How to Defeat Kushala Daora in Monster Hunter Rise

If your search for information and tactics on how to defeat Kushala Daora in Monster Hunter Rise has led you to this guide, then you don’t need to look any further because this is a comprehensive guide that teaches you all about the Kushala Daora. Be it the attack patterns, weaknesses, or breakable body parts.

How to Defeat Kushala Daora in Monster Hunter Rise

The Kushala Daora is a heavily armored steel elder dragon that you can hunt in Monster Hunter Rise. But if you waltz in without planning and knowing your prey, it can prove to be fatal. And that’s where this guide comes into play.

This mighty dragon controls the wind and can push back any approaching threat. It is located in the Frost Islands and the Sandy Plains. You might want to bring a few poison weapons with you on this hunt, as those are very effective against the Kushala Daora.

We will be talking about its weaknesses, attack patterns, obtainable loot, and a strategy for taking down this armored foe.

Weaknesses and Resistances
The Kushala Daora is weak against Thunder, Fire, Dragon, and Water attacks. Thunder inflicts the most damage on the dragon. And it is Resistant towards Ice attacks. The Kushala Daora’s Head, Neck, and Forelegs are its weaker spots, and using a blunt weapon for this fight is advisable as sharp weapons cannot pierce through its thick steel armor. Using ranged attacks against this dragon is almost pointless because of its thick armor.

Kushala Daora Attack Patterns
This elder dragon in Monster Hunter Rise has wind-oriented attacks that can blow you across the battlefield if you are not careful. The Kushala Daora is also very agile. It will constantly fly up and land in a different location, forcing you to look up and keep track of its movements.

It will also summon mini tornadoes around the battlefield to push you back, and you can either distance yourself from them or use a silk bug to dodge them. This dragon has 4 dangerous attacks that are discussed below

Wind Beam of Death Combo
This attack can instantly kill you. This attack throws the hunter midair and then follows with a wind ball attack. This attack can only happen when Kushala has the Black Wind Aura.

Multi Nando Attack
The Elder dragon summons multiple tornadoes that spread out across the battlefield. This attack can be followed up with the Wind Beam of Death Combo, and just like that attack, it requires the Kushala Daora to have the Black Wind Aura.

Vacuum Blizzard Attack
The dragon summons a huge tornado that has a massive radius. This tornado comes at you real fast, so dodge to the side and keep running to avoid getting trapped in its radius. Other attacks include basic small tornado attacks, stomping attacks where Kushala dives at you from the air a few times, glide attacks, and simple dash attacks.

Battle Strategy
For this fight, you need to stay mobile and dash around to avoid tornadoes. Make sure you leave 1 wire bug available to cancel out the 1-hit kill combos. Keep an eye on the glide attacks, as getting caught up in one of those can send you flying and inflict serious damage. The hurricane attacks only lift you in the air for a few seconds but do not deal heavy damage.

When the dragon has Black Wind Aura, it becomes immune, and if you use poison damage, that can prevent the dragon from acquiring Black Wind Aura. If you can do that, then you are safe from the one-hit-kill attacks as well.

Target the dragon’s head, neck, and forelegs to inflict heavy damage with a blunt weapon. If you cut the horn on its head, it won’t be able to summon as many tornado attacks, and using poison against him will also prevent Kushala from summoning tornadoes.

Attacking its legs, wings, and back is almost pointless as those are covered in thick armor that won’t let you deal too much damage no matter what kind of weapon you use. So, stay on the move when it does tornado attacks and then get closer to its chest to find an opening and strike its head. That’s your best bet against The Kushala Daora elder dragon in Monster Hunter Rise.

Obtainable Drops and Materials
The following materials can be acquired from the Kushala Daora elder dragon

Daora Horn Broken Part and Carving Reward
Daora Tail Target and Carving Reward
Daora Webbing Target, Carving Reward, and Broken Part
Daora Carapace Carving, Target, and Dropped Material Reward
Daora Dragon Scale Carving, Broken Part, Target, and Dropped Material Reward
Daora Claw Carving, Broken Part, Target, and Dropped Material Reward
Dragon Treasure Dropped Material Reward
Elder Dragon Blood Dropped Material Reward

Now that you have a general idea of How to Defeat Kushala Daora in Monster Hunter Rise, you are ready to embark on this dangerous hunt.

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