Best Dribble Pull-Ups In NBA 2K23

Unlike the previous installment, you need to have the best Dribble Pull-Ups to be quick on the court in NBA 2K23. Here's how.

In NBA 2K23, fans of the franchise will immediately notice how slow the new installment plays. The dribbling mechanics have been dialed back and there are no speed boosts, meaning that it is not even harder to shoot off the dribble.

That is where the dribble pull-up animations come into play. The best of them are extremely overpowered, allowing you to be a lot quicker on the court so that the defenders have a hard time trying to keep up with you.

Having a good dribble pull-up is the meta right now in NBA 2K23. Everyone needs it to fade away and shoot the ball while being surrounded by defenders.

The following guide will tell you some of the best dribble pull-up animations to pick for yourself in NBA 2K23.

Best Dribble Pull-Up Under 6’5’’

Your dribble pull-up animations rely on your height. Generally, taller people are slower but tend to land more shots since they can fade away better.

For players under 6`5″ of height, Stephen Curry and Trae Young have one of the best dribble pull-up animations. You will find it easier to shoot right off the dribble, which alone is a difficult gameplay mechanic to master in NBA 2K23. You need to get the animation timing just right.

If you are not going to use Trae Young or Stephen Curry, then it is best to go with Ben Mclemore. His dribble pull-up animation is perfect for most players. However, when looking at overall stats, he is obviously not on the same level as Curry and Young.

Best Dribble Pull-Up Between 6’5’’ and 7’0’’

For players between 6`5″ and 6`10″ of height, pick Kevin Durant. If you want to go past 6`10″, then you must settle for Dirk Nowitzki who is an incredible pull-up shooter.

How to master Dribble Pull-Up in NBA 2K23

To master the Dribble Pull-ups, you need to be comfortable in using the Dribbling controls. For a normal size up, Move and hold the right stick in the up position while dribbling.

Keep a close eye on your adrenaline bar. You will lose it while you move and dribble. To fast dribble hit the turbo then quickly move forward then quickly step back. This will make your opponent think that you are going for an offensive play, and they will reposition accordingly.

Making the opponent’s defense uncomfortable and out of position is essential for securing a shot and your dribbling skills will tremendously help in that regard.

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