NBA 2K23 Sharpshooter Builds (Next-Gen/Current-Gen)

In NBA 2k23 Sharpshooters are critical to secure a match. Given their significance, it should come as no surprise that you must have the best Sharpshooters possible in order to assert your dominance in the match. To help with that, this guide will provide you with the best NBA 2K23 Sharpshooter Builds on both next-gen and current-gen platforms.

Aggressive sharpshooter build (next-gen/current-gen)

If you play basketball aggressively, this is the Sharpshooter Build for you. This is the most lethal Sharpshooter build in NBA 2k23, which will turn you into a total bully on the court and will help you crush your opponents.

Body Settings

  • Height: 6’6”
  • Weight: 246 lbs
  • Wingspan: 6’10”
  • Body Shape: Burly



  • Close Shot: 75
  • Driving Layup: 87
  • Driving Dunk: 84


  • Mid-Range Shot: 77
  • Three-Point Shot: 92
  • Free Throw: 70


  • Pass Accuracy: 55
  • Ball Handle: 85
  • Speed With Ball: 84


  • Perimeter Defense: 55
  • Steal: 86


  • Speed: 77
  • Acceleration: 68
  • Vertical: 75
  • Stamina: 95

Finishing Badges

  • Masher: Silver
  • Fearless Finisher: Gold
  • Limitless Takeoff: Silver
  • Acrobat: Bronze
  • Pro Touch: Silver

Shooting Badges

  • Space Creator: Gold
  • Green Machine: Silver
  • Guard up: Bronze
  • Agent 3: Gold

Playmaking Badges

  • Quick First Step: Gold
  • Unpluckable: Gold
  • Killer Combos: Gold
  • Handle For Days: Silver
  • Clamp Break: Silver

Defense/Rebounding Badges

  • Clamps: Silver
  • Chase Down Artist: Gold
  • Challenger: Gold
  • Menace: Gold
  • Pick Dodger: Gold

Primary Takeover: Finishing Moves

Secondary Takeover:  Spot-up precision

Balanced sharpshooter build (next-gen/current gen)

This Sharpshooter build is well-balanced and will assist you in developing a graceful playstyle without being too harsh on the basketball court. If you love being a gentleman, you should definitely go for this build.

Body Settings

  • Height: 6’7”
  • Weight: 210 lbs
  • Wingspan: 6’8”
  • Body Shape: Slight



  • Close Shot: 75
  • Driving Layup: 70
  • Driving Dunk: 75


  • Mid-Range Shot: 81
  • Three-Point Shot: 95
  • Free Throw: 82


  • Pass Accuracy: 80
  • Ball Handle: 82
  • Speed With Ball: 81


  • Inferior Defense: 70
  • Perimeter Defense: 80
  • Steal: 80


  • Speed: 80
  • Acceleration: 80
  • Vertical: 55
  • Stamina: 99

Finishing Badges

  • Corner Specialist: Gold
  • Giant Slayer: Gold
  • Acrobat: Bronze
  • Pro Touch: Silver

Shooting Badges

  • Deadeye: Gold
  • Guard up: Bronze
  • Agent 3: Gold
  • Limitless Range: Gold

Playmaking Badges

  • Dimer: Bronze
  • Killer Combos: Silver
  • Bailout: Silver
  • Quick First Step: Silver

Defense/Rebounding Badges

  • Anchor: Bronze
  • Chase Down Artist: Gold
  • Ankle Braces: Bronze
  • Pogo Stick: Silver
  • Pick Dodger: Silver
  • Work Horse: Silver

Primary Takeover: Limitless Range

Secondary Takeover:  Extreme Clamps

Defensive sharpshooter build (next-gen/current gen)

If you believe that having the best stats makes the game a piece of cake and you want to improvise on situations yourself, this is the build for you.

This Sharpshooter build has basic stats but your playstyle will help you along the way.

Body Settings

  • Height: 6’7”
  • Weight: 197 lbs
  • Wingspan: 7’4”
  • Body Shape: Built



  • Close Shot: 44
  • Driving Layup: 64
  • Driving Dunk: 84


  • Mid-Range Shot: 72
  • Three-Point Shot: 85
  • Free Throw: 72


  • Pass Accuracy: 70
  • Ball Handle: 75
  • Speed With Ball: 80


  • Perimeter Defense: 97
  • Steal: 99


  • Speed: 87
  • Acceleration: 82
  • Vertical: 70
  • Stamina: 90

Finishing Badges

  • Arial Wizard: Gold
  • Giant Slayer: Silver
  • Rise up: Bronze

Shooting Badges

  • Claymore: Gold
  • Corner Specialist: Gold
  • Catch and Shoot: Gold
  • Limitless Range: Silver

Playmaking Badges

  • Hyperdrive: Gold
  • Killer Combos: Silver
  • Ankle Breaker: Silver
  • Floor General: Silver

Defense/Rebounding Badges

  • Pick Dodger: Gold
  • Chase Down Artist: Gold
  • Glove: Core
  • Ankle Braces: Silver
  • Pick Dodger: Silver
  • Work Horse: Silver

Primary Takeover: Extreme Clamps

Secondary Takeover:  Extreme Clamps

Best badges for Sharpshooter builds (next-gen/current-gen)

Clutch Shooter – Any shot that is attempted in the final moments of the 4th quarter receives a boost and has a higher chance of success.

Limitless Range – Using Limitless Range will increase your shot range drastically for both current-gen and next-gen alike.

Space Creator – Increases your success rate of creating space among defenders with back-steps, and any shots that are taken after creating space also have a higher chance of success.

Volume Shooter – Volume Shooter will increase your chances of a successful attempt, as you take more shots in the match. The more shots you have taken, the better the chances of you hitting a perfect shot.

Quick First Step – Quick First Step allows you to bypass almost any defender that’s standing between you and the basket.

Killer Combos – Increases your character’s ability to chain together different combos without too much stamina consumption and efficient dribbling when sizing up to an opponent.

Dream Shake – Fake moves have a much higher chance of baiting your opponent. Any shot that follows a fake move has a higher chance also.

Fearless Finisher – Fearless Finisher will help you convert your contact layups and drastically improve your character’s finishing abilities. You also use less stamina for any contact finisher.

Clamps – This badge grants you access to faster cut-off moves and a higher success rate when bumping into the defender.

Interceptor – You have a much higher chance of intercepting opponent passes when defending.

Best animations for Sharpshooter builds (next-gen/current-gen)

Animations play a huge role in your character’s effectiveness when taking shots, dribbling, or basically doing anything in general. The better animations you have, the better your character plays and the better they look as an added bonus.

All of the animations depend on the height of your character as well as what attributes you have chosen. Some animations can only be used for specific attributes and work only with characters within a specific height range.

Jump Shots

Under 6’5’’
Jump Shot Base: Steph Curry
Upper Release 1: Steph Curry
Upper Release 2: Jason Kidd

Between 6’5’’ and 6’10’’
Jump Shot Base: Kobe Bryant
Upper Release 1: Oscar Robertson
Upper Release 2: Oscar Robertson

Above 6’10’’
Jump Shot Base: Kevin Durant
Upper Release 1: Dirk Nowitzki
Upper Release 2: Dirk Nowitzki

Free Throw

Free Throw is one of the easiest animations to choose for Sharpshooters. Steve Nash has the best free throw animation in the entire game, and the attribute requirement is low enough for you to freely equip it to any of your characters for both current-gen and next-gen NBA 2K23.

The free throw animation of Steve Nash can also be equipped for any height group of NBA characters, making it a direct choice for Free Throw Animation in NBA 2K23.

Dribble Pull-Ups

Shooting off of dribbles is an advanced move and many players struggle with the move, mostly due to the bland animations. Following Animations work best for your dribble Pull-Ups on a Sharpshooter.

Under 6’5’’ – Steph Curry
6’5’’ to 6’10’’ – Kevin Durant
Above 6’10’’ – Dirk Nowitzki

Spin Jumpers

Under 6’5’’ – Pro
6’5’’ to 6’10’’ – Pro
Above 6’10’’ – Dirk Nowitzki

Hop Jumpers

Under 6’5’’ – Pro 2
6’5’’ to 6’10’’ – Harrison Barnes
Above 6’10’’ – Normal 2

Post Fades

Under 6’5’’ – Pro 3
6’5’’ to 6’10’’ – Pro 3
Above 6’10’’ – Pro 3

Post Hooks

Under 6’5’’ – Joel Embiid
6’5’’ to 6’10’’ – Joel Embiid
Above 6’10’’ – Joel Embiid

Post Hop Shots

Under 6’5’’ – Basic
6’5’’ to 6’10’’ – Basic
Above 6’10’’ – Basic

Layup Style

Under 6’5’’ – Fundamental
6’5’’ to 6’10’’ – Fundamental
Above 6’10’’ – Nikola Jokic


Under 6’5’’ – Tracy McGrady
6’5’’ to 6’10’’ – Draymond Green
Above 6’10’’ – Draymond Green


Under 6’5’’ – Small Contact Alley-Oop
6’5’’ to 6’10’’ – Pro Contact Alley-Oop
Above 6’10’’ – Big Man Contact Alley-Oop

Contact Dunk

Under 6’5’’ – Small Contact Dunks Off One
6’5’’ to 6’10’’ – Pro Contact Dunks off One
Above 6’10’’ – Pro Contact Dunks Off One

Other Animations

Dribble – Michael Jordan
Signature Size-Up – Paul George
Size-Up Escape Package – LeBron James
Moving Crossovers – James Harden
Moving Behind Backs – Zach LaVine
Moving Spins – Basic
Moving Hesitations – Luka Doncic
Moving Stepback – Luka Doncic

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