How To Find All Legendary Pals In Palworld

Grab yourself some legendary Pals.

There are a total of four Legendary Pals that you will encounter during your exploration in Palworld. If you look at your Paldeck, you will see these four legendaries are right at the bottom of the list of the Pals currently in the game.

Moreover, if you look at the Passive Skills for each of these Legendary Pals, you will notice that they also carry their signature skill along with another passive ability called Legend, which increases their attack, defense, and movement speed significantly compared to the normal pals.

However, capturing the Legendary Pals in Palworld is not an easy task, as these beasts can deliver insane amounts of damage, and if you come unprepared, you will die quite often in your fights.

Among the 4 legendary Pals, Frostallion and Jetragon will be scattered at different ends, whereas you will end up fighting Necromus and Paladius in the same area in Palworld.

Here in this guide, I have provided all the required information on all of these 4 Legendary Pals that you can defeat in Palworld.


Luckily the legendary pals in Palworld respawn so if someone else in your server kills or captures them, you can go to their locations later and try capturing them yourself.

1. Paladius (No. 108)


Make your way to the Northwestern section of the map until you reach the Deep Sand Dunes Waypoint. From there, you need to go in the northern direction to reach coordinates [445, 680] to face the Holy Knight of the Firmament, Paladius, in Palworld.

Bring a Dark element Pal like Loupmoon to easily defeat Paladius.


This specific Legendary Pal is ranked at Level 50 and is considered among the Neutral Element Type Pals in Palworld. In terms of Passive abilities, Paladius offers the skill of Holy Knight of the Firmament.

Apart from that, you can craft the Paladius Saddle using Leather (x100), Refined Ingot (x200), Ingot (x300), and Paldium Fragment (x85) in Palworld. Equipping this saddle on this legendary Pal Paladius allows you to reach even greater heights, as once you are mounted on this beast, you can triple jump as well.

Paladius Drops

You can defeat Paladius in Palworld, and upon this legendary pal’s defeat, it will drop the following loot:

  • Pal Metal Ingot (x18)
  • Ancient Civilization Parts (x14)
  • Diamond (x2)
  • Large Pal Soul (x2)

2. Necromus (No. 109)


Travel to the Northwestern section of the map until you reach the Deep Sand Dunes Waypoint. From there, you need to go in the northern direction to reach the following coordinates labeled [445, 680] to face the Dark Knight of Legend, Necromus, in Palworld.


Looking at the stats from the Necromus it offers an Attack power of 870 along with a solid Defense of 697 and a Work Speed of 70 in Palworld.


Necromus is a Dark elemental Pal (this means it is weak to Dragon element) that is ranked at Level 50 like the rest of the legendary Pals and poses quite a challenge for you. However, upon capturing the Necromus successfully, you can make use of its passive abilities, Dark Knight of the Abyss. This way, you can deliver an increased 20 percent Dark attack damage on other pals in your fights.

Moreover, you can also ride the Necromus and reach higher ground by using its ability to double jump in Palworld. For that, you will require a Necromus Saddle (Lvl 49), which can be crafted using Leather (x100), Refined Ingot (x200), Ingot (x300), and Paldium Fragment (x85) in Palworld.

Necromus Drops

  • Pal Metal Ingot (x20)
  • Ancient Civilization Parts (x12)
  • Precious Entrails (x14)
  • Large Pal Soul (x2)

3. Frostallion (No. 110)


Head towards the Northwestern direction, and once you reach the Land of Absolute Zero Waypoint, simply head west to reach these coordinates [-358, 509] to encounter the Legendary Steed of Ice, Frostallion, in Palworld.


The Legendary Pal Frostallion resembles Pegasus from Pokémon and is ranked at level 50, making him a formidable pal for you to face. Moreover, this Ice Elemental-Pal can also use a variety of Ice attacks such as Ice Missiles, Crystal Breath, etc., which can stack up pretty easily to cause significant damage.

Being an Ice-Elemental Legendary Pal, the natural weakness for Frostallion will be Fire in Palworld.

In terms of skills, once you capture the Frostallion successfully using a Legendary Sphere, you can benefit from its passive skill called Ice Steed in Palworld.

Using a saddle, you can ride the Frostallion with relative ease and also launch Ice attacks on enemy pals during your fights. To craft a Frostallion Saddle (Lvl 48), you will require materials such as Leather (x100), Refined Ingot (x200), Ice Organ (x50), and Paldium Fragment (x75) in Palworld.

Frostallion Drops

If you are unable to capture the Frostallion, then you can simply kill it and loot the following items.

  • Diamond (x2)
  • Precious Entrails (x14)
  • Ice Organ (x20)
  • Ancient Civilization Parts (x14)

4. Jetragon (No. 111)


Head toward the West end of the map and in the volcanic region. There you will come across a Volcanic Cavern (lv 40). You need to look for the mineshaft entrance by roaming the overworld area in Palworld, and you will encounter Jetragon around the obsidian mountain area.

Head west from the Mount Obsidian Midpoint waypoint to reach the Jetragon location at these coordinates [-791, -318] in Palworld.


Jetragon, the Legendary Celestial Dragon, is basically a Dragon elemental Pal. Jetragon only has one weakness and that is Ice. In terms of power level, Jetragon is a level 50 Pal and once you capture it you can use its passive skill Ariel Missile in Palworld.

After you get the saddle, you can ride the Jetragon, and it can move insanely fast compared to the other pals. Similarly, you can also fire the Jetragon Missile Launcher while mounted on this specific pal as well to launch multiple missile attacks and inflict massive damage on enemy Pal.

To craft the Jetragon Missile Launcher (Lvl 50), you will need items such as Leather (x100), Refined Ingot (x200), Circuit Board (x50), and Paldium Fragment (x140) in Palworld.

Jetragon Drops

Once you defeat a Jetragon, it will drop the following loot for you to salvage in Palworld.

  • Ancient Civilization Parts (x18)
  • Precious Dragon Stone (x21)
  • Pure Quartz (x30)
  • Polymer (x15)
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