Best Flying Pals In Palworld, Ranked

Up, up, and away!

Getting around in Palworld on foot is a hassle. As you level up, you will eventually unlock a basic ground mount for yourself which makes exploration a bit easier but it pales in comparison to the bounties of having a flying mount.

A good flying pal in Palworld will significantly reduce your travel time and help you make some quick getaways if you accidentally wander off into a higher-level area.

There are a bunch of Pals you can use as a flying mount, the best of these will only be available around mid to late-game phases but there are a couple of which you can acquire fairly early.

We have listed the 10 best Flying mounts for each phase of the game. After reading this you should be able to have a good idea about which flying Pal to target for your level.

10. Nitewing

Admittedly, Nitewing is not the best flying mount in Palworld but it is included in this list as it is the first Flying Mount you can get in Palworld.

Nitewing can be easily found around the map in abundance and can be captured using regular Pal Spheres. Nitewing’s saddle can be unlocked from the tech menu at level 15

It has low stamina and speed but will get you across any body of water that you would otherwise not be able to.

Spawn Locations:

9. Vanwyrm

Vanwyrm is a significant improvement over Nitewing and can be found in the southern and southwestern regions of the map. However, you will need to be at least 21 to unlock its saddle before you can ride it.

Spawn Locations:

8. Helzephyr

Helzephyr is an excellent mount for mid-game and its saddle can be unlocked at level 33. It has better stamina and speed than Vanwyrm and will add Dark damage to your attacks when mounted.

Spawn Locations:

7. Beakon

Beakon is fast and sturdy and can be used as a mid-game Flying mount after unlocking its saddle at level 34. Before heading out to capture Beakon, make sure to have some high-level Earth-type pals in your party like Digtoise to counter its Electrical element.

Spawn Locations:

6. Quivern

Quivern is faster and uses a lot less stamina compared to the other flying pals of Palworld. This means you will be able to maintain your altitude for longer periods without needing to descend. Quivern’s Saddle can be unlocked from the Technology menu at Level 36

Spawn Locations:

5. Ragnahawk

Once you have made it past level 35, we recommend saving your technology points and resources for Ragnahawk. You can unlock its saddle at level 37 to use it as a flying mount. This is one of the best Flying Mounts in Palworld and will carry you well through levels 40 – 45

Spawn Locations:

4. Astegon

Astegon is one of the fastest and strongest Flying Mounts in Palworld. The only drawback is that its saddle can only be crafted after reaching level 47.

By this time you would probably have an even better Flying mount like Suzaku or Suzaku Aqua both of which have the same stats as Astegon in terms of speed and stamina but are unlocked much earlier

Spawn Locations:

3. Shadowbeak

Shadowbeak is a giant bird-like Pal with a dark attribute and does decent damage in combat. It is faster than Astegon but is also unlocked at level 47, making it a better candidate.

Spawn Locations:

2. Suzaku

The one flying pal most people would be using during Palworld’s late-game is Suzaku.

Suzaku is a pretty rare Pal but can alternately be hatched from a Huge Scorching Egg or a Huge Damp Egg for its Aqua variant.

It is incredibly fast and its saddle can be unlocked at level 40 which is much earlier than Astegon or Shadowbeak.

Spawn Locations:

1. Jetragon

As the name implies, Jetragon is the fastest flying mount in Palworld. This Flying Pal is so fast that once you unlock it you will never want to use another flying mount as it lets you race across the map in mere seconds. But it is one of the end-game Pals and is extremely tough to catch.

Moreover, even after you catch it, you will have to be at least level 50 to unlock its saddle before you can use it as a flying mount.

The saddle takes a bunch of resources to craft but all things said, Jetragon is still the best flying mount you can ride in Palworld and helps keep things interesting even after endgame.

Jetragon can only be captured after defeating him in a boss fight at the location below.

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