Monster Hunter Rise Elder Dragons List

In Monster Hunter Rise, Elder Dragons are one of the deadliest Monster species. Elder Dragons cannot be ridden or captured using normal methods; a puppet spider must be employed instead. Although they are among the game’s more challenging creatures to defeat, these dragons give the player useful equipment for hunting small game. With the release of the Sunbreak expansion, the list of Elder Dragons to fight in Monster Hunter Rise has expanded.

Our guide will break down all there is to know about each Elder Dragon in Monster Hunter Rise so you have an idea of what you are facing.

Elder Dragons in Monster Hunter Rise


Chameleos is an Elder Dragon that resembles a chameleon in appearance. The monster has a menacing tendency to disappear unexpectedly during a fight due to its ability to breathe a fog-like gas, but by observing its attacks immediately before it does so, you may roughly estimate where it will resurface. However, if their horn, which is attached to the tip of their noses, is damaged, they are no longer able to disappear.

With its attacks, the monster can also deliver poisonous elements. Even with all of its abilities, this monster is still among the weakest due to its extreme sensitivity to fire and blast damage.


Teostra is an Elder Dragon with a lion-like face and fiery red mane, but a quadrupedal dragon body and enormous wings. Until it explodes, the black scale dust that a Teostra disperses will cover a vast region. But continuing the attack when completely engulfed in flames or scale dust will stun it and inhibit whatever was building up.

Teostra deals absurdly high damage to its foes by using the fire element. Water and blast damage are Teostra’s primary weaknesses, hence it is strongly advised that players use water-element-infused or blast-damaging weaponry against Teostra.

Kushala Daora

Reaching HR30 in the Hub unlocks Kushala Daora. You can battle Kushala Daora in the Frost Islands once you complete the Urgent Quest The Steely Storm and reach HR 30.

Kushala Daora uses wind to assault the hunters and bolster its defenses. The Elder Dragon can inflict huge amounts of damage with its tail and claw attacks and is clad in steel-like scales.

Additionally, when the monster summons the “Black Wind Aura,” which can only be neutralized by poisoning the Elder Dragon, the creature becomes invulnerable. However, due to this monster’s extreme susceptibility to both Thunder elemental condition and Blast damage, it is strongly advised to use a weapon with either elemental ability.

Crimson Glow Valstrax

Crimson Glow Valstrax is an extremely hostile variation of the original Elder Dragon. When you beat Narwa the Allmother and attain HR100, Crimson Glow Valstrax becomes available. It will launch a strong attack after focusing energy into its wings.

With the aid of this power, the monster can also rapidly shoot into the air, where it will then descend on the hunter like a meteor, dealing enormous damage. It then lands in the other direction, where it has the option of remaining motionless or launching a follow-up strike.

That is the time to wait for when it draws this energy from its chest. Stop it from gaining power and set off a fireball of energy, which will severely hurt the beast. Players can also charge their strikes to land when the Crimson Glow Valstrax conducts energy from its chest to its wings. Doing so will cause the stored energy to ignite and do the monster significant damage.

Wind Serpent Ibushi

In Monster Hunter Rise, the Wind Serpent Ibushi is a very distinctive monster. A male old dragon who engages in bizarre actions like hovering upside down in the air. It has unique organs called windsacs that serve as reservoirs for the gas it needs to float. It can also keep a safe distance from hunters while engaged in combat by using wind updrafts.

Due to their fragility, an injury could provide a perfect opening for an attack. However, because its windsacs are so sensitive, players can target them with their attacks, weakening the monster and providing opportunities to do extremely high levels of damage.

Thunder Serpent Narwa

An elder dragon and Ibushi’s “queen” of the Wind Serpent. With strikes that are enhanced with lightning and the capacity to produce strong magnetic fields, which are the source of the levitating battlefield, Thunder Serpent Narwa poses a greater threat to the players.

Having gathered electrical charge, its thundersacs glow. Attacking the beast will release any energy stored in its thundersacs, grounding it. If you can time your assault to land when its fins aren’t blocking it, you can take advantage of its weakest points, those on its underbelly. The Elder Dragon, however, shares the Wind Serpent Ibushi’s weakness in that it can be brought to a halt by players focusing on the creature’s fragile “thundersacs.”

Narwa the Allmother

Narwa the Allmother, the base game’s final boss, is only accessible at Hunter Rank (HR) 50 and is unquestionably a difficult opponent to defeat. After ingesting the “king’s” lifeforce, Narwa changed and was endowed with new strength.

As a result of the union of the Thunder Serpent Narwa and the Wind Serpent Ibushi, Narwa the Allmother possesses the abilities of both Elder Dragons. She can control the wind while also increasing her own electrical strikes.

While Thunder Serpent Narwa’s evolved Elder Dragon has considerably better defenses and stronger attacks, players can focus their attacks on certain parts of her body that have gathered energy to give themselves an advantage over her in combat.

MH Rise Sunbreak Elder Dragons


Malzeno, the most recognizable of The Three Lords and the main antagonist in Monster Hunter Rise’s Sunbreak expansion, is a formidable opponent. Malzeno is covered in dark scales and swarms of tiny, flying leech-like creatures.

Malzeno is a very strong Elder Dragon who is capable of defeating great adversaries like Rathalos. Players should only take on Malzeno with properly updated equipment and optimized builds because it poses a significant threat.

Gore Magala

Gore Magala has black wings covering its entire body, like a shroud. Despite having poor vision, the monster has heightened awareness and can use the scales on its wings to scatter to find its foes.

The Elder Dragon Gore Magala can inflict significant harm with only the brute force of its enormous claws and tail, and in addition to that, it serves as a vector for the frenzy virus, which it disperses using its scales.

When afflicted with the frenzy virus, hunters take significantly more damage, but they can also use this illness to their advantage by attacking the monster while it is in a frenzied state, which can turn the illness into an affinity status with an increased critical chance bonus and significantly change the course of the battle in the hunters’ favor.

Shagaru Magala

Shagaru Magala is the form taken by Gore Magala once they mature and molt. Shagaru Magala is covered in stunning, dazzling scales, and their enormous magnificent wings can completely encircle them. These are essentially Gore Magala, except more aggressive, stronger, and faster.

When the Elder Dragon transforms into Shagaru Magala, it also gains proper vision. The monster can generate frenzy explosions on the ground and is continuously in a frenzied state, causing enormous amounts of damage.

The Dragon element weakens Shagaru Magala the most. It and Gore Magala both have a susceptibility to fire. Weapons like the Malzeno or Gore Magala should be able to wear it down. Try to break those horns; its skull is still its weakest place.


The Elder Dragon Gaismagorm, the last monster in MH Rise Sunbreak expansion, is without a doubt the hardest battle in the entire game. It is a gigantic monster that can create enormous craters to build its nests in thanks to forearms that resemble rocks. The Gaismagorm is tenacious in its assaults, frequently chaining its combinations with other attacks despite appearing to be slow and clumsy.

Players have very little time to breathe when confronting the enormous Elder Dragon. Attacking the Quiro crystals on the beast’s body before it can use them against the hunters is the only effective approach against it, but with its high level of aggression and wide strike range, this is much easier said than done.

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