How To Breed Pals And Hatch Eggs In Palworld

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Breeding in Palworld is much more convoluted than you might think but it is well worth the time and resources it takes. It is not only a great way to increase the number of Pals in your Palbox, but it also allows you to breed new Pals with the ideal combat or work traits you want.


You gain bonus EXP for every set of 10 Pals you capture, you can breed hard-to-catch Pals to complete their set for extra EXP.

Before you start worrying about how to breed Pals in Palworld, you must make sure to have enough male and female Pals in your Palbox. You also need to be at least level 19 and have enough resources in your base like Ancient Civilization parts and Ingots.

How to Breed Pals in Palworld

The breeding process can be a bit tedious and time-consuming job and will require a lot of trial and error to get that perfect Pal in Palworld. We have listed down a few simple steps that will make your job a lot easier.

Step 1. Build a Pal Breeding farm

You will unlock the ability to build a Pal Breeding Farm at level 19 but you must spend some Technology Points and unlock it from the Technology Menu.

Now open the build menu and navigate to the Pals tab. Select the Pal Breeding Farm and start constructing. Make sure to place it in an open space in your base and leave some room for Egg Incubators and some storage boxes nearby.

The resources needed to build a Pal Breeding farm are 100x Wood, 50x Fiber, and 20x Stone.

Step 2. Select the Perfect Pair of Pals to Breed

As you might have guessed, you will need a male and a female Pal to start the Breeding process. Do note that if the Parent Pals are of the same species, you will always get the offspring of the same species. If you choose to crossbreed 2 pals of different species it will result in a hybrid Pal with different elemental traits.


Check out all the Pal Crossbreeding combinations to breed the perfect pal

Another important detail to know is that the offspring Pal will inherit the traits of the Parent Pals as well. For example, if you choose a Pal with a negative Passive skill like “Coward” or “Glutton”, this Passive skill will be transferred to the newly hatched Pal as well.

On the other hand, you can choose Pals with positive passive skills or traits like “Legend” or “Serious” to get the best possible Pal to hatch after the breeding process.

Once you have decided on the Pals to breed, approach them and lift them. Now take them to the breeding farm and throw them at it. Doing so will assign them to the Breeding Task. You need to do this individually for each Pal you want to breed.


If you are having trouble finding a specific Pal in your base, go to the Palbox and remove them from the base, now assign them to the base again. This will cause the Pal to spawn right in front of you.

Step 3. Get some Cake

Pals in the Breeding Farm will only lay an egg in exchange for a Cake. To do this you need to build a storage box as close to the Breeding Farm as possible and put cake in it.

Cake in this game is a complex recipe and takes a lot of time to prepare but it is necessary to breed Pals in Palworld. Below we will describe all the items needed to prepare cake and how to get them.

Cooking Pot
The first thing you need to get out of the way is a cooking pot. You can build one after unlocking it from the Technology menu and have at least one Pal with Kindling Work Suitability to make it functional.

To obtain Flour, you need to have 2 things in your base, a Wheat Plantation and a Mill. Both of these can be built after unlocking them from the Technology Menu.

Make sure to have appropriate Pals in your base to tend to both of these. You will need at least 1 pal for each of the following tasks:

  • Planting
  • Watering
  • Handiwork

When the Wheat is harvested, take it to the Mill to create some Flour.


Check out how to get Wheat Seeds in Palworld for your Wheat Plantations.

Eggs and Red Berries
You will need 8x eggs and 8x red berries for each piece of Cake you bake in Palworld. You can find plenty of eggs and red berries in Palworld by exploring the open world. Or you can build a ranch and Berry Plantation in your base.

Milk and Honey
The last 2 items needed for Cake are milk and honey. These 2 items are relatively hard to come by but you can easily acquire them by checking out our Milk and Honey guides for Palworld.

Once you have all the required items, go to the cooking pot and select the Cake recipe to start baking.

Step 4. Acquire and Incubate the Egg

Once you have the cake, put it in a storage box next to the Pal Breeding Farm and wait for the parent Pals to lay an egg. Meanwhile, head to the Technology Menu and unlock the Egg Incubator. Build the Egg incubator near the Breeding farm to keep things smooth.

Building an Egg Incubator requires 30X Stone, 5X Cloth, 10X Paldium Fragments, and 2X Ancient Civilization Parts. We recommend building 2 or 3 Egg incubators in the same base so be sure to stock up on these items in advance.

Recover this egg and place it inside an Egg Incubator. Depending on the type of Pals used for Breeding and the quality of the egg, it can take anywhere between 6 minutes and an hour to Incubate. This time can be substantially decreased by maintaining the optimal temperature for the egg.

Carefully observe the incubator and it will say whether the egg is comfortable or not. If it says too hot or too cold, the egg will take longer to incubate but you can fix this by placing a heater or a cooler near the Egg Incubator.

As always, you will need to unlock the crafting option for the heater and cooler from the Technology menu and you will additionally need some fire and ice organs, which can be found by hunting fire and ice-type Pals.

Step 5. Hatch the Egg

Once the Incubation Process is done, it is time to welcome a new Pal to your family, or your “workforce” depending on how you like to go about your business in Palworld.

Simply approach the egg incubator and hold the hatch button. You will see the notification of the new Pal on the right side of the screen and you can access it right away using the Palbox.

All Palworld Breeding Combos

There are a total of 24 Breeding Combinations that can be applied to successfully produce a Fusion Pal in Palworld. To make things easier, you can either use a Breeding Calculator or look at the table below to check which Pal breeding combinations can result in which Fusion Pal

Breeding ComboFusion Pal
Blazehowl + Dark PalBlazehowl Noct
Kelpsea + Dark PalKelpsea Ignis
Pyrin + Dark PalPyrin Noct
Jolthog + Ice PalJolthog Cryst
Mammorest + Ice PalMammorest Cryst
Vanwyrm + Ice PalVanwyrm Cryst
Broncherry + Water PalBroncherry Aqua
Eikthyrdeer + Ground PalEikthyrdeer Terra
Surfent + Ground PalSurfent Terra
Relaxaurus + Electric PalRelaxaurus Lux
Gobfin + Fire PalGobfin Ignis
Leezpunk + Fire PalLeezpunk Ignis
Incineram + Dark PalIncineram Noct
Lyleen + Dark PalLyleen Noct
Kingpaca + Ice PalKingpaca Cryst
Hangyu + Ice PalHangyu Cryst
Mau + Ice PalMau Cryst
Reptyro + Ice PalReptyro Cryst
Suzaku + Water PalSuzaka Aqua
Robinquill + Ground PalRobinquill Terra
Dinossum + Electric PalDinossum Lux
Mossanda + Electric PalMossanda Lux
Jormuntide + Fire PalJormuntide Ignis
Wumpo + Grass PalWumpo Botan
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