Best Post Fade In NBA 2K23

Shot Animations and trick shots are not just for the show in NBA 2K23. They also have tons of benefits when it comes to scoring so you should spend your time, figuring out the best animations for the different shot types. To save you some time, we have got all of the best post fade shot animations for NBA 2K23 along with the best player for post fade in three different height categories.

Best Post Fade Players in NBA 2K23

We know that height doesn’t have much of an effect on the Post Fade shots in NBA 2K23 but there is still a matter of consistency that varies from player to player because of the Post Fade Rating.

Below we have given the top player for Post Fade in three different height categories for NBA 2K23.

Best Post Fade Players Under 6’5’’

Devin Booker
This 25-year-old, 6’5’ player, playing for the Phoenix Suns is one of the strongest when it comes to Post Fade Shots in this particular height category.

Devin plays as the Shooting Guard or the Point Guard, which further strengthens his post fade rating.

James Harden
If you have been playing NBA 2K for some time, then you will know that James Harden’s name comes every so often and this time he is in the strongest post fade players list mostly due to his 13 years of experience.

Best Post Fade Players Between 6’5’’ and 7’0’’

Nikola Jokic
Nikola Jokic, who is from Serbia and plays at the center Position for the Denver Nuggets is a prodigy.

Not only does he outshines everyone in this category but also is a well-known name in many other categories.

Lebron James
The man, the myth, the legend, Lebron James is by far one of the most known names in basketball and comes out on the top no matter what category we are talking about.

This 37-year-old Lakers player doesn’t mess around when it comes to basketball.

Best Post Fade Players Above 7’0’’

Joel Embiid
Joel Embiid is known for his Post Fades if we are talking about players above 7’0’’ and this Philadelphia 76er’s player ranks #6 out of all the 868 NBA players.

With a 96 OVR and 94 Post Fade attribute rating, you don’t want to come in between him and his Post Fades.

Best Post Fade Animations

Post Fade shots are a fun way to throw the defender off their balance and cash that opportunity to score some points. When you do a post fade animation, your player will back up the defender as soon as you get the chance, you will enter the fade animation.

As soon as the defender is off their balance, the area will be wide open for you to dunk or shoot, depending on your distance from the basket.

In NBA 2K23, it doesn’t matter what height category your build is in, you will be able to make perfect Post Fade Shots with a bit of practice.

For all heights, Pro 3 is by far the best and the most trust-worthy Post Fade shot animation and if your timing is right, there is no chance that any defender will be able to stop the ball in the way.

Using the Pro 3, you will have enough gap between you and the defender, and the ball will be out of range of the defender so there is no need to worry about not being able to score, as long as the ball reaches the basket.

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