Best Free Throw In NBA 2K23 MyCareer (Current-Gen/Next-Gen)

NBA 2k23 is all about making powerful builds and carefully choosing players from the game's endless options. While it can...

NBA 2k23 is all about making powerful builds and carefully choosing players from the game’s endless options. While it can get quite intimating, and you can get over-excited when being met with so many choices, it is best to step back and choose the players that will work best for you. In this  NBA 2k23 guide, we will walk you through the best Free Throw players under the categories of different heights. So without further ado, let’s begin.

Who’s the best Free Throw in NBA 2K23?

Having the ball in your hands comes with great expectations. While technically, you can do whatever you like now, it is best to read the room and use your abilities to the fullest to serve your team with the best shots.

Basic skills can get boring and ultimately embarrassing on the field, hence why it’s best to equip yourself with abilities like Free Throw.

In this guide, we have emphasized the Free Throw abilities you’ll find on various players and the ones you should pick. Especially since this year, we have witnessed the divide in animations between players of different heights.

Although the NBA series allows players to perform best to their abilities regardless of their height, it’s better to know which ones to pick.

Below is a list of our favorite Free Throw players in NBA 2k23 according to their heights.

(7’3) Kristaps Porzingis

Although positioned as 39 on the top 100 best Free Throw Attribute list, Porzingis actually possesses great Free Throw attributes. His overall Free Throw percentage is 82.0 percent, and he has a 88 Free Throw attribute.

He makes a great Center or Power Forward position for the Washington Wizards and has remained the 4th overall pick in the 2015 NBA. Porzingis is also a 2-Way Inside-the-Arc Scorer with a 7’3 height.

(6’10) Danilo Gallinari

Listed as 4th on the Top 100 Free thrower list with an overall rating of 78, Danilo Gallinari makes a perfect Free Thrower choice.

He’s a 3-Level Scorer with 6’10 height. He plays the Power Forward or Small Forward position for the Boston Celtics and has remained a 6th overall pick in the 2008 NBA Draft.

Gallinari has a 93 Free Throw attribute with a free-throw percentage of 90.4, making him another great choice. He also has a rating of 78 with a 3-Level Scorer Build.

In addition, he has a total of 8 Badges and has been spectacular this season.

(6’8) Kevin Love

Kevin Love secured 1st position in the top 100 Free Throwers list. He’s everything you would wish for when executing a perfect Free Throw.

Love is a 3-Level Scorer who plays from the Power Forward or Center position for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Love has an overall rating of 80 with 17 badges.

Additionally, he has a 94 Free Throw attribute with a free-throw percentage of 82.9, making him an easy choice.

(6’5) Gary Trent Jr.

This 6’5 23-year young man plays as the Shooting Guard or Small Forward for the Toronto Raptors. Securing the 12th position on the top 100 best Free Throw Attribute list, Trent Jr. makes a decent choice for you with 91 Free throw attributes. In addition, he has an Overall Rating of 78 with a 3-Level Scorer Build and also unlocks 3 Badges.

(6’3) Immanuel Quickley

The Inside-Out Playmaker Immanuel Quickley makes a great choice under the 6’5 category. He’s 6’3 with the fifth ranking on the top 100 Free Throwers list.

This young man plays Shooting Guard or Point Guard position for the New York Knicks and has also remained the 25th overall pick in the 2020 NBA Draft.

He has a 93 Free Throw attribute with a free-throw percentage of 82.8%, making him another great choice.

(6’3) Kyrie Irving

If you’re looking for someone as great as Stephen Curry, Kyrie Irving is the one for you. Like Curry, Irving has 93 Free Throw ability and is 6’3 in height. However, he ranks just below Curry on the chart, securing the 89th position.

Kyrie belongs to the Brooklyn Nets, where he plays as a Point Guard or Shooting Guard. He, too, possesses a Versatile Offensive Force Build and has a total of 32 Badges.

Kyrie Irving has a free-throw percentage of 88.2 in his career and makes a great choice for the player who wants to use him to execute the perfect Free Throw.

(6’2) Stephen Curry

If you are even the slightest bit aware of basketball, you definitely have heard of this king. Curry ranks second on the top 100 Free Throwers listing and is 6’2 with 93 Free Throw ability.

Additionally, he has an Overall Rating of 96 with a Versatile Offensive Force Build. Moreover, he makes a great Point Guard or Shooting Guard position for the Golden State Warriors in the NBA.

Curry has a great free throw rate and reputation; hence becomes the best option for you to use his Free Throw abilities to your benefit.

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