How to Defeat Narwa the Allmother in Monster Hunter Rise

Narwa the Allmother is an Elder Dragon Monster and is the final boss of the newly released update for MH Rise. This guide will let you know how to defeat Narwa the Allmother and the accompanying wind serpent, Ibushi, in Monster Hunter Rise by highlighting key strategies and tactics.

Monster Hunter Rise Narwa the Allmother

As the battle begins, you will first encounter Ibushi. After that, this battle will lead to the one where Narwa appears and will be simple. Keep dodging Ibushi’s attacks and stay close to it to inflict maximum damage. However, he is fairly easy to defeat relative to Narwa the Allmother, so you won’t have much trouble.

When you defeat Ibushi in MH Rise, he will fall off and go under the ground to a cavern. You will then see Ibushi giving his power to Narwa and then Narwa the Allmother will appear in all her glory. Now that is when the real fight begins.

How to Defeat Narwa the Allmother

So, while Narwa the Allmother is flying in round circles and draining power out of Ibushi, keep attacking her to deal solid damage. After she has totally drained Ibushi of his power, some of her parts, including the head, arms and tail, will start glowing.

Keep your focus on these glowing parts while you attack her and maintain a safe distance from her since the cavern is not a colossal battlefield. Narwa the Allmother will then induce a heavy wind along with thunderstorms and fire blazing all around. Keep dodging and stay off the ground if you can. But also keep attacking her so that her move may end quickly.

Soon after this, Magnamalo will intrude and will start attacking both of you. Narwa the Allmother will focus on Magnamalo, so it is a good time to dish out maximum damage. You can try to mount the Nagnamalo, so fill the mounting bar and mount the monster to deal maximum damage to Narwa.

Magnamalo will soon leave, and once again, Narwa will unleash her deadly moves upon you. Various items will spawn upon the battlefield during the fight, so make sure you take maximum advantage of them.

Now, Narwa will keep emitting glowing circles towards you. You have to dodge them at any cost since they deplete a good amount of health if you come in the way.

Narwa will also keep attacking you using her glowing tail. The tail is apparently powered with thunder and hence you must dodge it and the follow-up thunder attack. So, keep attacking her until her health depletes, and eventually, she will drop dead.

A cut-scene will be shown in which all of her energy will leave her body and vanish into the sky.