Best Post Hop Shots In NBA 2K23

There will be times in NBA 2K23 when normal shots and moves won’t cut it anymore and you will have to bring something more to the table so you can score a point, and this is where special animations come in and, in this guide, we will be looking at some of the best Post Hop Shots in NBA 2K23.

Best Post Hop Shots in NBA 2K23

There are tons of different shot animations in NBA 2K23 and there are further customization options for each shot animation so it is only natural to get confused as to which one should you go for.

But when it comes to Post Hop Shots, we have got you covered because we are going to be listing down the best Post Hop Shots for three different height categories in NBA 2K23.

  • Under 6’5’’
  • 6’5’’ – 7’0’’
  • Above 7’0’’

Under 6’5’’

For players under 6’5’’, Basic is the best Post Hop Shot for NBA 2K23, and the reason for that is because all of the other shot types are flashy and due to that added flashiness, it takes a tad bit longer to get the shot to the basket.

Basic is the quickest and the most consistent Post Hop Shot for players under the 6’5’’ category.

6’5’’ – 7’0’’

Once again, the best Post Hop Shot for players between the height of 6’5’’ and 7’0’’ is Basic because of the very same reason that this Post Hop animation wastes no time and gets the ball in the basket quickly, without leaving time for the defender to adapt to the situation.

Above 7’0’’

For all the extremely tall builds out there looking to score some awesome Post Hop shots, Basic should be your go-to because let’s face it, the more time the other player has, the more the risk of losing the chance to score.

No matter what category your build belongs to, Basic will always be the best choice for the Post Hop shot as it is reliable enough to score and still flashy enough to flex on them haters.

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