Payday 3: Gold & Sharke Stealth Guide

This heist has two parts. Rob the bank and get some sweet, sweet revenge as well.

In the Gold and Sharke stealth heist, you will be robbing a bank in lower Manhattan owned by none other than Patricia J. Sharke in Payday 3. She is an old foe who stole from you and then tried to have you assassinated.

Since the money and the owner are not part of a legal network, it will be up to you to not only grab some cash but also find dirt on Miss Sharke.

Though walking through the front door with your guns loaded and executing Gold and Sharke in Loud, moving in and out undetected presents the real challenge. Let’s look into how you can exact your revenge as well as earn some extra cash.

How to complete Gold and Sharke in Stealth for Payday 3

To complete Gold and Shark in Stealth in Payday 3, you need to first set yourself a good Stealth build because the security in there is no joke.

The weapon does not matter during Stealth so taking a simple pistol with a suppressor will be fine. We recommend the Signature.40 with the Silencer due to its accessibility and decent damage, we found it to be one of the best weapons Payday 3 has to offer especially for Stealth to players of all levels.

Though all Skills in Payday 3 have their merits and uses, some of them just are better skills to invest in early on. For Gold and Sharke, we suggest Hacker, Glitch Protocol, Cover-Up, Secure Loop, and Routed Ping to just name a few.  


The Gold and Sharke of Payday 3 in Stealth starts with getting inside the bank which is divided into three main sections, the Ground floor, the Top Floor, and the Vault area.

The Upper Floor and the Vault area will be inaccessible for which you need keycards and QR codes. You can complete the majority of the heist in Casing Mode, so we recommend making full use of it.

Gold and Sharke QR codes

These are the locations where we found the phones you need to scan for the QR codes in Gold and Sharke in Payday 3 similar to what you did during Dirty Ice and Under the Surphaze.

  • On the office desk, left of the entrance on the Ground Floor.
  • On one of the desks in the Human Resources Department
  • Next to the sink in the Employee Break Room
  • On the small table in one of the Restrooms
  • Inside one of the lockers next to the Supply Room
  • On office desks in the Main Lobby.
Get the QR codes first because you are going to need them later in Gold and Sharke.

Get the Red Keycard

To access the Top Floor in Gold and Sharke in Payday 3 you need to find the Red Keycard first which can be found randomly in either of the three places

  • Resse Brown, Branch Manager Office
  • Liam Ackerman, Loan Officer Office
  • Erik Yeager, Bank Assistant Office

To locate which office houses the Red Keycard, you need to make your way to the Human Resource Office. It can be found right from the Floor 1 door which needs a QR code to unlock.

Hack into the computer next to the door to find the exact office location but mind the civilians in the area who can report you if they catch you doing something suspicious.

The Branch Manager’s Office is in the hallway to the right of the entrance and the Red Keycard will be on his desk.

The Bank Assistance’s Office is on the opposite side of the Human Resources Office the Red Keycard will be in the cabinets behind his desk.

The Loan Officer’s Office is in the right corner of the main lobby of the bank and the Red Keycard is in one of the cabinets in the back. There is a patrolling guard that you need to mind here because we found him to be a bit of a hassle to work around.

Once you have successfully obtained the Red Keycard, it is time to finally access the Upper Floor.

Gold and Sharke vault codes

Get back to the giant golden door in the Main Lobby of the bank that leads to the Top Floor. Once you are on the top floor, the security is going to double due to the Vault being there as well so you need to be very careful to not break Stealth during Gold and Sharke in Payday 3.

To access the Vault area, you need to first find the codes to unlock its entrance and since QR codes don’t do the trick here, you will need to look around.

To find the exact location of the codes, you need to enter the Server Room, which was the top left room for us, and start hacking into the marked computer.

Half-way through the hack, you will need to get clearance from another computer which will be in the IT Room on the same floor.

Make sure to mark the patrolling guards to track them and keep an eye out for the civilians there because it is going to be difficult to navigate through otherwise.

After getting the clearance, head back to the Server Room and finish the hack which will provide you with four unique four-digit codes that you need to remember. These are the vault codes but there is one other thing you need to do before heading further.

Get the Blue Keycard

The Blue Keycard in Payday 3 Gold and Sharke can be found in random places on the upper floor of the bank.

Most commonly, it is being carried by the blue or grey suit-wearing Bank Manager wandering on the second floor. You will have to find him and grab it off his back while he is not looking.

Other places you can find the Blue Keycard are the Branch Manager’s Office and rarely on the tables in the large common room or in one of the corner offices.

With the Blue Keycard in your pocket, it is finally time to see what they are hiding behind the Vault.

Unlock the Vault Lobby

Remember the codes that you found in the Server Room? It is time to use them to unlock the Vault area.

The correct code for unlocking the Vault Lobby can be found by shining the UV light on the keypad. The numbers highlighted on the keypad will correspond to the correct code so just enter the right four-digit combination to obtain access to the Vault.

There will be a guard patrolling the area on higher difficulties so you will need to be swift if you do not want to get spotted which will waste the Gold and Sharke Stealth run.

Once you are inside, you will find the Vault door at the back of the room guarded by lasers with guards and cameras having eyes on every corner of the room.

Disable the lasers

Carefully make your way through the lobby and interact with the monitor panel mounted on the wall next to the Vault door.

It will display a colored symbol that represents the switches you need to flip in order to disable the lasers. You need to find and hack into the switch boxes with these colored symbols and flip the right switch four times to complete the job.

Due to the switches being scattered all over the floor, you will have to move back and forth which presents a real challenge in Stealth during Gold and Sharke in Payday 3.

We recommend, taking your time while moving between the rooms as it is the last stand between you and the precious loot.

Unlock the vault

After the last switch is flipped, you are just one step away from getting access to the Vault. Using the Blue Keycard, access the Manager’s Office on the opposite end of the Vault Lobby and send a remote signal to unlock the Vault using his computer.

The Blue Keycard is also needed to activate the Vault reader alongside the signal but the tricky part is that you will have to do it within a certain time limit.

If you have assembled a team then the crewmate can simply do it with you but if you are executing a solo heist then you will have a 30-second window to run back to the Vault and activate it before it locks again.

If you fail to unlock it within this time period, you need to do the whole process again so we recommend having a route planned beforehand so that you can take you back quickly.

Once the last lock is opened, you can turn the Vault door and head inside. There is money on the table in the middle of the room, and also in the surrounding rooms so make sure to check them as well.

The last thing you need to do is to find the server containing dirt on Ms. Shark which you can find in one of the cabinets behind the gates.

Since there is no security in the area, you check all the corners thoroughly without worrying about Stealth during Gold and Sharke in Payday 3.


Your escape vehicle will be in the garage in the basement which you can access through the stairs or the elevator.

Since there are a lot of bags to move and the area itself is visible to guards, the stairs will make things a lot more difficult so we really recommend going with the elevator route. The elevator is accessible only through getting Favors which can be bought from Gage before the heist starts.

Once you have brought all the loot down and secured it in the van, stand in the white square to complete the Gold and Sharke heist in Payday 3.

Gold and Sharke stealth Overkill changes

Though most of the Gold and Sharke Stealth in Payday 3 is the same across all difficulties, there are a few things that do change during higher difficulties.

The first thing that you will notice is the increased security as there will be more guards and cameras along with the bank being more crowded.

Speaking of cameras, in overkill the cameras will become indestructible so you will need to plan your heist around it. We recommend, adding Skills catering to it in your kit since there are so many cameras around the premises to make things easier.

The Overkill difficulty will also have Cerebus Core which resets hack time after 5 seconds so you need to think and act fast in order to not break Stealth during Gold and Sharke in Payday 3.

Aside from additional security, you will also find that the switch boxes required to deactivate the lasers to the Vault door will be further apart. In Normal difficulties, they will only spawn around the Vault Lobby but in case of Overkill, they can also spawn on the second floor.

There will also be an increased number of guards patrolling the Vault lobby which will not be present in easier runs.

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