Best Takeovers In NBA 2K23

During your MyCareer journey in NBA 2K23, you can equip two takeovers at a time which are a new gameplay mechanic in the game.

Takeovers are essentially special abilities that you can activate for certain boosts or bonuses on the court. You must, however, first charge your takeover meter, which is something we will explain later on in the following guide.

Best takeovers to pick in NBA 2K23

Advance Post Moves/Post Breakdowns

Advance Post Moves takeover highly increases your chances of beating a defender with post-moves. Getting around defends becomes child’s play when using Advance Post Moves.

Post Breakdown assists in pushing off the defender and then posting up for a shot. Both Takeovers help tremendously in post-games. We highly recommend using one of them if you are struggling with post-game.

Post Shot Daggers

The overall scoring potential is boosted when using this takeover. Performing hooks fades, and shimmy shots become relatively easy. Another Takeover to spice up your post-game.

Easy Blowbys

You can easily breeze past any player using this takeover. Especially when paired with the bully badge you will become unstoppable in your finishing.

Negative impact

Defensive impact on pull-ups and other skill shots is dramatically decreased. It pretty much allows you to take a shot of any type while also granting you the ability to “fade” and “green” it.

Limitless Range

Your max shooting range is extended while using this takeover. This allows you to take shots that other players can’t and make you a constant threat no matter where you are standing on the court.

There is a badge also available for limitless range, but it’s locked behind a lot of three-pointer attribute points.

Anklebreaking Shots

This takeover allows you to perform back-step jumpers and make the opponent defends lose balance when you perform a dribbling move. Also, getting a hall of fame on this takeover is very easy, making it one of the best takeovers in NBA 2K23.

How to activate Takeovers in NBA 2K23

Once you have filled the Takeover meter to the max, you will be able to see it on top of the screen. It will be hard to miss because the meter will be on fire.

Simply press your action button to activate the takeover meter.

To fill up the takeover meter, you need to make good shots, score assists, defend and snag rebounds. Do take note that making bad shots will decrease your takeover meter.

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