How to Defeat Teostra in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise has received a free title update, and this update has brought many new additions to the game, including some new boss fights. Out of these new bosses, one is Teostra which is an Elder dragon that has also featured in many of the past Monster Hunter Games. In this guide, we will explain how to defeat Teostra in Monster Hunter Rise.

How to defeat Teostra in Monster Hunter Rise

In Monster Hunter Rise, you will need to reach Hunter Rank (HR) 40 in the hub to unlock Teostra. After that is done, head to the Lava Caverns to start the fight with Teostra.

Teostra Attacks
In Monster Hunter Rise, Teostra has many different attacks, but most of them revolve around the fire element. Teostra is a dangerous Elder Dragon with the ability to create fire with its entire body. Hunters should invest in Fire Resistance armor or decorations to protect themselves from the dangerous flames.

Teostra unleashes a destructive Ultimate Attack called Supernova once enough flame has been accumulated. Teostra curls up in a ball in mid-air before bursting into flames, wiping out anything in a wide radius.

Defeating Teostra
Teostra’s weak points are its Head, Tail, and Wings. The Head is the weakest part of its body, so make sure that you target that the best you can. Going for the Tail is also a good tactic, but beware, as his Legs are armored, and hitting them won’t do him much damage.

When Teostra uses the flame attack, just dodge out the way of it, and then you can attack him while he is in cooldown. During the fight, Teostra will mostly stay on the ground even though he can fly around. You can use this to your advantage to land blows to him regularly after you dodge his attacks.

There’s a fair chance the Elder Dragon could knock you out if he switches target and charges around. If this happens, you will become stunned and vulnerable to his more dangerous attacks. Maintain your health and try to avoid Teostra if he isn’t launching a fire attack.

When Teostra takes to air, you can use flash pods to blind him and bring him down. When Teostra enrages, he will use his Supernova attack. Get as much distance as you can and then use flash pods to blind them and then launch an attack while he is blinded and in cooldown.

Keep repeating these steps until Teostra eventually falls down. Repeat these steps to farm the juiciest Teostra parts in Monster Hunter Rise.

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