Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Malzeno Weaknesses, Weapons, Armor, Drops

Malzeno is one of the newly introduced Elder Dragons introduced in Monster Hunter Rise as a part of the Sunbreak...

Malzeno is one of the newly introduced Elder Dragons introduced in Monster Hunter Rise as a part of the Sunbreak expansion. This Dragon is a hostile monster and thus will provide valuable items when defeated.

In the following guide, we’ll explain where you can find Malzeno, how to defeat it, and what items it drops when it’s slain.

Where Can I Find Malzeno In MH Rise Sunbreak?

Malzeno Is an Elder Dragon in Monster Hunter Rise. This monster is capable of draining the life out of both monsters and hunters for its own powerups. It also has the ability to control a wave of flying leech-like creatures known as Qurio.

Malzeno can be found during the urgent five-star Master Rank “Crimson Moonlight” quest in MH Rise Sunbreak.

Crimson Moonlight is a newly introduced hub quest in MH Rise that came as a part of the Sunbreak Expansion. It’s a key quest and just like any other key quest, it’s mandatory to complete it to move on to the next quest.

Malzeno Weaknesses

Below we’ve listed down the damage you can inflict on each part of Malzeno’s body. This will help you figure out its weak points to target during a battle.


  • Cut: 46
  • Blunt: 48
  • Ammo: 45
  • Torso
  • Cut: 32
  • Blunt: 30
  • Ammo: 15


  • Cut: 45
  • Blunt: 40
  • Ammo: 30
  • Hind Leg
  • Cut: 30
  • Blunt: 28
  • Ammo: 5


  • Cut: 28
  • Blunt: 28
  • Ammo: 5


  • Cut: 35
  • Blunt: 32
  • Ammo: 10

Tail Tip

  • Cut: 26
  • Blunt: 22
  • Ammo: 10

Malzeno Ailment Effectiveness

Each ailment has a different effect on Malzeno in MH Rise. The effectiveness of each ailment depends upon its star rating as the higher the star rating, the more will be the ailment effect.

  • Poison: Immune
  • Stun: 1 Star
  • Paralysis: Immune
  • Sleep: Immune
  • Blast: 2 Stars
  • Exhaust: Immune
  • Fireblight: 1 Star
  • Waterblight: 1 Star
  • Thunderblight: 1 Star
  • Iceblight: 2 Stars

Malzeno Attack Patterns

To know Malzeno better, you must be aware of its attack pattern in order to survive a battle against this Elder Dragon. Below we’ve given the attacks Malzeno uses in MH Rise.

Lunging Bite: Using this attack, Malzeno will dash forward to take a bite.

Blood Orbs:
Throws bloodflies projectiles that explode and cause Bloodlight when hit the target.

Blood Orb Burst:
This attack is a static version of the Blood Orbs.

Explosive Breath:
Using this attack, Malzeno can target multiple opponents at a wide range.

Wind Blast:
Using this attack, Malzeno swings its wings to create an explosion that shoots rocks.

Corkscrew Dive:
Using this attack, Malzeno performs a corkscrew to hunt down the hunters.

Tail Slam & Pierce:
Using this attack, Malzeno performs a tail stab on anyone who comes in contact.

Tail Pierce & Sweep:
Similar to the Tail Slam & Pierce attack, this attack sees Malzeno use its tail to pierce through its target while sweeping away nearby targets as well.

Grab Attack:
Using this attack, any target that is grabbed by Malzeno, will get its essence drained.

Empowered Malzeno Moves: This attack gives a boost to Malzeno’s attack and opens up new attacks to perform.

How to Defeat Malzeno in Monster Hunter Rise

If you’re looking to defeat Malzeno in MH Rise, then you must equip yourself with a few key defenses that can deal with the monster’s powerful attacks. Skills such as Dragonblight resistance and Dango Defender can help you get out of harm’s way. These skills can be acquired from your Dango Kitchen.

Next up is getting equipped with weapons that will withstand the punishment caused by Malzeno’s intense attacks. Gunlance, Lance, Sword and Shield, and Charge Blade are best suited for its attack as they possess a built-in shield component that will help you take the monster’s hard-hitting blows without taking much damage.

These weapons will help you a lot since your main focus during this fight will be shielding yourself rather than dodging attacks as dodging attacks in a fight against Malzeno is worthless because its attacks will track down the target and eventually will come in contact with it.

As soon as it performs any wing slam, that will be your cue to attack its body parts as much as possible before the wings can transition into another attack. Continue with this process and you’ll defeat Malzeno in MH Rise.

Malzeno Item Drops

Item Carves Capture Rewards Broken Part Rewards Target Rewards
Malzeno Cortex 7% (Body) 15% (Wing) 22%
17% (Tail) 70% (Foreleg)
Malzeno Shard 28% (Body) 29%
Malzeno Hardfang 21%[x2] (Body) 16%[x2] (Horn) 20%
Bloody Parasite 30%[x2] (Foreleg) 16%
Malzeno Tail 80% (Tail) 10%
Malzeno Bloodstone 1% (Body) 3% (Horn) 3%
3% (Tail)
Malzeno Hardhorn 80% (Horn)
Malzeno Fellwing 13% (Body) 85% (Wing)

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