Palworld: All Alpha Pal Locations (& How To Catch)

It’s time to go after the big guys!

Alpha Pals are hard-to-miss giant Pals in Palworld. These can be encountered as Area Bosses while roaming the open or as Dungeon Bosses at the end of certain dungeons. They are unique and will always spawn at the same location. These locations will be marked on your map as small icons with the picture of the said Pal. The Dungeon bosses will be randomized each time you enter the Dungeon.


You can leave the dungeon’s boss room to despawn the current Alpha Pal and enter again to get a different Alpha Pal as the boss. You can use this trick to capture the Alpha variant of any Pal that you want.

Do note that all the Alpha Pals will respawn after set intervals, so if you fail or accidentally kill them, you can always come back for them the next day. This allows you to farm Alpha Pals for different materials, like Ancient Civilization Parts or Legendary Weapon Schematics, which you can only get from a few selected bosses.

While farming sounds like a great idea, it’s not as easy as it might sound. Finding and capturing all the Alpha Pals in Palworld is a daunting process, but we’re here to help you out with that!

Where to find all Alpha Pals / Bosses in Palworld?

You may have come across an Alpha Pal or two while roaming the Palpagos Islands, but you would be surprised to know that there are 43 different Alpha Pals that you can fight.

Some of these are Legendary Alpha Pals, which include Jetragon, Paladius, Necromus, and Frostallion. These are level 50 bosses, which is the maximum level, and hence the hardest to beat out of all the Alpha Pals in Palworld.

All the Alpha boss spawns in the game are scattered around multiple locations throughout the whole world. Each boss will spawn in the same area and hence won’t be that hard to find. Hence, you only really need the coordinates of each Alpha Pal to locate them.

Additionally, Alpha Pals are much larger in size compared to other, normal Pals, and have a huge health bar at the top of the screen when you initiate the fight. This makes it even easier to locate these bosses.

We have listed the locations of all the Alpha Pals in the tables below. We will cover them in an order of increasing levels since the level plays a huge role in your ability to capture or kill the Pal.

S.No.LevelAlpha Pal Coordinates
1.11Chillet173, -418
2.11Gumoss-115, -628
3.11Sweepa-228, -515
4.14Dumud-352, 76
5.15Penking113, -353
6.17Grintale358, -245
7.17Azurobe-53, -386
8.18Nitewing-273, -69
9.23Felbat-408, -54
10.23Kingpaca47, -464
11.23Katress241, -335
12.23Bushi-119, -392
13.23Broncherry-222, -669
14.23Quivern-258, -129
15.25Fenglope-256, -457
16.28Petallia-20, -226
17.29Beakon-346, -254
18.30Elphidran45, -285
19.30Broncherry Aqua-139, -443
20.30Warsect160, -227
21.31Mossanda Lux443, -180
22.31Elizabee20, -161
23.31Univolt-124, -533
24.31Relaxaurus Lux-204, -347
25.32Lunaris-150, -660
26.35Verdash286, 8
27.38Mammorest175, -474
28.38Wumpo Botan449, -52
29.38Vaelet130, -52
30.40Sibelyx251, 75
31.43Ice Kingpaca/Kingpaca Cryst-235, 475
32.44Menasting513, 100
33.45Jormuntide-177, -268 or 350, -85
34.45Suzaku503, 254
35.47Anubis-134, -90
36.47Dinossom Lux349, 553
37.48Astegon-614, -426
38.49Blazamut-442, -559
39.49Lyleen Noct-164, 340
40.50Necromus444, 677
41.50Paladius446, 678
42.50Jetragon446, 680
43.50Frostallion-354, 499

Before heading out to capture these Alpha Pals,  we would advise you to close attention to the positives and negatives in the coordinates, as they make a huge difference. In the correct direction, the coordinates can vary slightly, but the difference is negligible.

For more clarity, refer to the map image attached below:

The map locations of all Alpha Pals in Palworld.
Did You Know

Jormuntide is the only Alpha Pal in the game that can be found at two different locations – the first is in the large water body at the center of the Bamboo Grove, and the second is in the eastern end of Verdant Brook.

Breeding has always been a great way to get rare Pals in Palworld. Unfortunately, it is not possible to get an Alpha Pal by breeding any two Pals, whether they may be Alpha themselves – they can only be captured after their boss fights.

You can, however, use your Alpha Pals to breed other normal yet powerful Pals. Using Alpha Pals to breed other Pals is more fruitful compared to breeding normal Pals, as they produce stronger offspring.

For example, if you take a look at some of the best breeding combos for Suzaku, you have chances to obtain stronger versions of Helzephyr, Relaxaurus, Beakon, etc. Moreover, if you breed it with Jormuntide (also an Alpha Pal), you can even get a Suzaku Aqua, which can only be obtained this way.

Lastly, some of the Alpha Pals can only be obtained as Alpha Pals either by beating the boss or by breeding – there is no way to get them as a normal variant through hunting for them in the wild other than a boss fight.

For example, you may find a normal Relaxaurus around the Bamboo Grove area, but you can only get a Relaxaurus Lux by capturing the Alpha boss.

How to capture Alpha Pals in Palworld

Alpha Pals are much harder to catch than your regular Pals in Palworld. You might find yourself struggling to capture one even when its health is almost zero.

This is especially true if the Pal is much higher level than you. To increase your chances be sure to stock up on some Mega Spheres along with the regular Palspheres.

If you are falling short on the required Pal Spheres, we recommend getting a Stun Baton to increase your chances of capturing a Pal.

Step 1: Find an Alpha Pal

Before you can capture an Alpha Pal, you first need to find one. The first Alpha Pal you will most likely spot after starting the game is Mammorest, the giant elephant pal casually grazing the hills nearby. You need to stay away from this guy for as long as possible and look for other Alpha Pals that you have any chance of capturing.

The first Alpha Pal we recommend is Chillet at level 11 which can be found around the Rayne Syndicate’s Tower or Gumoss at level 13 at Hillside Cavern.

If you are at a higher level, we would recommend going after Penking, since it’s a great Pal to use at your base, providing help with lots of tasks.

Explore the open world and dungeons as much as you can and the Alpha Pals will start appearing on your map.  Once you have selected your target, you can view their information and prepare accordingly.

Step 2: Get Supplies

Once you have decided on which Alpha Pal you want to go after, you need to get some essential supplies that will help you capture them.

Palspheres: The most obvious thing you need to stock up on is the Palspheres. We recommend that you carry around 50 Palspheres at you at all times. This is because you will encounter multiple regular Pals on your way and during the boss fight. It is a good idea to capture as many as you can to gain EXP. Also always use the regular Palspheres for your first couple of tries to capture the Alpha Pal.

Mega Spheres: Mega Spheres provide a higher chance of capturing Pals. You need to be at least level 7 to craft them and have a Sphere Workbench in your base. Alternatively, you can hunt down some Syndicate Thugs to gain some Mega Spheres.

Arrows and Ammo: Before heading out to the fight, it is advised that you replenish your ammo and arrows by crafting them in your base. Some useful items like Poison arrows and bear traps can significantly increase your chances of capturing an Alpha Pal in Palworld.

Long/Close Range weapons: Each Alpha Pals has its own way of fighting. Against some, you may have a better chance using close-range weapons, while with others, long-range is the way to go. Before heading into the fight, we would recommend grabbing your best weapons as the situation requires.

Food and Medicine: Make sure to have enough food on you to feed yourself and your Pals as hungry Pals recover at a much slower rate. The easiest way to stock up on food items is to have a berry farm in your base. Also, keep some medical supplies in your inventory to heal yourself on the go.

Step 3: Select the best Pals for your Party

It is important to know about the Alpha Pal you are targeting especially their elemental ability. You can use the Paldeck to see their elemental type and take the Pals that are strong against that element in your party.

For example, Gumoss is a grass-type Pal so the fire-type Pals like Foxparks will do the most amount of damage against them. Hence, you must bring your best Fire-type Pals if you want to beat this boss easily. You can use the survival guide below to see how the elements work in Palworld.

Step 4: Attack and Capture

Once all the preparations are done, head out to the Alpha Pal’s location and attack with everything you have. Alpha Pals have much more health and will do more damage than regular Pals so be sure that all the Pals in your party are in the best condition.

An important mechanic to use here is that there is no cooldown for calling out Pals. Use this to your advantage by constantly switching out your Pals during the boss fight. You can recall the Pals who are taking damage or in the way of an incoming high-damage attack. As long as your Pal isn’t incapacitated, they can recover some health and rejoin the fight later.

Make sure to use the Partner Skills of all your Pals as they will often greatly help in combat. For, example Tanzee can use an Assault Rifle but will only do so if you command it.


You receive a decent amount of Ancient Civilization Parts for every new Alpha Pal you defeat. These are required to build certain stuff like Egg Incubators or some higher-tier weapons.

Some Alpha Pals will have allies or minions to assist them but they are not too hard to deal with. Once the Alpha Pal is down to the last bits of its health, recall all your Pals to avoid accidentally killing them off.

Throw a couple of regular Palspheres at the boss for good measure. If successfully captured, you are good to go without using any high-tier spheres. Otherwise, you will need to use a Mega Sphere or even a higher-tier Sphere depending on the level of the Alpha Pal.

Once captured, you can recall them at your base and put them to good work for all the trouble they caused you. You can also return to the location of the boss fight after they respawn to farm them indefinitely.

Lastly, after being defeated, each Alpha Pal has a respawn time of 1 hour in real life. This means that you will have to wait for 1 hour every time you beat an Alpha Pal.

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