Best Payday 3 Loud Build: Weapons, Skills, Equipment

Here is everything you need to make your entrance as Loud as possible.

You are searching for the best loud build in Payday 3 because you are finding stealth a little bit too limiting or are just plain tired of sneaking past security guards and cameras.

To not shy away from a fight and break through the front door, guns blazing with epic music playing in the background is just what you need to get your adrenaline levels up.

This however is not as easy as it sounds because without the right weapons, equipment, and skills in your back pocket, you will get shot down at the first sound of danger.

To make the best depending on your playstyle for your Loud Build in Payday 3, we have compiled a guide to make sure you can take on battles head-on.  

Payday 3 loud build weapons

Primary Weapon Slot: SA A144 / Reinfeld 880/ VF-7S
Secondary Weapon Slot: Model 11, Stryk-7
Overkill Weapon Slot: Marcom Mamba MGL grenade launcher/HET-5 Red Fox sniper

Finding the best loud weapons in Payday 3 depends on your preferred playstyle. If long distance is your thing, grab a Sniper Rifle and if you don’t know what to look for then we have some suggestions.

Note that some guns can be obtained for free at the start of your career while others require you to increase your Infamy Level to access them

If you are a beginner or in the early game, the SA A144 Marksman Rifle for your primary slot is a good place to start. It fits almost any build but shines with investment in Sharpshooter skill. You will have to make it up to Infamy Level 15 to get your hands on one of the best weapons Payday 3 offers.

If rifles are not your thing, grabbing the Reinfeld 880 Shotgun will soothe that itch. It is available pretty early on (level 8) but is future-proof thanks to how significant upgrades it gets with its parts. It serves as an accessible and strong option making other choices a little less compelling with how good it is.

For Assault Rifles, CAR-4 is a good beginner choice to get yourself started with versatile attachments so you can customize it to your needs. Since it is available by default, it is accessible, provides good damage, and is suitable for multiple contents in Payday 3.

If you reach level 77, we strongly suggest replacing your previous rifle with the fully automatic VF-75. It has extremely high precision and can one-shot most enemies thanks to its front-loaded damage. It is not the most accessible option but definitely, the upgrade your Loud build in Payday 3 will need to make quick work of the most difficult enemies.

For the secondary slot, the semi-automatic Model 11 Pistol checks all the marks you need in a secondary. Despite being a pistol, it packs a mean punch thanks to its larger magazine and high damage output. It has the highest damage among all pistols in Payday 3 making it a perfect fit for your best Loud Build in Payday 3. It can be purchased for $250,000 after unlocking it at level 38.

You can also pick up a Stryk 7 semi-automatic pistol for $150,000 after level 25 which may not be able to compete with Model 11 but is the second best that you can get.

Since weapons play an important part in Payday 3 Loud builds, we suggest choosing the overkill weapon that fits your playstyle best. For dealing with groups or just blasting the hordes away to give yourself a breather the Marcom Mamba MGL grenade launcher is the perfect fit for you.

If you like to make your shots count, the HET-5 Red Fox sniper will live up to its overkill status. It comes equipped with a thermal scope and has an extremely low recoil which helps Red Fox deal killer shots with high accuracy and precision.

The main problem is accessibility since you can only get your hands on it after Infamy level 40. On the bright side, you will have plenty of time to hone your skills before you can deal with this beast of a weapon.

Best Payday 3 loud build skills

Ammo Specialist: Ammo Specialist (Aced), High Grain, Plate Up, Fully Loaded
Enforcer: Quick Reload, Solid, Combat Reload
Sharpshooter: Cutting Shot
Mower: Recoil Handling, Replenish, Suppressive Fire

The best loud skills for this Payday 3 build are divided into two main categories: one being essential skills and the other depending on your playstyle.

Do you like long-range plays, fighting the enemies face to face, or just chucking your grenades at them and calling it a day? Whatever style you prefer, the skills you invest in will differ from other combat styles.

This is why we have mentioned essential skills that will form the core of any loud build in Payday 3 and depending on your weapon, you can specialize in a specific path.

Before getting into the guide, there are a few stat bonuses provided by skills which you should know about first.

Edge increases attack damage by 10 percent.
Grit reduces damage taken by 10 percent.
Rush provides a 10% damage reduction.

If you are going in Loud, then the one thing at the heart of your Loud build in Payday 3 is going to be ammo. Without ammo, your guns become useless and without being able to fight back, you will die.

This is why the Ammo Specialist skill is a good place to start as it adds two additional Ammo Bag charges and also increases your ammo capacity by 20%. Once you ace the skill, you will gain Edge when you grab ammo with a full magazine.

Couple it with Fully Loaded and you get an additional 3 ammo bag charges, raising the base to 4 charges. This will play nicely with High Grain which will give you a flat 20% damage boost for 10 seconds after interacting with an ammo pack. This way you can almost always have Edge and damage boost active at all times.

Another skill that is worth grabbing in our opinion is the Plate Up for survivability. The ammo drops will regenerate active armor when Grit is active. You will be able to keep Grit up-time fairly easily because of the other skills we mentioned in this list.

Enforcer is a close-combat-focused Skill Tree so it is worth investing if shotguns are your thing. The Combat Reload skill is perhaps the best loud build skill in Payday 3 because with each reload, as long as your magazine still has ammo, you will refresh Edge and Grit.

This is essential for other stat-dependent bonuses because of how much up-time this single skill can provide. To further improve this ability, we highly recommend coupling it with Quick Reload as it increases reload speed, and you can comfortably refresh the timer before the effect runs out.

To improve your time on the field, you can grab the Solid skill because it makes you immune to Stagger when Edge and Grit are active. This resistance to interruption will help stand your ground without being tossed all over the place by stronger enemies.

Sharpshooter houses the best skills for sniper users with so much focus on aiming that they almost seem free with how low requirement they are. Cutting Shot is part of this tree that offers increased armor penetration as long as Edge is active. Since it does not favor a particular playstyle, we found it to be an excellent addition to any nature of your Payday 3 loud build.

Recoil Handling is an essential skill for weapons like Ziv Commando that offer great damage but the poor recoil leaves a bad taste in your mouth. It greatly reduces recoil as long as Edge is active which can be pretty easy to maintain with Ammo Specialist and Combat Reload skills.

With the same enabling requirements, we suggest the Replenish skill as it allows you to grab ammo from killed enemies automatically. This has limited benefits for low-level heists but once you step into the big leagues, ammo flows like sand and soon you will turn to scavenging.

Suppressive Fire is another Edge-dependent skill under the Mower Tree. It gives a chance to apply heavy stagger with every shot which is an excellent pick for crowd control and enemy hordes.

Payday 3 loud build equipment

Deployable: Armor Bag
Armor Lining: Standard or Heavy Ballistic
Throwable: Frag Grenades
Tool: Infrasonic mines/ Motion Sensors

Your role or the setting of the mission can define what lining you should work with but generally Standard to Heavy Ballistic Armor Lining gets the job done. The decision will come down to whether you prioritize movement speed or protection more.

For the deployable, go with Armor Bag because of its practicality, convenience for Skill activation, and general usefulness for your Loud Build in Payday 3. With Ammo Specialist and Enforcer skill tree, it becomes an irreplaceable part of your kit.

Depending on the choice of your Skills, you can choose different throwables to complement your best Loud Build in Payday 3. We suggest Frag grenades since they are generally the best offensive option so they can be your go-to if you are dealing with enemy clusters. It also is a standard pick for Demolitionist Skill Tree if explosions are your thing.

Like most equipment, Tools are a flexible option for your best Payday 3 Loud Build. We suggest Motion Sensors for tagging enemies at entry points which can tell you an estimate of how many are there and in which direction they are coming from.

Infrasonic Mines can pair well with Stun-focused skills and can replace flashbangs so you can carry other throwables of your choice. They need to be set up to take full advantage of them but once in place, enemies will essentially come at you blind making it easy to pick them apart.

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