Best Post Hop Shots In NBA 2K23

There will be times in NBA 2K23 when normal shots and moves won’t cut it anymore and you will have...

There will be times in NBA 2K23 when normal shots and moves won’t cut it anymore and you will have to bring something more to the table so you can score a point, and this is where special animations come in and, in this guide, we will be looking at some of the best Post Hop Shots in NBA 2K23.

There are tons of different shot animations in NBA 2K23 and there are further customization options for each shot animation so it is only natural to get confused as to which one should you go for.

But when it comes to Post Hop Shots, we have got you covered because we are going to be listing down the best Post Hop Shots for three different height categories in NBA 2K23.

Best Post-Hop Shot players under 6’5’’

James Harden

Players of NBA 2K are quite familiar with the name James Harden, who once again has strong stats in the game, also making for a strong Post Hop Shot.

Devin Brooker

The Phoenix Suns point guard also has decent Post Hop Shot stats the highest among 6’5’’ and below players. His position also affects his hop shot stats making him a viable pick.

Best Post-Hop Shot players between 6’5’’-7’0’’

Nikola Jokic

The 6’11’’ Serbian Center is a force of nature in basketball and his stats showcase just that. He outshines every Post Hop Shots player in this height class and overall.

Joel Embiid

Second, only to Jokic in stats, the 7’ Philadelphia 76ers Center is the second-best Post Hop Shot option in NBA 2K23.

Best Post-Hop shot players over 7’0’’

Kristaps Porzingis

The 7’3’’ giant from Washington Wizards can play both at the Center or Power Forward positions, with decent stats in Post Hop Shots he is a viable option in this height class.

Best Post Hop Shot animations

For players in any height class, Basic is the best Post-Hop Shot animation for NBA 2K23, and the reason for that is because all of the other shot types are flashy and due to that added flashiness, it takes a tad bit longer to get the shot to the basket.

Another great option is the Devin Booker Post Hop Shot. It creates a ton of space if set up correctly, the defender has no time to react and contest the shot.

The Kobe Bryant Post Hop Shot is the third alternative which is an effective but simple up-and-under shot.

How to master Post Hop Shots in NBA 2K23

The Post Hop Shot is an absolutely deadly move that when mastered can help create useful space and guarantee the basket.

To perform this move you must first post up by pressing and holding the left trigger on Xbox. Next jump by tapping X and use the Left joystick to point in the direction in want, hold X at the perfect time to take your shot.

To perfectly execute the Post Hop Shot, face your opponent and post up. When you approach the hoop, your momentum is taking you towards it while your opponent is moving toward you.

At this point hop 90 degrees to your left or right to create space, your opponent will not have enough time to react and will carry on forward while you are left with enough space to take your shot.
The following setup must be repeated multiple times to get grip on it.

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