How to Defeat Crimson Glow Valstrax in Monster Hunter Rise

Crimson Glow Valstrax is an elder dragon with jet wings. This creature carries some crazy attacking abilities that can be really difficult to counter. One needs to have a proper plan to fight this dangerous dragon. It is mainly found in Shrine Ruins and Frost Island. In this Monster Hunter Rise Crimson Glow Valstrax Guide, we’ll be showing you tips and tricks to defeat the dragon.

Monster Hunter Rise Crimson Glow Valstrax

It can fly up with the help of his jet wings and then lash out at you. Its attacks are more enhanced than usual ones, and it is more swift and aggressive. Valstrax can hit you with various attacks. The most dangerous attacks used mostly by Valstrax in MH Rise are listed below.

Double Lunge
The Crimson Glow Valstrax waves its head in a zig-zag pattern

Aerial Attacks
Valstrax flies and hovers over the hunter, then suddenly smashes the hunter causing a lot of damage. The attack might also include a beam of fire, so one should be prepared and run away from the monster.

Rocket Dash
In this attack, Valstrax will fly towards you swiftly and attack you. The flight is not very high, so there is less time to counter the attack. To save yourself, When you see Valstrax charging itself up for this attack, make sure to maintain your distance to increase your odds of actually dodging the attack.

Crimson Salvo
This attack allows Valstrax to throw some fireballs towards the hunter. First, it will fly up and then fire the balls. The fireballs will explode upon impact so run away before it lands on the ground. When Valstrax lands on the ground, try keeping yourself under his neck and jump around with the help of handsprings.

Ground Zero Burst
Valstrax also carries the ability to damage you with dragon fire. In this case, it will place its wings on the ground and suddenly direct the dragon’s energy towards you. Keep yourself away from the wings and jump around to reduce the damage. You can also target it with a slicing weapon as it readies itself up to discharge the energy.

Crimson Beam
It can also use a laser-like beam to target you. One can counter this attack by using a weapon to attack Valstrax as soon as it gets ready to launch the beam. Its chest is exposed during this period, so you can unleash your best during this period.

Around the World
This attack is considered Valstrax’s signature move. It flies up and rushes back at you with the maximum speed. This attack is really dangerous as there is little room to counter this attack. Emergency Evade can be helpful here if you time it before Valstrax reaches the ground.


Although it is a strong creature, Crimson Glow Valstrax in MH Rise also carries some weaknesses that one can exploit during the fight. The best thing is to target its tail as it is the weakest point of Valstrax.  The other parts to target are the neck and head.

One should use weapons to attack these parts constantly to destroy its health. Also, try to keep around its feet as this can help you both attack Valstrax and avoid any incoming damage in the process.

Best Weapons against Crimson Glow Valstrax

For the weapons, make sure you make use of slicing and blunt weapons. Some best weapons to use are red wig lance or red wig drill as they cause more damage. Also, use blueberries as they will help you to counter dragonblight. As mentioned above, you should also attack the chest when it is getting ready to discharge energy.

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