Payday 3 99 Boxes Heist: Stealth, Loud Walkthroughs

99 Boxes because you stole the last one from Roger's Warehouse in Payday 3.

99 Boxes Heist in Payday 3 takes place in Roger Wilson Transport Warehouse in Port Jersey early in the morning. You will be stealing high-tech Components as part of a deal with Wixia Corporation in exchange for a fortune but it is easier said than done.

The warehouse is filled with containers, cargo, and shipments so your job will be to track the components, secure them, and make your escape.

Like always, the catch is that the Components are degradable and will not survive in the open so you are under the clock to transport them safely.

A particular thing about 99 Boxes Heist in Payday 3 is that it cannot be executed in Mask-off mode due to certain sections where Masked interaction is required.

You can either take the stealth route or take your weapons out for a spin in the Loud route. Since the rewards are not impacted by the route like in Rock the Cradle Heist, you are free to go with the method of your preference.

Payday 3 99 Boxes Stealth walkthrough

If you are playing 99 Boxes in Stealth, you need to be extra cautious and patient in Payday 3. You will quickly realize that the security guards in the warehouse tend to patrol in groups, so you will have to deal with multiple enemies at the same time.


We strongly advise you to bring suppressed weapons to complete 99 Boxes Stealth without alerting anyone in Payday 3.

Get inside the warehouse

You will start outside the Roger Wilson Transport and you will see a few guards already patrolling the entrance. Head behind the guard booth, next to the truck up front, and lockpick the metal gate.

Crouch your way to the back of the booth and hack the East Guard’s phone but make sure he has his back to you at all times. Additionally, position yourself behind some cover when he moves around so as to not get spotted by any cameras.

After the hack is complete, go behind the building, through the trucks on your right, and sprint to the shipping container. Grab the zipline bag inside the container which you will need later on.

Wait for the guard behind the truck on your left to leave, crouch, and hug the right side as you make your way to the very back. Similarly, you need to hack the phone of the West Guard there, while being behind him and ducking under cover when needed.

After the hack is completed, head back to the container and lockpick the left corner door of the building across.

Get the Liquid Nitrogen Cylinders

Congratulations. You have managed to sneak into the warehouse, but you cannot steal the components just yet. To complete the 99 Boxes Stealth Heist in Payday 3, you have to first find some Liquid Nitrogen Cylinders to stop the components from degrading.

Go to your right, duck under the shelves, and next to the cardboard boxes is the crate containing the Liquid Nitrogen Cylinders.

Prepare your transport and escape in advance

Trace back your steps to the entrance and use the stairs on the left to head up. Lockpick to open the guard booth and you can either wait for the guard to leave or hack him to get past him.

Go across the ramp and enter the yellow guard booth to hack the computer which will allow the external team to track the exact location of the components.

After the hack is complete, use the stairs behind the booth to get back to ground level but make sure you are not spotted by the camera right outside the door first.

Hug the right wall as you make your way to Shipping Container 1 and place the Liquid Nitrogen inside. Use Shipping Container 3 to exit out of the warehouse. Head left and you will find yourself near the spawn area.

Lockpick the metal gate behind the guard booth, and stick to the building wall till you reach the silver truck parked up front. Get up on the truck, jump up to the containers, and place the zipline you grabbed at the start on the marker on your left.

You will need to wear a mask to access the zipline. This is why there is no mask-off route for 99 Boxes Heist in Payday 3.

Steal the hi-tech components

Use the zipline and unlock the container on your right once you are on the other side to finally get the fragile Hi-tech components during 99 Boxes Stealth Heist in Payday 3.

Go ahead and activate the door. Make sure to stand in the circles outside to bypass the security checks. There were five of them in our playthrough.

Now comes the tricky part, you need to be as quick as possible to get the components back in a stable environment so they don’t degrade.

Once in the clear, grab the degradable device inside and head right through the two containers. Jump over the fence using the yellow truck and keep following the left route to reach the back of the warehouse area.

Use the first door to enter, and make your way across to Container 1 by using the shelves and crates as cover. Place the device inside to secure the first container of Hi-Tech components during the 99 Boxes Stealth Heist in Payday 3.

To get the second container, go back to the storage yard, through container 3, behind the guard booth, on top of the silver truck, and use the zipline across.

This time head straight, and jump over the barrels to reach the blue containers on the other side. Open the white container to find the second Hi-Tech Components inside so similarly, activate the security check and stand in the circles till it’s clear.

Once you are done, wait for the guards between the first and second containers to leave before grabbing the degradable device. With the second Component, jump across to the first container and follow the same route back to Container 1 to secure it.

You can grab any extra loot that you would like now and place it in the truck as well. head out through Container 3 and stand in the white square next to the truck to escape, completing the 99 Boxes Heist in Payday 3 in Stealth mode.

Payday 3 99 Boxes Loud walkthrough

The Loud version of 99 Boxes Heist in Payday 3 may sound easy but without tact, you will be swarmed with security and soon killed due to negligence.

Taking suppressed weapons is almost a must to make quick work of the enemies without setting off any alarms.

Prepare the storage truck

From your spawn, head straight to the guard post ahead. You then need to take out the cameras and tie up the guards.

The alarm will set off immediately and you will have about a minute before the cops arrive. You can, however, delay them taking hostages and negotiating with them.

To get inside the Roger Wilson Transport Warehouse, you can either use the door behind the building or enter through the State National Postal Office truck.

Once inside look through the crates to find liquid nitrogen and place it inside Container 1 where you will have to secure the Components.

Head up the stairs, lockpick to open the yellow guard post, and hack the computer inside. After the hack is complete, it will display the exact location of the Hi-Tech Components that you are looking for.

Leave the building through the door below, head right, and grab the zipline bag in the shipment container across the yellow truck.

There is a silver truck parked straight from the container, close to the yellow one that you need to climb. Jump onto the containers, assemble the zipline on your left, and take it across.

Be careful as there will be cops throwing poisonous gas which can impair your vision and kill you as well so be sure to not stay in areas with dead-ends too long.

Secure the hi-tech components

The white container on your right will house the first batch of Hi-Tech Components that you need to grab. Once you activate the door, clear the security checks by standing in white circles and then grab the degradable device.

Take a right, jump over the yellow truck, and the fence, and the Warehouse entrance will be on your right. Get inside and drop off the degradable device in Container 1 to secure it.

The second white container will be right across from the previous one, on top of the blue containers so you can take the same route back after you grab it.

Get to the second white container to complete 99 Boxes in Loud.

Make your final stand

After you have grabbed all the loot and secured the Components, close the container to begin the last part of 99 Boxes Loud Heist in Payday 3.

During the Final Charge, you will have to defend the container from the police. Take the spikes in the brown container just outside the warehouse and go to the cement barriers on your right to deploy them.

With everything in place, just stand in the white square next to the container to escape and complete the Loud version of 99 Boxes Heist in Payday 3.

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