Best Payday 3 Damage Build: Weapons, Skills, Equipment

The best robbery heist is a damaging one.

If you are enjoying our best loud build, maybe it is time to turn up a notch by considering our best damage build in Payday 3.

The loud and damage builds do have a lot of similarities except for one stark difference. The damage build makes sure to get every possible weapon and skill to increase your overall damage.

This, however, isn’t as easy as it sounds because you’ll need the right weapons, skills, and equipment in your arsenal to take down the whole block or else get shown at the first sight of danger.

We’ve curated the best damage build in Payday 3 for you to set the whole block ablaze and loot the bank as if you own it.

Best Payday 3 Damage Build Loadout

Primary Weapon Slot: Rienfeld 880 / SA A144 / Car 4
Secondary Weapon Slot: J&M Casting 44
Overkill Weapon Slot: MGL Grenade Launcher / HET-5 Red Fox

Tank: Tank (Aced), Armor Up
Sharpshooter: Sharpshooter (Aced), Longshot, Cutting Shot
Enforcer: Enforcer (Aced), Face to Face, Shock & Awe
Engineer: Engineer (Aced), AP Turret, Cooling System, Spin Cycle, Dual Sentries


Deployable: Sentry Turrets
Armor Lining: Heavy Ballistic Lining
Throwable: Frag Grenade
Tool: Infrasonic Mine

Best damage weapons in Payday 3

Creating the best damage build loadout in Payday 3 requires weapons that deal the most damage. It may sound obvious enough but we’ve selected a few weapons that may cater to the needs of different players with a different approach to gunfight.

The best damage weapon in Payday 3 is the infamous Rienfeld 880 shotgun that puts literal holes in the chest of your enemies at close-quartered gunfights. This weapon is best for those who love a bit of run-and-gun action and like to roam around and hunt for those jump-scaring Cloakers.

If close quarters aren’t your thing and you want something automatic well, we’ve surely got something to cater to you. The Car-4 automatic Assault Rifle that works at close and medium-ranged encounters can definitely spice things up if you plan on keeping law enforcement out of your radius.

The weapon is available by default and the attachments for the gun can be customized to your liking paired with the stock handling can lead to some serious damage to the cops in Payday 3

The players who enjoy long-ranged gunfights will definitely find the SA A144 Marksman Rifle to be their new best friend. The weapon fits best in any damage build in Payday 3 and can always be counted on paired with the Sharpshooter skill. To unlock the Marksman Rifle try completing the first two or three heists and reach level 15 to equip it.

We’ve selected the J&M Casting 44 Revolver as your secondary weapon. The Revolver only carries 6 bullets but each. bullet guarantees a kill with close to medium-range gunfights.

Pair the revolver with the Rang Barrel for extra bullet velocity and the Hardwood Grip for better recoil control to become unstoppable in front of law enforcement.

Furthermore, we recommend selecting the Overkill weapon that best suits your playstyle. There are two Overkill weapons currently present in Payday 3, The Red Fox sniper rifle and the MGL Grenade launcher.

If your damage build contains an assault rifle such as the Car-4, the MGL grenade Launcher will definitely complement it to get rid of the horde of enemies coming your way. This pairing goes with the SA A144 Marksman Rifle and the Rienfeld 880 Shotgun as well to blast through any enemies coming your way.

Although if counting kills is your hobby the HET-5 Red Fox Sniper Rifle will do the maths for you. The heavy sniper rifle comes equipped with a thermal scope and an extremely low recoil rate which results in putting a hole through the toughest of toughest skins in Payday 3 with one shot at close or long range.

Best damage skills in Payday 3

Pairing the best weapons with the best damage skills is important in Payday 3. You’re going to need protection from the bullets which is where the first skill Tank from the Tank skill tree comes into play.

The Tank skill provides you with an increase in your armor regeneration by 20% and gives you 2 extra charges for your armor.

This is quite essential for you as going in the bank guns blazing will surely catch the attention of the high-ranking agencies in Payday 3. Acing the Tank skill is also recommended as it can provide you with Grit when chunks of your armor are depleted.

The second skill, Armor Up belongs to the Tank Skill Tree in Payday 3 which provides the restoration of an armor chunk while you interact with an armor bag. This perk works as a blessing in disguise in those do-or-die situations where your bullets stop working and the only way out is to run.

Sharpshooter is another amazing skill to have in your best damage build in Payday 3 as it can help you gain Edge by aiming down sights for 1.5 seconds. The Edge you gain from the Sharpshooter skill can help you deal damage to your foes with an increase of 10%.

If you have the skill points, it is highly recommended to get the Sharpshooter skill aced as it can refresh your Edge if you get one clean headshot during your encounters with the enforcement agencies

Another skill worth having from the Sharpshooter skill tree is the Longshot skill. The skill grants you headshot multipliers as long as you have your Edge active. This is highly effective with the shotgun and assault rifle loadouts where one tap can put a hole in the head of your enemies.

To improve your armor penetration, we recommend keeping the Cutting Short skill from the Sharpshooter skill tree as it allows you to deal damage to those heavy armor-lining enemies coming your way as long as you have your Edge activated.

The Enforcer skill is next in line which is the default skill for the Enforcer skill tree and provides you with Grit if you kill 2 enemies in 4 seconds within a 5-meter radius. The Grit is an outstanding skill ability that protects with a 10% increase in Damage taken.

Ace the Enforcer skill to and gain Edge when you kill 1 enemy in a 5-meter radius while your Grit is active.

Pair the aced Enforcer skill with the Face to Face skill to utilize the Edge and Grit you gained. The Face to Face skill uses your Edge and Grit and provides a 10% in your damage to targets within 5 meters of you.

Shock & Awe is considered the best damage skill in Payday 3 as it provides stagger to all the non-special enemy units within 8 meters of you if you kill an enemy. The skill shines in the heavily guarded areas of the heist infested with SWAT teams.

The first skill from the Engineer skill tree is the default Engineer skill which gets you access to the sentry turret equipment. The sentry turret is a piece of equipment you deploy that automatically opens fires at any nearby enemies within its radius.

Acing the Engineer skill will allow the sentry’s head build-up to be reduced resulting in much more kills and an easier way out for you during your damage-associated heists in Payday 3.

The AP Turret skill is next in line to the Engineer skills which increases your sentry turret’s armor penetration by 1 which is highly effective against the Bulldozers and Naders that are called for backup.

As the name suggests, the Cooling System skill works to reduce the heat build from damage and electrical faults by 30% for the turrets.

Getting your turret to do a 360 POV is what we aim for to create the best damage build in Payday 3 that’s where the Spin Cycle skill comes into play. The skill modifies your turret to a 360-degree angle covering all points of entrance.

The Dual Sentries is the last skill in the Engineer skill tree which grants you another sentry at your disposal with a 50% increase in damage received for both the sentries.

If you are really interested in revolving your entire build around the AP Turret, we have you covered as well with out best Sentry Turret build in Payday 3.

Best damage equipment in Payday 3

Since you’re working on creating the best damage build in Payday 3, we selected the Engineer skill to gain access to the sentry turrets.

The sentry turrets will act as an increment while dealing with the waves of law enforcement coming your way and using the skills in the Engineer Skill Tree will definitely increase the damage resistance of the sentries.

Going with the Heavy Ballistic Armor lining can result in a huge resistance against the attacks of the special enemies which ultimately makes it one of the best damage equipment in Payday 3 while sacrificing your movement speed.

If movement speed is what you want, choose the standard lining armor to increase your mobility and take cover from the heavy rain of bullets coming your way.

No other throwable will provide you with kill satisfaction as much as cocking a frag grenade and timing it to explode in the face of the enemies. The frag grenade works great while you deal with special enemies such as the likes of Naders and Bulldozers.

The Infrasonic mines work best while you have the frag grenades as your throwable as they function just the way of flashbangs but only better by staggering the enemies for a bit, providing you enough time to open fire at them and wipe them off from the face of the Earth.

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