Palworld: Anubis Location (& Best Breeding Combos)

Get your hands on the strongest Ground type Pal in Palworld

Anubis is a level 47 Alpha Pal in Palworld that you can find and capture only from a single location. It comes with an excellent Partner Skill, Guardian of the Desert. This skill helps you a lot by adding ground damage to your attacks.

You can even use Anubis for mining and storing ore. Not just that, if you put it in the base, the level four Handiwork ability will help you a lot in crafting. All these unique skills of Anubis make it a must-have Pal for you.

Where to find Anubis in Palworld?

You can easily find this Alpha Pal if you know where to look. All you need to do is head to the coordinates: -133, -96. These will take you to a desert region close to the Sealed Realm of Winged Tyrant.

Once you get there, you will note a giant stone statue of Anubis. Anubis will be close to the statue, so all you need to do is proceed toward him and start the fight to capture this Alpha Pal.

Remember that this area is challenging because of the heat, so bring protective heat-resistant gear. Moreover, the desert gets extremely cold at night as well, so make sure to bring cold-resistant gear if you’re planning to hunt in the night.

How to catch Alpha Anubis

Anubis is a Ground-type Pal in Palworld and weak against the Grass type, so to capture it, you need to bring in some of the best Grass-type Pals you have. These would include Pals like Petallia, Mammorest, Gumoss, and Mossanda.


Never bring an electric-type pal while trying to capture Anubis, as it is pretty strong against electric Pals.

While using Pals, you need to ensure they lower the Alpha Pal’s’ health and don’t kill it. If your Pals end up killing it, you can’t capture it and have to start again. To avoid that issue, the best thing is to attack Alpha Anubis yourself with your gun from a distance.

Since this is a level 47 boss, you will need weapons that dash out a lot of damage, like the Pump Action Shotgun or the Assault Rifle. You can get the Legendary Schematics for these weapons by defeating the Suzaku and Blazmut Alpha Pals respectively.

Beating this boss will be a long process, so ensure you have additional ammo and other required gear. Once you have damaged the Alpha Pal and weakened it enough, throw the Legendary Pal Sphere to capture it. If you’re short on them, you can use the unlimited Pal Sphere glitch to make do for the time being.


You can also get an Anubis from a Huge Rocky Egg, which spawns randomly throughout the world.

How to breed Anubis in Palworld

After getting Anubis, you can use it for the abovementioned purposes or breed it to get other Pals. We have a solution if you don’t want to wait long and get this Alpha Pal a bit early.

You can get Anubis early by breeding two other Pals, Chillet and Quivern. You can easily find and capture the first Pal, Chillet, as it is a level 11 Pal. For Quivern, you need to level up as it is a level 23 Pal.

Quivern is a dungeon boss you can find at coordinates: -255, -132. After finding both Alpha Pal boss’s locations and capturing them, you need to breed them. Ensure both are of the opposite sex to start the breeding.

Other than the Pals in the preceding text, you can also try your luck by breeding a few other Pals to get an Anubis in Palworld:

  • Incineram with Surfent
  • Nitewing with Rayhoud
  • Penking with Bushi
  • Caprity with Beakon
  • Mossanda with Katress
  • Arsox with Pyrin
  • Eikthyrdeer with Beakon

The breeding will get you a Huge Rocky Egg that you can hatch to get Anubis early.

Best breeding combos for Anubis in Palworld

After finding and catching Anubis, you are free to choose what to do with it – whether to use it at your base or in combat. Another great way of putting Anubis to use is to breed it with other Pals and make stronger ones in Palworld.

There are a few selected Pals that have a chance to produce other rare and strong Pals if bred with said Pal. The best breeding combis for Anubis are as follows:

Anubis bred withOffspring

Anubis weaknesses and stats

Being a Ground-type Pal, Anubis is weak to Grass elemental Pals and is very strong against Electric-type Pals. It has level 4 Handiwork, level 2 Transporting, and level 3 Mining Work Suitabilities, which is an outstanding combination and hence, makes this Pal a great one to use at your base.

Besides that, Anubis is a great help when it comes to combat as well. Its base stats are as follows:

  • HP: 120
  • Attack: 130
  • Defense: 100
  • Partner Skill: Guardian of the Desert – changes the player’s damage type to Ground damage and slightly increases it.

As for the Pal’s Active Skill, this one has mostly Ground-type attacks like Stone Blast, Sand Tornado, Ground Smash, Forceful Charge, and Spinning Roundhouse. The only Neutral type Skill it has is the Power Bomb Skill.


If you kill an Alpha Anubis, it drops a Large Pal Soul, Bones, Ancient Civilization Parts, Precious Entrails, and a Ring of Earth Resistance.

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