Palworld: Verdash Location (& Breeding Combos)

Few Pals in Palworld can handle as many tasks as this one.

With a rabbit-like appearance, Verdash is one of the most powerful Grass-type Pals in Palworld. Having great Work Suitability, it is a versatile worker and a great resource for expanding your base.

On top of that, it can turn the tides of your battles against formidable foes, especially when the opponent happens to be a Ground Element Pal. This guide covers the location and the breeding method for getting Verdash in Palworld.

Where to find Verdash in Palworld?

There are only two locations in Palworld that Verdash can spawn in. The first location is the No.2 Wildlife Sanctuary, a small island teeming with rare Pals, situated near the Volcanic biome. This is just southwest of its closest fast travel point – the Forgotten Island.

As the place’s name suggests, the whole island is strictly guarded. You will gain a Wanted Level and have authorities running behind you as soon as you try to attack/ capture a Pal here.

If you don’t want a run-and-chase game at the moment, you can either remove your Wanted Level or skip finding Verdash in the Wildlife Sanctuary and move to the other place to capture it.

The second location where Verdash can be encountered is at the end of a dungeon known as the Sealed Realm of the Swift. This is located within the Verdant Brooke region, just east of the Free Pal Alliance Tower in the Frostbound Mountains.

The Pal appears as a Level 35 Field Alpha boss at this location, which is at coordinates 286, and 20. If you fail to capture it for any reason, don’t worry, as it will spawn after an hour again at the same spot in Palworld.

How to catch Verdash

Verdash surely puts up a fight and makes you struggle for a moment before capturing it. It is an extremely aggressive creature with really strong attack prowess. To make the fight against this boss easier, make sure to bring your best Fire-type Pals with you. We recommend Pals like Felaris or Suzaku for this fight.

Consider taking a Legendary or Ultra Sphere with you to catch Verdash when it has received enough damage. If you have fallen short of any higher-tier Pal Spheres, consider using a Stun Baton on the boss to increase your chances for a catch.

Avoid excessive headshots once the Pal reaches low health levels, as it can increase your chances of killing it instead of capturing it. If it is killed, you will receive Leather and Bones.

How to breed Verdash in Palworld

If the aforementioned methods do not work for you, you can also try breeding the Pal. Verdash can be bred at the Breeding Farm using several breeding combinations. Below are some of the easiest ones:

Parent 1Parent 2

Verdash breeding combos in Palworld

The Grass-type Pal can also be used as a parent along with a second one to breed some powerful Pals. This is a great way to get rare Pals that you would otherwise have to put a lot of effort into getting by hunting for them in the wild.

Parent 1Parent 2Child

Verdash weaknesses and stats

Being a Grass-type Pal by nature, Verdash is weak to Fire-type Pals, which is why we recommend bringing them in the fight against it.

The Grassland Speedster is the Partner skill associated with Verdash in Palworld. With this skill, the Pal increases your movement speed and applies grass damage to your attacks while fighting by your side.

If you are breeding this Pal, its base stats would vary depending on the stats of the parent Pals. But, catching Verdash generally in the wild would result in it having the following stats:

  • HP: 90
  • Attack: 115
  • Defense: 90

Verdash also impresses you heavily when it comes to Work Suitability. It is one of the best Pals to use at the base because it comes with a ton of useful Work Suitabilities, allowing it to handle almost any task you assign it. They are listed below:

  • Level 2 Planting
  • Level 3 Handiwork
  • Level 3 Gathering
  • Level 2 Lumbering
  • Level 2 Transporting

This Pal doesn’t disappoint at all when it comes to combat either, as it has a ton of Active Skills that give it the upper hand against most of the Pals in the game. Examples of these skills are Wind Cutter, Stone Cannon, Stone Blast, Spine Vine, Solar Blast, Grass Tornado, and Seed Machine Gun.

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