Overwatch 2 Damage Tier List: Best DPS Heroes (December 2022)

In this guide, we have listed the top damage heroes you can play in Overwatch 2 and why they are considered the best.

Out of the total 35-character roster, there are a total of 17 DPS heroes to choose from in Overwatch 2, which can certainly make it confusing for some players to pick the right one.

It is also essential to understand the game’s meta, as, with time, new patches will be introduced, and DPS characters might go through buffs or nerfs within those patches. The changes in those characters affect the gameplay, so we must understand the game’s meta and adjust ourselves accordingly. This way, we can get a better grip on the game.

In this guide, we have listed the top damage heroes you can play in Overwatch 2 and why they are considered the best.

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Overwatch 2 damage tier list

S Tracer, Reaper, Echo, Widowmaker
A Sojourn, Ashe, Junkrat, Torbjörn
B Cassidy, Soldier:76, Pharah, Genji
C Hanzo, Sombra, Symmetra, Mei, Bastion

Best Damage: Tracer

Tracer is one of the deadliest DPS in close-range combat. The buff in Pulse Pistols allows her to remove enemies quickly. She can combine her damage with Blink’s ability to move behind the enemy lines and eliminate the squishy targets from the map.

The Recall ability allows her to escape grave situations and provides him with much-needed health regeneration. Tracer can use it to remove all the debuffs from her and also reload her weapon to jump back into the fight to deal maximum damage.

Tracer can combine her Pulse Bomb (Ultimate) ability with her Blink ability to jump close to the enemies and stick his bomb on them. The bombs will deal substantial damage upon explosion and allow your allies to jump in to finish the fight.

Use her in different flanking positions, as his power lies in the flanks. Deal maximum damage this way and cause chaos in the enemy lines.


Reaper is probably one of the most famous heroes in Overwatch 2. Fans will, hence, be happy to see him still topping the damage tier lists.

Reaper can constantly heal himself through his Reaping ability. He also is one of the best heroes to ambush enemies using Shadow Step, an ability he can use to escape as well.

The Wraith Form of Reaper allows him to move through the targets at the buffed speed, and he does not take any incoming damage from the enemies. Reaper reloads his gun in the meantime and, after coming from the shadow, can inflict severe damage on the enemies and confirm kills for his team.

In every Overwatch 2 game, you will encounter tanks in the enemy team, and the abilities of Reaper make him an excellent tank buster. He deals much more damage to the enemy’s tanks due to his shotguns. Eliminating tanks means the fight will be open for your teams, and other squishy characters of enemy teams cannot hide behind the cover of their tank.

Reaper’s Ultimate ability, The Death Blossom, allows him to almost confirm a kill if the enemy team is not planning on countering it. If you get the early kill on the enemies, your team can move in to win the fights. The confirmed kills in Overwatch 2 win you the matches.

Reaper’s abilities and gameplay make him one of the best DPS in Overwatch.


Echo is a character with great flexibility in team composition and can fit into many such compositions. That’s why even after receiving a few nerfs, Echo is one of the best in terms of eliminating the tanks and DPS heroes.

She can dive the enemies alongside her tanky allies, inflict maximum damage from the backline, and remove the squishy enemies providing the allies with the edge in the fights.

Echo Flight ability allows her to rain down damage using her Sticky Bombs and Tri-shot, ensuring no enemies stay safe from the damage even if they are using their shields.

Echo Duplicate (Ultimate) ability provides the team with an extra edge over the enemies. Depending on the situation, she can use it to duplicate any enemy hero. If you require damage, go for enemy duplication of enemy DPS, and in case of survival, bring in the tanks or support heroes to provide the escape rate for your allies.

All these abilities and her strength in mid-range combats make her an excellent pick in the game’s current meta.


Widowmaker lives up to her name, as she uses a sniper rifle to wreak havoc on her enemies. You will need a certain skill set to use her effectively, and the buff in her base health makes her a top-tier pick in the game.

She requires precision to nail her shots, so if you have poor aim, this is not the hero for you. Nonetheless, if you’re on target, you’ll have the opportunity to one-shot enemies.

Widowmaker can kill enemies in an instant, leaving their healers helpless. Her sniper may take some time to charge, but the results are well worth the wait.

Moreover, she can also fire her rifle as a machine gun if you’re unable to pin down targets, but it’s not that effective, and the damage output is significantly low.

Widowmaker also carries a grappling hook alongside a poison mine. She can also use her ultimate ability to mark the enemy team for her teammates.

This ultimate ability may seem a bit off, but it can help you avoid flanks, so it’s an excellent addition to have on board.

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