Palworld: Best Fire Pals, Ranked

Catch the hottest Pals in Palworld.

Fire Pals are the strongest element Pals you can have in Palworld due to their effectiveness against both Ice and Grass element Pals. Fire element Pals are also incredibly useful for their Kindling Work Suitability.

As Cooling Work Suitability is exclusive to Ice Pals, Kindling is exclusive to only Fire Pals. Kindling, however, is even more vital than the Cooling attribute for your base. You will need Pals with this work suitability for cooking and refining Ingots, which will become increasingly necessary for crafting in Palworld as you level up.

Ranking the best Fire Pals in Palworld

There is no shortage of Fire Pals you can acquire in Palworld ranging from some very early-game Pals to Epic or Legendary late-game Fire Pals. We have compiled a general list of the best Fire Pals that you must have in Palworld.

10. Foxparks

Work Suitability:

  • Kindling Lv1

The earliest Fire Pal you will come across in Palworld is Foxparks which remains useful till the mid-game. Foxparks has only the Kindling Work Suitability so it will only focus on refining and cooking tasks. It will occasionally leave to ignite any lights you have built in your base which is great to keep up the visibility during the night.

We recommend having 2 or Foxparks at your base as soon as you unlock the Furnace to keep the ingots coming as you will need a steady supply of those.

For combat, Foxparks is a great Fire Pal to have in your party, especially for the early boss battles. Its Partner skill lets you hold Foxparks and use it as a Flamethrower and do massive fire damage.

9. Flambelle

Work Suitability:

  • Kindling Lv1
  • Handiwork Lv1
  • Transporting Lv1
  • Farming Lv1

Flambelle is slightly weaker than Foxparks but the reason you must have at least 1 at your base is that it will drop Flame Organs when assigned to the ranch.

Flame organs are incredibly useful and are required for crafting and building certain items. With a Flambelle in your base, you will never run out of Flame Organs.

8. Bushi

Work Suitability:

  • Kindling Lv2
  • Handiwork Lv1
  • Lumbering Lv3
  • Transporting Lv2
  • Gathering Lv1

Bushi is a Samurai-looking Fire Pal that can be first encountered in a dungeon as an Alpha Pal boss fight in the Sealed realm of the Swordmaster. This version of Bushi will be at level 23, so make sure that you are above that level or have enough water-type pals to beat him. Bushi will do several tasks when assigned to the base but it is most effective at kindling and Lumbnering.

7. Wixen

Work Suitability:

  • Kindling Lv. 2
  • Handiwork Lv. 3
  • Transporting Lv. 2

Wixen is one of those Pals who excel at multiple tasks. Wixen will tend to your kindling and transporting needs but the most noteworthy its Work Suitability is the Level 3 Handiwork. It is incredibly fast at crafting and building items and is only beaten by Anubis which is only available much later in the game.

6. Reptyro

Work Suitability:

  • Kindling Lv3
  • Mining Lv3

As you level up and start building your second and third bases, it is recommended that you designate one of your bases as strictly a mining base. For that, you will need to consider 2 things, one is an appropriate base location and the other is a Pal like Reptyro.

Reptyro has level 3 Kindling and Mining which means it will break down your ore nodes in your base and refine them for you, provided you have another Pal doing the Transporting.

Despite being an excellent Work-horse, Reptyro is no slouch when it comes to combat either. It has some of the most powerful attack skills and can do massive AOE damage to nearby enemies.

5. Faleris

Work Suitability:

  • Kindling Lv3
  • Transporting Lv3

Faleris is the best fire Pal when it comes to fighting Ice Pals, especially if you are hunting them for resources.

Faleris can used as a Flying Mount and has a Partner Skill that boosts the items dropped from Ice Pals. It will also serve well at a base for transporting and kindling, but we recommend you rather use it as a flying mount or for combat.

It can be found in the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary but you would have a much easier time trying to breed or hatch it from a Large Scorching Egg.

4. Suzaku

Work Suitability:

  • Kindling Lv3

Like Faleris, Suzaku is another Fire pal that can be used as a Flying mount but is slightly faster. It has the same Level 3 kindling but no other Work Suitability, which means it will focus entirely on Kindling.

This makes it great to have on your mining base where you will need a large number of Pals with Kindling abilities.

3. Kitsun

Work Suitability:

  • Kindling Lv2

Despite having lower Kindling Work suitability than Faleris and Suzaku, it is placed higher on the list. Kitsun is a majestic-looking Fire Pal but that is only half the reason for its place in this list.

Kitsun is a rare Fire Pal with an incredibly useful Partner Skill. This allows you to ride Kitsun and makes you resistant to both extremely hot and extremely cold temperatures. However, you will need to be above level 30 to craft its saddle.

2. Blazamut

Work Suitability:

  • Kindling Lv3
  • Mining Lv4

Blazamut is one the best Fire pals in Palword and has rightly earned its top 3 place in this list. You can think of this pal as an upgrade to Reptyro which itself is a great Pal for mining and kindling but Blazamut has it beat at Mining.

You can use Balazamut to swiftly decimate any ore or coal nodes. This makes it much more efficient for a mining base as it will take a lesser number of these to fulfill your mining and refining needs.

1. Jormuntide Ignis

Work Suitability:

  • Kindling Lv4

Jormuntide Ignis is the fire variant of the regular Jormuntide but everyone seems to find this version a tad more appealing. That is however not only because of its cooler look.  Jormuntide Ignis has the best Kindling Efficiency at Level 4 and can be used as a Flying Mount after crafting its Saddle at Level 43.

Its Kindling and Flying abilities are enough to earn it a place in this list but what makes it the best of the best Fire pals in Palworld, is its terrifying Combat Prowess.

Jormuntide Ignis’s partner Skill will enhance your fire attack damage when mounted but it is beast enough on its own as well. It can burn any enemy to a crisp with abilities like Fire Ball and Flare Storm and do massive AOE damage with the Dragon Meteor skill.

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