method 2)

If you do not want to look for people, you can actually use a drill instead which will break through the lock for you. You will however camp near it because it will require frequent repairs till the process is complete so defend it from close premises if the cops have already arrived.

In the meantime, take and tie up hostages to trade them for delaying the assault or use them as meat shields during your fight with law enforcement.

Access the Vault Lobby

When you get access to the Upper Floor, you will need to find an alternative way into the Vault Lobby during Gold and Sharke in Loud in Payday 3.

Activate the keypad terminal next to the Vault Lobby door and stand in the white circles to pass the security check. It is the same process as you have done in Under The Surphaze, Road Rage, and the 99 Boxes heist.

About the halfway point, the Bank’s security will start interfering with Shade’s hack so you will need to find the computer with Wi-Fi credentials to halt the counterattack.

The computers will be in the Server Room and the IT Department on the top floor which you need to activate. Defend yourself till Shade gives you a green light and then go back to complete the security check. With all the checks cleared, you will

Break into the Vault

After opening the Vault Lobby, you will need to get through the main Vault door, the last defense between you and your precious loot. Since you can’t use traditional methods for entering the Vault, you will just need to break through the door instead

However, it is impossible to drill through the huge metal door, you will need to bring in the Thermal Lance instead. Bile will drop the parts of Thermal Lance on the roof or the street, which you need to retrieve.

The street will be a little difficult to get to because of the enemy clusters you have to fight. In the case of roof drop, you will find snipers perched in the buildings across so take them out to be on the safe side. Additionally, we threw a few grenades in the hallway leading up to the roof to quickly clear it out since the enemies would be pretty close together.

Once you are there, just grab the bags and haul them back to the Vault room. If you are doing a solo heist, we suggest making the AI crewmates carry the bags with you to speed up the process.

When you have assembled all the parts, the Lance will start doing its job but it uses Oxygen as fuel which you need to provide.

The Oxygen Tanks will be marked over the map so fight through the enemies to grab them and bring them back to the Vault door. We recommend bringing a couple back together so you can refuel immediately, not wasting time when the machinery is down.

Grab the loot and escape

After the Thermal Lance is done, disassemble it and open the Vault door to finally access the loot in Loud during Gold and Sharke in Payday 3. There will be cash on the table in the middle of the room as well as in the guarded rooms surrounding it.

The server containing incriminating evidence against Ms. Sharke will be in one of the cabinets behind the gates so remember to grab that as well to complete the heist.  

Grab all the bags and take them up to the roof where the getaway helicopter will be waiting for you. The enemies will start getting aggressive towards the end, so be ready.

Once you have secured all the loot, make your escape to successfully complete the Gold and Sharke Loud heist.

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