Best Dunk Build In NBA 2K23

In this guide we will present players with an amazing build to harness their dunk energy in NBA 2K23 and win in style.

If you want to win matches in NBA 2K23, you better have some of the most useful playing techniques up your sleeve. This NBA 2K23 guide will walk you through how important it is for your team players to know how to Slam Dunk and will provide you with a build that can assist you in doing so. So without further ado, let’s begin.

Best dunk build in NBA 2K23

Dunk or Slam Dunk is a kind of basketball technique that, upon execution, lets the player jump in the air and take the ball to control it above the rim’s horizontal plane, then finally score by shoving it directly into it the basket. Upon doing so, players get a total of two points.

It is one of the most useful and fierce shots players can have their team learn, as it gets you the most points, controls the overall momentum of the game, and deflates your opponent’s ego.

It is one of those skills that most NBA series players might take for granted; however, learning its importance and mastering it will enable you to take more victories than you would expect.

Below is the Best Dunk Build in NBA 2K23 that will help you become an absolute hard-to-control beast on the court.

Height 6’6″
Weight 265 lbs
Wingspan 7’3″
Close Shot 68
Driving Layup 88
Driving Dunk 99
Standing Dunk 44
Post Control
Mid-Range Shot 68
Three-Point Shot 74
Free Throw 50
Pass Accuracy 70
Ball Handle 70
Speed with Ball 75
Interior defense 76
Perimeter Defense 97
Steal 63
Block 61
Offensive Rebound
Defensive Rebound 59
Speed 76
Acceleration 79
Strength 95
Vertical 82
Stamina 93


Takeovers are the primary and secondary abilities that you gain as the match heats up. You can pick any type of takeover for your build, but the following two are the recommended ones:

  • Finishing Moves: Able to absorb and finish through contact on layups, dunks, and alley-oops.
  • Easy Blowbys: Enhances the ability to drive by defenders, making it easier to get to the rim.

If you don’t know what to do with the takeovers, then take a look at our guide explaining how to activate takeovers in NBA 2K23.

How to set up the dunk build

This NBA 2K23 dunk build is for the players that love to play with some of their own skills accompanied by the assistance of attributes.

This Dunk build incorporates the bully playstyle, which essentially means that you will be very aggressive against your opponents, and you will use your size and Strength to take the upper hand on the court and slam the ball right in the basket.

For the Shooting settings, we’ve selected Mid-Range Shot (68), Three-Point Shot (74), and Free Throw (50).

Since you’re focusing on dunking in this build, we wouldn’t need a lot of attribute points in shooting and accurate free throws, but we set the three-point bar a little higher to keep open any backup options out of the paint.

These settings will let the players have a total of 13 shooting badges which will further buff up this build and enhance your dunk slams.

Moreover, you will be stronger around the basket and can go through anyone who tries to stop you from getting the ball in.

For the Play Making settings, we went with Pass Accuracy (70),  Ball Handle (70), and Speed with Ball (75). These settings will help you get one tier of the dribble moves and assist you in getting better control of the court.

For the Defense/ Rebounding settings, we focused on Interior defense (76), Perimeter Defense (97), Steal (63), Block (61), and Defensive Rebound (59).

We went with these settings because you will be able to get your hand on the Challenger: Hall of Fame, Bully, and Clamps Badges.

If you’re unaware of what these badges do, they make you a beast! You will be exhausting out the opponents with the above ones and eventually outdo everyone in the court.

For physical settings, we have maxed out the Strength to 95 because you will need it while dunking and the rest of the settings go as follow; Speed (76),  Acceleration (79), Vertical (82), and Stamina (93).

This setting won’t let you run fast, and we’re not looking for that either; what we want is to run through people, and this is exactly what this build does for you.

And there you have it! The best dunk build. Of course, you can control the settings as you like; however, the above selections guarantee a killer Dunk Build that helps you earn points for your team.

Best badges for a dunk build

Dunking Builds are generally easy to make and use in both current-gen and next-gen versions of NBA 2K23. Dunking Builds are specialized for one thing and do not require to cover different bases altogether at once to be effective.

With this, we find it easier to distribute badge points to get the highest tier we can get of the only handful badges that work best with the build.

Finishing Badges
Limitless Takeoff- Hall of Fame
The first badge we absolutely recommend for a dunking build is Limitless takeoff. It allows you to make longer leaps to get to the basket to dunk the ball. The longer range you have, the better your chances of a successful Dunk.

Slithery – Gold
As the ball is pushed towards the basket, you will see more traffic around the basket. As a dunker, you need to make sure that you don’t end up losing the ball before dunking it, or losing the momentum that you need to dunk, so we went with Slithery, so you can move through traffic by avoiding contact and keeping the ball safe.

Posterizer – Hall of Fame
As a dunker, you would want to posterize the defenders on a regular basis. This badge allows you to posterize on your defender with higher success chances.

Shooting Badges
We have no selection of Shooting Badges for current-gen or the next-gen NBA 2K23 Dunking builds. If you have any points left over, you can select these depending on your own choice.

Shooting is not really a strong suit or even a high requirement of any dunker in NBA, so we felt that we can better invest the badge points elsewhere for our dunking build badges.

The only badge we recommend for Shooting for a Dunking Build in NBA 2K23 is the Killer Combo badge of Bronze Tier. The badge allows you to chain together dribble moves with higher efficiency. This will allow you to stall off any defender around you if you need to.

Playmaking Badges
Quick First Step – Hall of Fame
With quick first step, you will have access to a quicker and more effective launch as the ball handler. This is especially true after you drive out of a triple threat or after a size-up.

Clamp Breaker – Gold
As a dunker, you will be facing a lot of resistance for your dunk, and you want to keep yourself and the ball as safe as possible. Clamp Breaker allows you to fight off contact and drive by opponents as the ball handler with a greater degree of success in the current gen and next gen both.

Unpluckable – Gold
With this badge, opposing defenders will have a harder time stealing the ball from you. This is again, for the same start that you need to keep the ball safe from all the defenders around you.

Ankle Breaker – Bronze
Backsteps and other moves have a higher chance of baiting the defender in moving in the other direction with this badge. We went with bronze just so you have enough to make room for your finisher dunk.

Defense/Rebounding Badges
Off-Ball Pest – Silver
You need to take the ball from the defenders for yourself at the rim. With Off-Ball Pest, you don’t fall for your opponent’s Ankle breaker as often and can hold their matchups better. Getting past you will be more difficult than ever.

Pick Dodger – Bronze
This badge will improve your ability to navigate through and around screens when you are on defense.

Best animations for Dunk build (next-gen/current-gen)

Everyone knows that Dunking is a huge flex in the world of Basketball. It shows your skill and also is loved by fans. Therefore, Dunk animations are always well thought out and awesome to look at.

Height Under 6’5’’
You don’t see a huge variety of dunks for characters under the height of 6’5’’. There are few choices, but they still have their picks for the best animations.

Ja Morant Dunk
Tracy McGrady
Zach LaVine

Height between 6’5’’ and 6’10’’
The height range of 6’5’’ and 6’10’’ has the largest package of dun animation collections. With the combination of playmaking moves and badges, you can capitalize on your dunking animation extensively for both the current-gen and the next-gen.

Draymond Green
Tracy McGrady
Ja Morant

Height above 6’10’’
Taller men have better choices in dunking animation as compared to their counterparts. They also have access to some of the best dribble pull-ups in NBA 2K23.

Darryl Dawkins
Karl-Anthony Towns
Big Man Hangs Off One
Draymond Green
Dwight Howard

Contact Dunk Build

Height 6’8″
Weight 234 lbs
Wingspan 7’6″
Close Shot 66
Driving Layup 80
Driving Dunk 99
Standing Dunk 88
Post Control
Mid-Range Shot 79
Three-Point Shot 75
Free Throw 60
Pass Accuracy 50
Ball Handle 80
Speed with Ball 72
Interior defense 81
Perimeter Defense 62
Steal 62
Block 90
Offensive Rebound 80
Defensive Rebound 88
Speed 72
Acceleration 60
Strength 75
Vertical 80
Stamina 98


Primary Takeover: Spot Up Shooter, this takeover improves your shooting
Secondary Takeover: Slasher, this takeover improves your finishing.


Finishing Badges
Acrobat (silver)
Bully (bronze)
Giant slayer (bronze)
Posterizer (gold)
Slithery (silver)
Fast Twitch (bronze)
Limitless takeoff (HoF)
Masher (bronze)

Shooting Badges
Agent 3 (bronze)
Catch & Shoot (bronze)
Comeback Kid (silver)
Green Machine (silver)
Amped (silver)
Claymore (silver)
Corner Specialist (bronze)
Guard Up (bronze)
Blimders (bronze)
Deadeye (bronze)
Limitless range (bronze)
Playmaking Badges
HyperDrive (bronze)
Unpluckable (bronze)
Killer combos (bronze)
Qucik first step (silver)
Vice Grip (bronze)
Hanldes for Days (bronze)

Defense Badges
Anchor (silver)
Brickwall (bronze)
Menace (bronze)
Post lockdown (bronze)
Chase down artist (gold)
Rebound chaser (silver)
Interceptor (bronze)
Pogo stick (silver)
Work Horse (bronze)

Best Animations For Contact Dunk Build

Draymond Green
Tracy McGrady
Ja Morant

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