How To Get The Stun Baton In Palworld

Capturing Pals becomes a piece of cake if you have the Stun Baton on you.

Capturing Pals in Palworld is daunting as you have to balance out your attacks to avoid killing your target. The Stun Baton is made exactly for these sensitive situations. Upon firing, this weapon shocks the enemy, immobilizing them and greatly improving the chances of a capture.

Although this weapon doesn’t deal a lot of damage, it is a crucial item if you want to have the highest possible chance of capturing a Pal – especially in the later stages of the game when killing lower-level Pals is easy. If you think the Stun Baton is worth it, keep reading to learn how to get it in Palworld.

How to get the Stun Baton in Palworld

To craft the Stun Baton, the first thing you need to do is reach level 22. You unlock the schematics of the weapon at this level, which must be bought from the Technology Tab with 2 Ancient Technology Points.


Ancient Technology Points can be obtained by defeating Alpha/Dungeon bosses and clearing out Syndicate Towers.

Once you have obtained the schematics for the Stun Baton, you must start collecting the crafting materials required for it. These items aren’t very hard to acquire either, as all you need are:

  • 20x Electric Organs
  • 20x Ingots

To obtain Ingots, you can collect ores and smelt them inside a furnace with the help of a Kindling Pal. Electric Organs, on the other hand, can be obtained as a drop from killing Electric-type Pals like Jolthog, Sparkit, Univolt, etc.

These items can also be purchased from the Wandering Merchants, but we wouldn’t recommend acquiring the items this way as it can become quite expensive, considering each item costs 200 Gold.

When you have satisfied the crafting materials required for the Stun Baton in Palworld, you need to put them inside a High Quality Workbench to build/craft the weapon.

How to use the Stun Baton

The Stun Baton is a special weapon that can be used from the beginning to the end. Note that this weapon doesn’t dash out a lot of damage, but that’s not primarily what it’s used for either.

The Stun Baton is a close-quarter weapon that is mostly used to stun enemies, rather than tear their HP down. When a Pal is stunned using this weapon, the chances of you capturing it increase by 30%.

This is very useful especially if you want to capture Pals that have a low capture chance – like Legendary Pals. Even Legendary Pals have a low capture chance with the highest tier of Pal Spheres in the game. With this buff in your hand, you can capture any Pal of any rarity with ease, whether they be common or Legendary.

Another thing that the Stun Baton can be used for is to lower the HP of a low-level Pal in the end game. Since most of your weapons will be well upgraded by that time, even a single hit could finish the Pal off, completely ruining your chances of capturing the Pal.

Since the Stun Baton dashes out low damage anyway, it can let you capture the low-level Pals without the risk of killing them.

How to solve the Stun Baton not working problem

If, for some reason, your Stun Baton isn’t working, then don’t worry because you are not alone with this problem. Several reasons may render the Stun Baton useless, and you can solve this problem if you:

  • Make sure that you have enough stamina
  • Repair the weapon if its durability is decreased
  • Hit the target multiple times consecutively
  • Time your hits to maximize the Stun effect
  • Upgrade the Stun Baton with technologies
  • Contact Palworld Support.

Remember that the proper way to use a Stun Baton in Palworld is to hit the enemy with three consecutive hits in a short timeframe. It won’t be stunned with a singular hit. The second time you need to stun the same Pal, you will need to perform 6 consecutive hits.

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