Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Gore Magala Weaknesses, Weapons, Armor, Drops

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak paves way for new monsters for you to hunt. One such monster is Gore Magala, a...

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak paves way for new monsters for you to hunt. One such monster is Gore Magala, a dragon that is part of a side quest. Finishing that side quest and capturing Gore Magala will grant you several rewards, one of which is an armor set.

The following guide will show you how to complete the side quest of capturing Gore Magala in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.

Where Can I Find Gore Magala In MH Rise Sunbreak?

Gore Magala is a powerful monster that shares its attributes with an Elder Dragon. This monster is found as a part of a side quest given to you by an NPC called Selva the Chevalier at the Cantine of Elgado. During the side quest, you must specifically catch a Master Rank Gore Magala, or else you will not be able to receive the rewards associated with this side quest.

Gore Magala Weaknesses

Below we’ve listed down each body part of Gore Magala and how it can be damaged. The information below will help you deal the maximum amount of damage to this monster as it shows which attack is the most powerful against a particular body part of Gore Magala.


  • Cut: 65
  • Blunt: 55
  • Ammo: 45


  • Cut: 45
  • Blunt: 45
  • Ammo: 25


  • Cut: 25
  • Blunt: 25
  • Ammo: 20


  • Cut: 27
  • Blunt: 27
  • Ammo: 20


  • Cut: 42
  • Blunt: 42
  • Ammo: 25

Hind Leg

  • Cut: 38
  • Blunt: 38
  • Ammo: 35


  • Cut: 26
  • Blunt: 26
  • Ammo: 15


  • Cut: 38
  • Blunt: 38
  • Ammo: 25


  • Cut: 75
  • Blunt: 70
  • Ammo: 50

Gore Magala Ailment Effectiveness

The list below shows the ailments used upon Gore Magala in MH Rise. The effectiveness of the ailments depends on the number of stars rated, as more the stars possessed by the ailment, the more effective it will be against Gore Magala.

  • Poison: 1 Star
  • Stun: 1 Star
  • Paralysis: 1 Star
  • Sleep: 1 Star
  • Blast: 2 Stars
  • Exhaust: 1 Star
  • Fireblight: 2 Stars
  • Waterblight: 1 Star
  • Thunderblight: 1 Star
  • Iceblight: 1 Star

Gore Magala Attack Patterns

Before you fight the dragon monster known as Gore Magala, you must first know what attack it uses during the fight, as it will help you avoid dealing damage caused by those attacks. Below we’ve listed down all the attacks used by Gore Magala in MH Rise.

Frenzy Breath: Using this attack, Gore Magala shoots projectiles filled with a virus that can drain the majority of your health when coming in contact.

Frenzy Burst: This attack is similar to Frenzy Breath, but will explode as soon as it hits the target.

Ground Slam: Using this attack, Gore Magala will swing its wings, slamming them on its target.

Lunging Bite: Using this attack, Gore Magala charges at its prey and takes a powerful bite.

Bite and Tail Swipe Combo: Using this attack, Gore Magala will perform a mouth/tail combo.

How To Defeat Gore Magala In Monster Hunter Rise

Being a large dragon, Gore Magala has an incredible reach when it comes to its attacks. Therefore, whenever it opens for an attack, make sure to jump sideways to avoid any damage caused by its Wings.

Gore Magala is capable of using its Frenzy against you, to avoid the damage, make sure to attack the monster as much as possible until you’re cured, or else as a result, you’ll get a temporary defense debuff.

To catch you off-guard, Gore Magala will shoot an AoE attack which expands in size as it approaches you. So, to prevent the attack from damaging you, make sure to run away at the right time before the attack can even each you.

After a while, this monster turns into its true form and will cause mayhem. Its attack will increase in strength with a ridiculous damage output added to them. The best way to overpower Gore Magala during this stage of the fight is to spot its weaknesses and try to focus on attacking those parts.

Gore Magala is vulnerable when you attack the horns on its head, forelegs, and neck. Therefore, the best option is to use Fire and Blast damage attacks on its weak spots to deal the most damage.
Continue attacking its horns till it collapses to the ground and drops items for you to collect, thus ending the fight.

Gore Magala Item Drops

Item Carves Capture Rewards Broken Part Rewards Target Rewards
Gore Magala Cortex 26% (Body) 40% 32% (Head) 19%
Gore Magala Shard 38% (Body) 33%
17% (Tail) 65% (Head)
25% (Wing)
20% (Wingarm)
Gore Magala Shredder 22% (Body) 60&[x1] (Wingarm) 26%
20%[x2] (Wingarm)
Gore Magala Eclipse 12% (Body) 26% 75% (Wing) 12%
Gore Magala Tail 80% (Tail) 9% 7%
Gore Magala Mantle 3% (Body) 3% 3% (Head) 3%
Gore Magala Sensor 22% 100% (Antenna)
Large Wyvern Tear

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