Palworld Best Base Locations

Get to know the best place to setup your home.

If you want to level up fast in Palworld then you will need to set up multiple bases at ideal locations to farm resources to grow powerful. However, the game itself makes this task quite challenging as your bases are easily liable to raids, and you end up losing all your hard-earned resources in the process.

In order to identify the best base location in Palworld you will need to keep certain things in mind. Firstly, that location should be abundant in any type of node, such as Ore, Quartz, Sulfur, etc., so that you can farm these resources sufficiently.

Secondly, your base location should be set up in an ideal spot, such as a mountainous area, cliffside, etc., so that you can avoid raids at your base. Similarly, the base you set up should be closer to fast travel points so that you can visit your base locations frequently.

Apart from that, the base location should be flat as this way, you can set up your base to cover a larger area and set up the proper supplies in terms of harvesting berries and a feed box to keep your worker Pals healthy and active in Palworld.

That being said, I have listed five locations with all the details and their coordinates to guide you towards setting the best base locations in Palworld.

1. Best Ore farming base location

Head over to these coordinates [9, -526], and the base location will be towards the west side of the Plateau of Beginnings, where you start your game. You can reach this location pretty quickly early on by going west from the Small Settlement fast travel point and discover a bunch of Iron nodes (7 to 8)at this specific location.

This makes it a sweet spot for farming Ore in Palworld. You can set up your base here along with some plantation (Red Berries), Feed box, etc., and then assign some Pals to do the work for you in Palworld. Moreover, the best Pals that you can get to farm an infinite amount of Ore at this specific location will be Digtoise.

2. Best Coal farming base location

Moving onto the next best base location in Palworld, you can simply travel to the following coordinates labeled [272, -230]. This place is actually pretty high up and on top of a mountain, so that would solve the raid issue for you, as reaching this place will be a challenge for your enemies.

Moreover, you can find (5 to 6) Coal Rocks near the ledge and (7 to 8) Iron nodes on the upper section there, making this a premium spot for you to farm both Ore and Coal with relative ease at this base location.

The best part about this particular location will be that you can set up multiple bases at the same time here and benefit massively from this spot in Palworld. You can set up an Overlapping Base at this location in a vertical position to keep the mining operations running.

3. Best Sulfur farming base location

The next best location that you can discover to set up your base will be at these coordinates [-717, -444] in Palworld. If you have found the Eternal Pyre Tower Entrance fast travel point, then you can head in the northwestern direction to find the location mentioned in the coordinates above.

The best thing about setting up your base at this specific location will be that you will have access to mining an infinite amount of Sulphur here in Palworld. Moreover, the area will be surrounded by high volcanic mountains on one side and lava on the other making it hard for raid parties to spot you and attack you.

However, you will need the Heat Resistant Metal Armor to withstand the heat in this area. As usual, you can assign some Fire Elemental Pals to work at this place and generate a massive amount of Sulphur in Palworld.

4. Best Quartz Minning Base location

The Astro Mountains area is also a good spot if you are looking for the best base locations in Palworld. Once you reach the Unthawable Lake fast travel point, you can continue west from there to search for a good base location. As it turns out, there is an excellent spot at these coordinates [-205, 247] where you will find giant Quartz rocks (6-7), and is naturally ideal for farming infinite amounts of Quartz.

The best aspect about this location is that it is present on a hill and is covered by a lot of trees from one side giving it a somewhat natural fortification against those raids which will find it hard to reach you there in Palworld.

Apart from that it has beautiful snow scenery for you to enjoy while your Ice Elemental Pals do the heavy lifting at your Quartz base. However, make sure to equip the cold resistance armor to survive the harsh climate in this area.

5. Best base location for both Coal and Metal in Palworld

Another ideal base location in Palworld is if you want to set up a shop near large deposits of coal and ore, you should definitely consider going over to these coordinates [189, -37]. You can make your way east from the Sealed Realm of the Guardian fast travel point to reach this place.

This base location has the largest amounts of nodes when it comes to Coal and Ore in Palworld as you will find 8-9 Nodes present here. However, the build area is rather small and uneven here, so you will need to build a foundation to get your base equally set up at this location.

You can easily set up two mini-bases here and assign any kind of Pals to work here as the temperature conditions will be optimum. You can set up a Base and farm enough berries to feed your Pal workers and keep the base up and running to get a whole lot of Coal and Ore in the process in Palworld.

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