Payday 3: Gold And Sharke Red Keycard Location

The Red Keycard gives you access to the upper floor vault in the Gold and Sharke heist.

The only way you are going to access the vault (and its money) of the Gold and Sharke bank in Payday 3 is by using a Red Keycard.

The moment you enter the bank, your main objective is going to be finding a way to access the upper floor. This is where the vault is located and is also an area that is heavily guarded with plenty of security cameras.

If you are doing a Gold and Sharke Stealth heist, you need to find the Red Keycard in Payday 3 to gain access to the locked staircase. That is the only way to the upper floor and into the vault without altering anyone.

How to get the Gold and Sharke Red Keycard in Payday 3

The Red Keycard has two possible spawn locations in the Gold and Sharke heist of Payday 3. Technically, it is always going to be in one of the bank offices, but you need to figure out which one.

You do have the option of making your way towards the Human Resources office in the bank and hacking the computer to find the person carrying the Gold and Sharke Red Keycard in Payday 3.

Either that or just head over to the two possible locations we have mentioned below.


Location 1: Branch Manager Office (Reese Brown)

The first Gold and Sharke Red Keycard location in Payday 3 is Reese Brown’s Office. He works at the bank in the position of branch manager.

The branch manager’s office can be found on the ground floor of the bank. Walk straight from the bank’s entrance and make a right when you see an opening. Enter the short hallway and you will come straight to his office.

The Branch Manager will possibly have a Red Keycard in Gold and Sharke.

You need to scan a QR Code to gain access to the branch manager’s office but do not go in just yet. It is important to know beforehand that Reese, the branch manager, is still inside his office.

If you are playing Gold and Sharke in Stealth, barging in is just going to trigger the alarms. Instead, try to sneak your way to his desk and go through his drawers and papers. The Red Keycard is going to be right on his desk.

Location 2: Loan Officer Office (Liam Ackerman)

The second possible location for the Gold and Sharke Red Keycard in Payday 3 is Liam Ackerman’s office. He works as a loan officer for the bank and his office is easy to find.

From the main lobby of the bank, take a right and you will see Liam Ackerman’s office tucked in the corner.

You are going to need to scan a QR Code to enter his office. If you do not have a QR Code, search the area to find some phones. You can extract QR Codes from them to use on locked doors.

The Loan Officer can possibly have a Red Keycard in Payday 3.

When you enter the office of the loan officer, you are going to see a few lockers on your left. Start opening them. The Gold and Sharke Red Keycard is in one of these steel lockers.

Depending on what difficulty you are doing the Gold and Sharke heist, Liam Ackerman’s office might possibly have some civilians.

You will have to either wear your Mask and tie the civilians up before going for the lockers or sneak your way past them to find the Red Keycard.

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