Best Payday 3 Weapons Ranked

Choosing the best weapon will help you execute successful heist missions in Payday 3.

Weapons in Payday 3 are the best way to deal damage to the enemies during the heist mission. You need to make strategic choices about your weapon as each situation in the mission varies. For this, you need to have a vast knowledge of the weapon to choose the best for all enemy encounters.

In Payday 3, players can unlock weapons as they progress through the “Infamy Level.” I have ranked the best weapon in Payday 3, starting from the best in the game:

1. SA A144

If you are looking for one of the best weapons, SA A144 is the first name that should be coming to your mind. You will not be able to unlock this weapon if you are in the early phase of the game. You will need an Infamy Level of 15 to unlock this Marksman Rifle.

Because of SA A144’s ability to deal vast damage, you can quickly kill a group of enemies. It also has an armored piercing round, quickly eliminating enemies wearing armor.

This means that there is not a single enemy in Payday 3 that can stand a chance in front of this weapon. There will be a lot of different scenarios that come along during the missions, and SA A144 can handle all of them with no fear.

2. 30 CAR-4

30 CAR-4 is the best Payday 3 weapon for players looking to get a weapon in the game’s early stages. You will unlock this best assault rifle by default once you begin Payday 3.

Talking of the abilities of the 30 CAR-4, you can quickly eliminate all distant enemies. The biggest plus point of using 30 CAR-4 is that even at a high rate of fire, it will not lose the “stability, precision, and damage output.”

This is one of your first weapons, so it will help you understand the game mechanics. Due to its strong damage output, you can quickly eliminate all the enemies and obstacles.

3. Northwest B-9

If you are one of the players who want to always engage in heist missions, Northwest B-9 is the best weapon for you. This is a “Burst Rate Assault Rifle” that can quickly eliminate any number of enemies in front due to its high “Damage Output.”

To unlock Northwest B-9, you must progress in Payday 3, which requires the Infamy level of 21. Unlike any other rifle with a high burst rate, the Northwest B-9 does not compromise the “damage output, recoil control, accuracy, and handling.” All in all, it is a great weapon to have in possession if you want to kill enemies faster.

4. Reinfeld 880

If you want the best shotgun weapon for every situation in Payday 3, getting Reinfeld 880 will be your best option. This “Pump Action Shotgun” will fit the puzzle for all your close-range encounters with the enemies. You will find yourself in many of these situations if you are doing a heist mission in Payday 3.

Reinfeld 880 has one of the game’s biggest rounds, making it ideal for enemies wearing armor. This means its round can pierce any armored bulletproof vest the enemies wear to prevent damage. For this reason, it’s a great option to put this in your inventory as a secondary weapon, as you never know when you need it.

5. FIK PC9

Fifth on the list, we have the FIK PC9, the weapon if you want a pistol with absolute stability and a high shooting rate. With all these perks, you must compromise on the total damage output to the enemies.

To unlock FIK PC9, you must progress further in the game, as it requires the Infamy level of 18. To get the best out of this weapon, you must unlock all its “attachments,” as the base weapon is insufficient. The high requirement and low damage output of FIK PC9 are why it’s this low in the best weapon list.

6. Signature .40

Pistols like Signature .40 should always be in your inventory as the secondary weapon. The reason for doing so is simple: the weapons will run out of ammo during the fight. When that happens, you need an excellent damage-dealing weapon to get you out of this situation.

The level requirement is also shallow as this is one of the handguns you will get at the start of Payday 3. The low noise of Signature .40 allows you to use this weapon in the heist missions if you want to be stealthy. You will never miss any target using this handgun due to its high accuracy.

7. J&M Castigo .44

If you are looking for an old-school weapon that can also deal much damage, the J&M Castigo .44 is the best option. The Infamy Level requirement for this weapon is 10, which means that you can use this weapon very early in the game.

There is only one downside to using J&M Castigo .44: it needs to master “Precise Aim” to use it to its full potential. Other than that, it can deal massive damage to the enemies. The reloading time of this revolver is very high compared with the low magazine size, which is why this weapon is in the seventh position.

8. Marcom Mamba MGL

During the heist mission, Grenades like Marcom Mamba MGL can be used when the situation is out of control. The projectiles emitting from these grenades will easily pierce even the strongest armor. This means you can finish and kill all the enemies in front.

Once Marcom Mamba MGL is fully loaded, you can shoot six grenades. Due to its reload time, this weapon is at the bottom of the best weapon list. It needs much time to reload, which can determine a life-and-death situation in some heists. Not only will you risk your life, but you will also put your team members in danger.

9. Ziv Commando

Once you reach Infamy Level 9, you will unlock an SMG weapon called “Ziv Commando.” It has several issues that make this weapon one of the least favorites among Payday 3 players.

It starts from the high recoil, making this weapon very hard to control. It also has a low capacity in the magazine, requiring “frequent reloads.” Due to all these problems, it’s safe to put Ziv Commando at the bottom of the list.

10. Throwable Weapons

In Payday 3, you will find a lot of Melee Weapons, also known as Throwable, such as “Flashbangs, frag grenades, and throwing knives.” They are a great weapon as they can be used in many situations but have limited effectiveness. This is why Throwable Weapons have made it to the tenth number on the list.

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