Palworld: Suzaku Location (& Best Breeding Combos)

The fire prince of the desert.

Suzaku is one of the more elusive Pals found on the Islands of Palpagos. Yet it is also one of the cooler-looking ones with its blaze-colored skin and level 3 Kindling, it is only natural to want to get yourself a Suzaku in Palworld.

This Pal can also be used as a flying mount after crafting its saddle at level 40 and it is one of the best flying mounts in Palworld, flying with a speed of 850 at level 40. Although winged Pals like Beakon are faster, this Pal has way more stamina.

Suzaku drops Flame Organs when defeated or captured, but it is by no means an easy target. Suzaku has several Fire skills in its arsenal along with a neutral attack that will easily deplete your health if not careful.

Where to find Suzaku in Palworld?

Suzaku can only be found in the eastern desert area of the map of Palworld. It is available there as a regular Pal as well as a level 45 field Alpha boss. For both of these, you will need to bring Heat Resistant Armor or Heat Resistant Underwear to survive the intense heat of the desert.

We also recommend that you craft or purchase several Ultra Spheres as the lesser Spheres have a much lower chance of capturing this infernal Pal. If you don’t have many of these Pal Spheres with you, you can use a Stun Baton to increase your chances for a catch.

You can find an Alpha Pal version of Suzaku and fight it in a boss fight at the coordinates 404 and 255 which fall in the Dessicated Desert biome, shown in the image below. This is in a wide open area just south of the Duneshelter fast-travel point, or just west of the central water pond.

Suzaku also regularly spawns in large numbers in the eastern desert island. If you encounter any Suzakus in this region other than the aforementioned location, you will encounter a normal one and not an Alpha boss.

This version of a Suzaku would be easier to capture, but the rewards for defeating it and the level of the Pal you would get won’t be as good.

How to catch Suzaku

Once you have found a Suzaku, all you need to do is fight it until its health is low enough. That is easier said than done as Suzaku is a fairly powerful Pal –  both the Alpha Pal and the regular versions of it.

The only weakness it has is Water, so make sure to bring your best Water-type Pals to this fight. Pals like Jormuntide, Penking, and Broncherry Aqua would be good picks. You will also need a long-range weapon to do any significant damage to it as it is a flying Pal and will mostly be out of melee range.

As said earlier, the regular Pal Spheres or even Mega or Giga Spheres will not be of much help. The only spheres that have any chance of capturing this Pal are the red Hyper Spheres or violet Ultra Spheres.

Once captured, you can craft its saddle upon reaching level 40. You will need to unlock the recipe from the technology menu for 3 Technology Points and craft it using a Pal Workbench.


If you manage to kill the Alpha Suzaku, it has a chance to drop Ancient Technology Parts, Flame Organs, Precious Plumes, and a Legendary Pump-action Shotgun Schematic.

To craft its saddle you will need Electric Organ x20, Leather x20, Ingot x20, Paldium Fragment x25, Cloth x10, and a Pal with Handiwork Work Suitability to craft it.

How to breed Suzaku in Palworld

If you for some reason do not want to take on Suzaku in a fight to capture it, you can also breed a Suzaku using a combination of Pals that you might already have in your Palbox.

Breeding is one of the easiest ways to get a Pal in Palworld. For the process, you need a pair of male and female pals and a Breeding Farm for them to do their business. You will also need to put some cake in the storage box next to the Breeding Farm for them to lay their eggs. Once the eggs are laid, put them in Egg Incubators to hatch them.

The Crossbreeding Combinations that result in a Suzaku being hatched are as follows:

Parent 1Parent 2

You can then choose to Breed a Suzaku with a Jormuntide to get the water variant of this Pal, Suzaku Aqua. Suzaku Aqua looks exactly like the regular Suzaku except for the blue color and has a level 3 Watering instead of Kindling. Suzaku Aqua can also be used as a flying mount with the same stats as Suzaku by crafting its saddle at level 43

Best breeding combos for Suzaku in Palworld

Suzaku itself is one of the best Fire-type Pals in Palworld. But, instead of combat, an even better way to put this Pal to use is to breed it with other Pals and obtain unique and stronger offspring Pals.

The best combination of Pals to breed with Suzaku are listed below:

Suzaku bred withProduces
JormuntideSuzaku Aqua

Suzaku weaknesses and stats

Suzaku is a Fire-type Pal, which means that it is weak against Water elemental Pals and strong against Ice and Grass-type Pals. Being a Fire-type Pal is cool enough, but this Pal had to go the extra mile and come with astounding base stats too:

  • HP: 120
  • Attack: 105
  • Defense: 105
  • Partner Skill: Wings of Fire – Allows you to mount Suzaku and increase both its own and your Fire damage.

With the help of its amazing base stats and Active Skills like Air Cannon, Ignis Breath, Spirit Fire, Ignis Blast, Flare Arrow, and Flare Storm, this Pal takes its place as one of the best Pals to use in combat as well. Make that a flying-type Pal and what more could you need?

When it comes to the base, this Pal isn’t all useless either. With the help of its level 3 Kindling Work Suitability, this Pal can also serve as a great worker at your base, helping you refine ingots and make cakes, etc. Hence why, if you have more than one Suzaku in your Paldeck, you can even assign some at your base.

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