Payday 3 Under The Surphaze Loud Guide

Make sure that your bullets do not damage these rare paintings.

Get ready to pull off the biggest art heist of the century. “Under the Surphaze” takes you to a multi-layered museum in Payday 3 where you must steal several rare paintings while making sure that your Loud weapons do not destroy them in the process.

To say that the Under the Surphaze heist is difficult to complete would be understating. There are several corridors and halls here on multiple floors to navigate around. There are security measures placed at every turn. You can easily get lost and waste time until the police make its final assault.

With all of the different obstacles you need to overcome, even completing the Payday 3 Under the Surphaze Heist in Loud becomes overwhelming for most. Thus, we’re here to show you how you ace this job if you’re planning on heading in with the intent to kill.

How to complete Under the Surphaze in Loud for Payday 3

The “Under the Surface” heist in Payday 3 is a lot more palatable since you don’t need to slowly sneak around every little corner. However, it’s still not an easy job, which is why we recommend equipping the best Payday 3 Loud build before jumping into the heist.

To start things off, unlock the metal gate on your right from your spawn, and sneak past the guards and cameras to open the door of the glass building.

Once inside, you will need QR Codes to unlock each exhibition room which can be obtained by searching the phones that are lying around. Be quick on your feet because once the alarm triggers, you will have 30 seconds before the cops arrive.


Steal the Greg Jud painting

For the first code, head up the stairs into the Security Room next to the E6 Exhibition Room and search the phone on the table. This will open the E1 Exhibition downstairs but you can’t grab the paintings just yet as there are security bars in place.

This is controlled by a Security Panel located in the bar, behind the green curtains. Once inside, activate the monitor mounted on the wall next to it to activate the security check.

After doing this, several white, marked spots appear on the ground. Stand in the white circles until they turn green to clear the check and since most of them will be in the open, make your shots count to not lose too much health.

Once you are in the clear, head to the E1 room and grab the Greg Jud painting in the display case on your left. You can hand over the loot to your teammates as well to carry more from the display cases if you are not playing solo mode.

Steal and secure the Greg Jud painting in Payday 3.

Your next objective is to signal for the escape helicopter with the flare.

To do that, make your way up to the roof by using the window next to the E4 room to access the stairs outside, and flare the helicopter. Once your ride is here, drop off all the loot, including the Greg Jud painting to complete the objective.

While you are at the rooftop, we’d recommend staying vigilant and behind cover because there are snipers in the area that can be deadly.

Moreover, since there isn’t much cover here, you’ll have a hard time fighting off the incoming hordes of cops. Here, we would advise dropping an ammo bag if you’ve brought one just in case you can’t leave cover to grab dropped ammo.

Steal the Pedro Vicario paintings

You need to steal the Vicario Paintings next during Under the Surphaze Loud Heist in Payday 3 but you can’t access them without disabling the security bars of the top floor.

Between the E4 and E5 rooms, the security control monitor will be mounted on the wall so activate it and pass the security check by standing in the white circles.

After all the top floor security bars are disabled, unlock the Manager’s Office next to the E4 room and search the computer – as well as the phone next to it on the table.

The computer search will reveal the locations of all the paintings that you need to grab later so keep them in mind. Open the wooden hatch between the shelves behind the computer, unlocking which will reveal the USB Drive required for the Uma Paintings later on.

As you found on the computer, the Vicario Paintings can be found in E3 and E6 exhibition rooms. There will be two versions of Vicario paintings in each room but you need to shine the UV light on them and grab the ones with the blood splatters as they are the real Vicario Paintings.

The QR code for the E6 room can be found on the phone in the Break Room next to the E5 room. Once inside E6, flash the UV light onto the display cases, for us, it was the immediate left one from the door.

The Vicario paintings have a tragic history in Payday 3.

To get the QR code for the E3 room, search the Employee’s restroom next to the stairs, near the green curtains.

We found it in the middle storage drawer in the very back of the room. Scan the code to unlock the E3 room and grab the second Vicario Painting which was fortunately right next to the door for us.

After grabbing both of the Vicario Paintings, you must head back up to the rooftop and deposit them inside the chopper to complete the objective.

Steal the Umba Ladette painting

The final painting required for Under the Surphaze Loud Heist in Payday 3 is the real version of Uma Ladette’s painting, or the “Feejee Mermaid” Painting.

To authenticate the paintings, you need to grab the Spectrophotometer in the Server Room next to the E4 room.

Scan the code you found in the Manager’s Office earlier to open the E4 room, open the display case, plug in the USB flash drive, and wait for the Spectrophotometer to authenticate the Ladette Painting.

This USB Flash drive is necessary because if you try to take the painting without disabling the security, it will be destroyed. 

Once the authentication reveals it is the real one, grab the painting and any other loot in the area and head back up to the roof. Deposit all the loot and the paintings to complete Under the Surphaze Heist in Loud in Payday 3.

Steal the secret Shanda Latrell painting

The Shanda Latrell painting is a secret painting in Payday 3 that you can steal during the Under the Surphaze heist to unlock the True Connoisseur achievement.

You will need to take care of a few prerequisites before attempting this secret heist. Firstly, you need to be playing Under the Surphaze in Stealth. You cannot steal the secret painting in Loud.

Secondly, you need to be playing the heist on either Very Hard or above difficulty. Thirdly, you will need to have a minimum of three players.

When ready, you need to steal three statues from the Manager’s Office at the same time. This will reveal a button that you can push to unlock the Shanda Latrell painting.

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