How To Remove Wanted Status In Palworld

Get away with the most heinous crime you have committed.

The Palpagos Island Defense Force is the sole authority responsible for keeping the peace and puts anyone who commits a crime on their Wanted list in Palworld.

Although there’s not much you can do to raise your Wanted Level, sometimes you just can’t help but feel rebellious and stir up some chaos. In the long run, the PIDF hot on your trail becomes a nuisance.

Luckily, you can get away with your crimes in a few ways. Read on to learn more about how to remove your Wanted Level in Palworld.

What are Wanted Levels in Palworld?

Your actions in Palworld aren’t without any consequences. You are meant to do good and take care of the humans and Pals around you. If you don’t do that and start to commit crimes, you will be put on the Wanted List.

The only two things you can majorly do to earn a Wanted Status are to:

  • Hurt/kill humans or the Pals around you
  • Enter restricted areas

Even if you do the above by accident, the Palpagos Island Defense Force (PIDF) becomes dead set on hunting you down.

If you keep on committing crimes, your Wanted status keeps rising, but luckily, there’s always a way to remove that.

How to remove Wanted Levels in Palworld

Regardless of whatever crimes you may have committed, there’s always a way to get out of the punishment. In Palworld, removing your Wanted Levels is as easy as it gets. There are several ways to do that.

1. Just give up

The simplest way to remove all of your Wanted Levels in Palworld is to just let law enforcement kill you. Regardless of the Wanted Level, the PIDF considers it punishment enough to take one of your infinite lives.

The only problem with this method is that you lose all of your items when you die. An easy workaround to this problem is to lead the PIDF to the nearest Fast Travel Point and let them kill you there.


Make sure not to die in a “trespassing” area because if you get back in there to collect your items, you will gain a new Wanted Level and likely die again.

When you are brought back to life and absolved of your sins, you can simply fast-travel back to that location and collect all of your lost items.

2. Hit the road

If the items you have on you are too valuable to be dropped, then you would be happy to know that there is another simple way of removing your Wanted Status in Palworld – fleeing the scene.

Running away is by far the second best method to handle your notoriety, but there’s a special way to do that. If you keep running across open ground, then the PIDF will never stop hunting you down.

Hence, you need to move around harsh terrain in a way that the PIDF can not reach you, or keep up with you. The best way to do this would be to climb up or down cliffs and stay out of sight for a while. If you have a flying mount, the escape becomes a piece of cake.


It takes around 30 seconds for the PIDF to give up on their search for you if you remain hidden.

3. Kill the witnesses and the PIDF Officers

If neither of the two aforementioned methods seems viable, then the last way to remove your Wanted Status would be to kill everyone who has anything to do with it in Palworld.

This includes all witnesses of your crime or the PIDF NPCs that hunt you. If you manage to kill all of the witnesses to your crime, you can stop them from raising your Wanted Level.

If the Palpagos Island Defense Force is already after you, you must kill all of them to nullify your status. An easier way to do this would be to lead them to your base and let your Pals help you in the fight – or lead them straight into a boss fight.


You can also remove your Wanted Level by exiting the game and jumping back in, but the devs probably didn’t mean for it to happen this way, and will probably be removed in the future.

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